Israeli MK–‘Gentiles will bow down before the Jews’

ed note–once again, as if it needed repetition at this point, the road map for Judaic control–not only of the entire Middle East, but indeed the world–has been sitting there as an open book for thousands of years in the form of the Torah, which Christians half-wittedly refer to as the ‘Old Testament’. Note, the sections quoted by Smotrich did not originate with the Talmud, which in truth is just a compendium of commentary dealing with the 613 rules laid out in the Torah. Please keep in mind as well that those who make the claim that there is no ‘religious’ basis for Zionism do so either because they are delusional or else deliberately deceptive.

Times of Israel

A controversial lawmaker from the right-wing Jewish Home party came under fire on Monday after sharing a meme implying Muslim worshipers were bowing down to Jews in Jerusalem.

On Twitter, Bezalel Smotrich posted a photo of Muslims prostrated in prayer outside the Temple Mount in front of a number of Border Police officers. The prayers were held outside one of the entrances to the site, in protest of the decision to install metal detectors there, following Friday’s terror attack, in which two police officers were killed by three Arab Israelis who emerged armed from the Temple Mount compound.

The photo was accompanied by a biblical verse, “Nations shall serve you and kingdoms shall bow down to you,” from the book of Genesis, while Smotrich wrote above the photo “Viral on the internet and reminiscent of the prophet Isaiah: ‘And the children of your oppressors shall go to you bent over, and those who despised you shall prostrate themselves at the soles of your feet, and they shall call you ‘the city of the Lord, Zion of the Holy One of Israel.’ (Isaiah 60:14).”


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