Western Imperialism – Crushing Syrian Secularism Through Divide-And-Conquer Sectarian Tactics For Decades


MINT PRESS – The philosopher and politician Antoun Saadeh was a true visionary. He died in 1949; but before he perished, he foretold the sorts of conflicts and wars that we are seeing today in Syria and the Middle East (…) On Oct. 15, 1937, Saadeh wrote in Al-Nahdhah:

“Our ideology found in the extremist Wahhabi religion, that spread in the Arab Gulf, an enemy. The Wahhabi religion is an enemy to Christians, Sunnis and Shiites. It is a danger to all the nations around Saudi Arabia, especially the Syrian nation. It is not only an economical danger, or occupation, but it is the Saudi Royal family who are working on a war inside of the society in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, by their agents on the ground, who are spreading Wahhabism and its goals, by the media, by politicians, and the religious clerics.”


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