Jewish Terrorist Elor Azariya is going home


ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS – Elor Azariya, who was convicted in January of manslaughter after he shot and killed a wounded [Palestinian] in Hevron last March, is expected to be released to house arrest later this week.

In February, an army court in Tel Aviv handed down an 18-month sentence; far less than the 3-5 years requested by army prosecutors.

Shortly after the sentencing, attorneys for Azariya and the prosecution both appealed the decision.

Since his arrest days after the March 2016 shooting, Azariya has been held in open arrest on the IDF’s Nachshonim base south of Rosh Haayin.

Last week, however, Azariya’s defense team filed a request for his release from the base, given that Azariya would be completing his three years of service in the army by this Thursday.

Due to a prior court ruling that Azariya will not be sent to prison until a ruling is issued on his appeal, the court has two options: to release him until the verdict without any restrictions, or to release him under restrictive conditions, such as house arrest.

Attorney Yoram Sheftel, who is representing Azariya during his appeal, told Channel 20: “I intend to ask the court to order at most a house arrest from midnight to six in the morning, if [it orders] anything.”

  1. #1 by stlonginus on 07/20/2017 - 9:34

    The “law” and “legal” system is to keep the goy in check(mate).
    The law/legal system will only infrequently be used for show (business) purposes against members of Judea, Inc. when it is unavoidable due to circumstances.
    I’m sure Azariya was well fed (and “entertained”) during his “open arrest” on the IDF base.

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