Police State: Justice Department broadens legalized police robbery

Link here

  1. #1 by stlonginus on 07/20/2017 - 9:34

    I couldn’t read the Washington (Com)Post article because I won’t turn off my ad blocker.
    So I go the article on the SCTimes, wherein it stated:

    “Local law enforcement agencies use forfeited proceeds to pay for expenses, and some had complained that Holder’s policy left them without a key source of funding. But that policy was also designed to save federal resources for larger, complex investigations where the ability to seize assets is critical, such as cases involving national money laundering or RUSSIAN ORGANIZED CRIME, said Stefan Cassella, a former federal prosecutor and expert on asset forfeiture and money laundering law.”

    “Russian” organized crime is code for Judea, Inc.

    “The Justice Department sees the assets forfeiture program as a way to strip suspects of the proceeds of their activities, to deter crime and to compensate crime victims.”

    Sorry, I don’t believe for one NY minute that the crime victims are “compensated” with any of this stolen money/assets. This is legalized theft to keep the police departments fat and quiet as the noose is tightened around the unwashed masses.

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