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Sabba – This independence referendum, just like the Scottish referendum should be read as the long and painstaking judaic attacks on European nation-states, cultures, identities. In countries where they can not have such independence referendums (like in France or Italy) , they have already created what is called ‘Euro-regions’:  “a transnational co-operation structure between two (or more) contiguous territories located in different European countries. Euroregions represent a specific type of cross-border region”.

They already exist and the list is available on the European Commission website.

For example, South of France is united with Northern Italy in an Euro-region named ‘Alps-Mediterranean’. South-West of France and Northern Spain are also united as the Aquitaine-Basque Country Euro-region. Already, 96% of the French laws come from Brussels. I assume the same can be said for Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece… 

Mr. Orban never discusses this. Nor does Marine Le Pen. Nor does Geert Wilders. Nor did Nigel Farage. Even those who claim to be nationalist, patriots are in fact all judeophile sycophants who have sold our nation-states in exchange of 30 fake pieces of judaic silver. They try and often succeed to fool us with their Islamophobic rants but that is only to hide from us their total submission and allegiance to the Synagogue of Satan. CONTINUE READING

  1. #1 by stlonginus on 07/31/2017 - 9:34

    No one ever discusses that Agenda 21 indicates plans for the U.S. to be divided into 10 regions with 10 regional governors. That’s one of the reasons the mayors and governors are continuing their Paris Accord “greening” plans regardless of what Trump says.

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