EU Jean-Claude Juncker Wants to Block Chinese Takeovers of European Firms


Sabba – I doubt that Jean-Claude Juncker has forgotten that the EU is not a free entity allowed to make its own decision on anything. He surely knows it is the City Of London who decides what the EU does or does not. He surely knows the EU is a Judeo-Anglo-Saxon creation and was never an end in itself. But I am not sure whether he knows that the Anglo-American protestant establishment are themselves only the tools of the Synagogue and have been doing the dirty work of the jews, paving the way for them for the Messianic Times which will culminate with the coronation of the King of the Jews, our anti-Christ/Dajjal.

As a prerequisite to the arrival of their Moshiach, the Jews must have a unified world with no borders, no nation-states, no nations, no identity, nothing to relate to, only a stew of ‘united nations’. They want a mixed up, confused and uprooted gentile nation with no roots, no structure, nothing to identify with, whether Religion, ‘Race’, History, Land. They have been working to produce a confused and nihilist ‘united nation’ which, they hope, will welcome and accept the Noahide Laws even more easily. And, if they have been able to unite the most heteroclite nation-states in the world under the judaic banner of the EU, how much easier will it for them to unite the rest of the world?

They want one gentile united nation to be all governed by one set of laws (the Noahide Laws) and all subject to the Jews, the priest-nation, sole intermediary and intercessor between these ‘united nations’ and the God of Israel. Only then can the King of the Jews emerge.

Interestingly enough, according to Jewish traditions, it is in… Rome that he will first manifest himself but the question whether he will be anointed king under the  Arch of Titus remains unanswered. CONTINUE READING

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