Are Non-Jews Human?

ed note–as we point out here on this website within the context of various discussions, a person simply cannot understand modern day politics without first understanding the role that organized Jewish interests play in all of it, and a person cannot understand that role without first understanding the primary, enabling characteristics of the very energy source that animates those Jewish interests, which is Judaism itself.

Some of course, falling back on their typical overly-simplistic counter arguments, will say that there are ‘Jewish’ individuals in the midst of all of this who are not ‘religious’, but as I said, this is an overly simplistic response that in the end bears no significance in the issue. People only make statements such as this due to an overwhelming misunderstanding of just what ‘Judaism’ is, in that they ascribe it to a religious system that recognizes a higher power, whether we want to call it ‘God’ or ‘Yahweh’ or ‘Hashem’ or whatever.

Having said this, people need to understand that ‘Judaism’ is not about any higher power other than the tribe of Judah, and whether these tribe members believe in a ‘god’ known as Yahweh, Hashem or whatever is immaterial, for as long as they are furthering the interests of the tribe of Judah, they are considered followers of Judaism. Therefore, within this context, they can be atheists, but as long as they add their efforts towards strengthening and empowering the tribe and its thousands-years-old agenda in the world, they are considered ‘Jews’, and a primary gear in the machinery of Judaism’s power is in the de-humanizing of non-Jews, whether they be in Gaza, Iraq, Syria or wherever Judaism has decided innocent blood needs to be shed in furthering the interests of the tribe of Judah.

Therefore, whenever some detractor or defender of Judaism comes forth, whether it is the ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ gang or the fuzzy/wuzzy Rabbis of Neturei Karta, doing their usual schtick of saying that Judaism is a holy, humanistic religion devoted to the higher principles of Godhead that govern the universe, remember, it is only schtick, and despite the sophisticated language (black magic) making it appear as though it were the stairway to heaven, in reality you are being taken for a ride right down the highway to hell.

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  1. #1 by George on 07/28/2017 - 9:34

    There seems to be a strain within the collective though that is totally and consistently devoid of conscience, morality and Humanity, and in its place total psychopathy–and evil beyond HUMAN imagination. This alien strain within the Human race should be pulled out from under the rock and examined more closely to see that THEY are an entirely different race to the Human–that can cleverly cloak itself in whatever religious garb it wishes–pretending that they are that when they are not–but simply there to protect themselves, while at the same time, deceive, conquer, subdue and subjugate the Human their own diabolically Evil designs.

    The artificially created and fake ‘Israel’ is their refuge and nest:

    And here THEY are on closer examination and named — because as they study US, we need to ALSO start studying THEM:

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