ITALY – Economy Stagnant Since The Start Of The Euro


‘The big problem is that Italy has not grown since the start of the euro, its been basically stagnant for 16 or 17 years.

Sabba- He is absolutely right. In fact, the same can be said about pretty much all the Euro-zone countries, all except one: Germany. And no, it is not due to the fallacious concept of ‘German efficiency’ or German superiority. This is only due to the Euro having been purposefully created to fit the German’s economy like a glove, it has been created to specifically suits her needs and hers alone.

But that is fair. Germany has been a good vassal of the JWO and they are rewarding her by allowing her to be the only prosperous economy in Europe.

Let us not forget that in the bigger EU pyramid structure, the Synagogue of Satan is the sole share-holder, Britain is the CEO, the US are the CFO and Germany is the Corporal in Chief, whose job is to unite continental Europe using the same method Prussia used to unite Germany (Zollverein before political domination of teutonic and protestant Prussia over the rest of the German states). 

The process of destruction of Europe under the banner of the EU officially started 60 years and it is not a coincidence that the treaty meant to bring the end of European nation-states was signed in… Rome (Treaty of Rome 1957). 


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