Netanyahu’s House of Cards

ed note–in the most recent season of House of Cards, the criminal investigation of President Frank Underwood reaches the point that he–for strategic reasons–announces his resignation. What we come to learn later in the program (after his wife takes over the presidency) is that Underwood recently came to understand that the White House was not where the real power lie at all, but rather in those secret groups operating in the shadows made up by the super rich who actually controlled the presidency and that his resignation was only a step towards walking into a world of power that made the US Presidency pale by comparison.

Please watch the following clip and plug its relevance into all the recent noise surrounding the impending ‘indictment’ of Netanyahu and the manner by which lots of people (which unfortunately includes a depressingly high number of people calling themselves ‘truthers’) see this as a sign that better times they are-a comin’ our way.

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