Israeli High Court won’t hear case of man claiming to be ‘Messiah’

Dov Sobol has repeatedly turned to Israeli courts demanding recognition of God’s purported ‘messages’ to him

ed note–Keep in mind that this is nothing new. For thousands of years throughout almost the entire history of Torah Judaism various individuals have come forth claiming to be the Messiah, or ‘Moschiac’. They almost ALWAYS INVARIABLY bring with them some military pedigree and engage in political/religious violence (per the prophecies dealing with the arrival of Moschiac as laid out in the Torah) in showing their bona fides but are always struck down by forces more powerful than they.

The important thing that needs to be factored into this is that this–various claimants to the ‘throne’ of Moschiac–was/is/always will be one of the INEVITABLE results of the teachings of Judaism as laid out in the Torah as well as a glaring indicator as to why Jews maintain a posture of unmitigated and unrelenting violence against Gentiledom wherever they go, and whether it is in the type of violence as we see taking place against the ‘Ishmaelites’ of the Middle East or the cultural/moral/financial/political violence that is waged against those unfortunate Gentiles living in the countries of the West where organized Jewish interests remain dominant in those aforementioned areas of influence, the result is the same–the imposition of Judaic ‘values’ at the point of some sword against the well-being of Gentile societies as an expression of the Messianic madness that is inherent within Torah Judaism.

Times of Israel

The High Court of Justice on Tuesday declined to debate the messages a self-styled “Messiah to the world” was purportedly receiving from the “Creator of the world,” despite the petitioner noting the very great “responsibility for the fate of the world” that rests on his shoulders.

In their rejection, justices Noam Solberg, Uri Shaham and David Mintz explain: “The petitioner, who signed his petition, ‘A prophet like Moses, Messiah to the world,’ relates that he is acting in the name of the Creator of the world and bears messages from Him, and that it is vital to hold an inquiry into them [the messages] before this court in order that [the court] shares with him the weighty responsibility for the fate of the world that rests on his shoulders.”

Alas, Israel’s top court chooses to forego said honor. “The petition shows no cause for judicial intervention,” the justices write.

The appellant, Dov Sobol, has turned to the High Court before on theological matters, as well as to multiple lower courts.

In 2015, Sobol asked the High Court to force Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to read his book, “in order to save the world from its future troubles and to bring world peace.”

Justices Salim Joubran, Yoram Danziger and Anat Beron rejected his petition then — but not without reading it.

“We examined the petition,” they assured Sobol, “but had no choice but to refuse.”

  1. #1 by mr ed on 09/13/2017 - 9:34

    he better beware he may get himself crucified!

  2. #2 by Jolly Roger on 09/13/2017 - 9:34

    Mr. Ed took the words right out of my mouth. If they nail him to a cross I hope it’s on you-tube

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