Putin: Trump different than on TV, we can restore relations with US

ed note–while appearing not to be much on the surface, the implications associated with this are extremely important, and particularly for those who can’t seem to step outside of the ‘Trump is owned by Judea’ club.

What Putin (and no one should underestimate his intelligence, sobriety, resolve, and the depth to which he takes the business of WWIII serious) is saying that no one should make the mistake of doing only a superficial and remedial analysis of Trump based upon what he says for reasons of public consumption. Putin’s assertion that Trump is not who he appears to be when the cameras are on and when he knows he is walking through a minefield should be a good starting point for those elements making up ‘duh muuvmnt’ to begin reconsidering their policy of aiding and abetting the enemy by throwing even more gasoline on the very fire that has been created for their own destruction.

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  1. #1 by Ray on 07/11/2017 - 9:34

    I know my comment won’t make it past your censors, but I am really curious to know what it was that makes you, or ever made you, think that a corrupt Jew York real estate tycoon, casino scumbag, wrestling and reality show actor would all of a sudden became your savior. You have my email address. Tell me your secret and maybe I’ll get on board.

    ed note–as we have said here, over, and over, and OVER and F****** OVER again, is that we know all these things about Trump. Furthermore, as we have said, over, and over, and OVER and F****** OVER again, is that we do not view Trump as a ‘savior’. What we have said, over, and over, and OVER and F****** OVER again, somewhere between a million and a billion times, is that we believe Trump will fail in what he is trying to achieve because it is a case of too little too late. And finally, what we have said, over, and over, and OVER and F****** OVER again, is that with him in office rather than Hillary Clinton, who–had she been elected, we would already have destroyed Syria, started a war with Iran and more than likely would be well on our way to war with Russia, is that sometimes in life, you have to take the best of what’s available and even when it is only 1% of what you are entitled to get or what you want. The fact that we have made these arguments, over, and over, and OVER and F****** OVER again, somewhere between a million and a billion times and yet people such as you can’t seem to ‘get it’ gives us all a very accurate picture as to why our enemies are handed victory after victory after victory against us and why it would seem that indeed we are destined to suffer the worst of what’s to come and due entirely to our own stupidity.

  2. #2 by lobro on 07/11/2017 - 9:34

    “duh muuvmnt” …”those who can’t seem to step outside of the ‘Trump is owned by Judea’ club”
    basically what happens when morons outnumber neurons.

    The proof in the pudding of how spectacularly effective the Judaic campaign of impairing the American nation into primordial goyum soup was: incessant, ever worsening TV sludge, bad diet, forcing moms into workforce, leaving the kids with diseased authorities and street education, the cult of unbridled hedonism, fragmentation thru identity politics … and this is the result:
    complete, desperate inability to think, cerebral obesity where each thought trundles along on its mobility scooter on its way to intellectual oblivion.

    Identity politics is the mother of all swindles, jew has one identity versus goyim’s thousand brain damaged splinters.
    When in order to survive, to fight and to win, we need just one identity also: gentiles.

    this is why Russia will win, because aside from a totally insignificant Pussy riot fragment, they are RUSSIANS – Christians, family folks.

    I have a simple question for the DUH nation:
    if Trump is Jew owned, then his bromance with Putin means that Putin is Jew owned.
    But why did Jew order Putin to cripple the Yinon Plan that was supposed to disembowel the entire Middle East into a patchwork of tiny tribes, like they did with destroying Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan?
    Jew Wesley Clark stated it quite clearly, so why did Putin stop that in Syria and Iran?
    Why is the talmud narrative falling apart, ISIS obliterated, where is Eretz Yishroyell between Nile and euphrates?
    Tell me that.

    This is the DUH syndrome: when faced with an obstacle, with a fact clearly contradicting their retarded theory, the card carrying citizens of DUHistan just ignore it, the theory being, what you pretend not to see can’t hurt you.

    ed note–one of the most BRILLIANT comments I have ever read. THANK YOU.

  3. #3 by Kolo on 07/14/2017 - 9:34

    Respect Lobro
    You hit the nail on the head

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