Far-right Bannon Affiliates Attack McMaster for Being ‘Controlled by Jews’ and ‘Hostile to Israel’

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser General H. R. McMaster is being targeted in recent days by a far-right campaign that is accusing him, simultaneously, of being controlled by rich Jews and of harming the state of Israel. The campaign is coming from media outlets and writers affiliated with Steve Bannon, President Trump’s senior political adviser, who has been accused in the past of making anti-Semitic comments.

The campaign against McMaster intensified after he fired a number of mid-level officials from the National Security Council, who were considered loyal to Bannon and to the former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The latter was forced to resign after less than a month in office because he lied to Vice President Mike Pence about his ties to Russia. The driving force behind the campaign has been far-right blogger Mike Cernovich, who started sharing links to a website called, McMaster Leaks, which is devoted to attacks on McMaster, on social media.

The website featured a brazen anti-Semitic caricature depicting McMaster and retired General David Petraeus, who is considered close to a number of senior NSC officials – as two puppets being controlled by Jewish billionaire George Soros, who himself is being controlled by “the Rothschilds,” the famously rich Jewish family of bankers. After the caricature was mocked on social media, the website edited it, replacing the word “Rothschilds” on the top of the pyramid with the word “Saudis,” but keeping in Soros depiction in place.

Yet McMaster, according to his rivals on the far-right, isn’t only being controlled by the Rothschilds – it turns out he is also “hostile to Israel,” according to articles that have been published in recent days on Breitbart, the far-right website formerly edited by Bannon, and on the Conservative Review. These articles, quoting “administration officials” and a Facebook post by Israeli journalist Caroline Glick, accuse him of such “sins” as opposing an Israeli request to include Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Trump’s visit to the Western Wall during his visit in Israel earlier this year.

McMaster, it should be noted, was the Trump administration’s most senior representative and speaker earlier this year at the Israeli embassy’s annual Independence Day event. He was warmly received by the crowd and gave a speech in which he expressed the administration’s strong support for Israel, and promised to always safeguard the Jewish state’s security interests.

Trump addressed the attacks against McMaster in a statement on Friday. “General McMaster and I are working very well together,” Trump said, offering strong support to his senior adviser. Trump added that McMaster is “a good man and very pro-Israel. I am grateful for the work he continues to do serving our country.”

  1. #1 by Ozymandias on 08/05/2017 - 9:34

    May I just say,to hate Jews is wrong,but to hate destructive Zionists orgs or billionaires with destructive antihuman practices is right and good.The North Koreans say that Israel is a disturber of peace,and they are Not wrong

  2. #2 by Lasse Karagiannis (@Amalek_) on 08/06/2017 - 9:34

    Alex Jones should be understood by as all as person who knows the Jews rule but who dare not expose it blatantly so he says it indirect using obvious erroneous statements like:

    -The Moslems own the Federal Reserve.
    -It is the orthodox Moslems who are behind the Deep State
    -It is the Arabs who own Hollywood
    -It is the Communist Chineese who control Hollywood

    It is blatantly obvious what he is doing.

    He even said that the ADLis behind the attacks against Trump, and that the ADL is against Israel.

    Well, if we don’t get what he is doing we deserve nor liberty nor freedom.
    Alex is the number one defender of Trump out there right now

  3. #3 by Lasse Karagiannis (@Amalek_) on 08/06/2017 - 9:34

    Trump said something along: “I get very well along with McMasters, he is a very good guy and
    he is very pro-Israel”.

    Why would he add that McMasters is pro-Israel? What does that have to do with MAGA?
    Are we going to believe that he has no clue about the work done by Cernovitch and Alex? Common!

    We know now that McMasters and friends are preparing a coup against Trump right now from Alex and Cernovitch.
    This really means: “I cannot show that I know what is happening, I have to find a reason to fire McMasters, without drawing suspicion to the fact that I know what is happening, and which entity is behind it, so I have to play stupid. Organized Jewry is behind it. If something happens to me, you know which entity is to blame.”

  4. #4 by Judy Lauer on 08/06/2017 - 9:34

    I could not figure out how Trump suddenly seemed to go into dementia—I am starting to understand after 71 years–Be with us God!!

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