U.S. neo-Nazi: ‘I’m Defending Yair Netanyahu Because He Stood Up Against the Jews’

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Daily Stormer owner Andrew Anglin tells an Israeli TV channel that he stands with the prime minister’s son after labeling his anti-Semitic site the 26-year-old’s ‘#1 Fansite’

ed note–again, not that it should need any additional discussion or debate amongst intelligent people, Anglin serves their purposes. They simply don’t give this kind of facetime/airtime to someone unless doing so works in their favor. Besides the obvious, which is the manner by which his ugly, overtly-racist behavior and delivery make all Gentile resistance to Judea, Inc’s war against mankind appear violent, irrational, and unhinged (and by doing so reinforces the stereotype which organized Jewish interests have spent decades and billion$ of $ trying to cultivate in the minds of Gentiledom) now what we have is his ridiculous assertion that Netanyahu’s son Yair is ‘standing up to the Jews’, when in fact what we are witnessing is a gang war within La Kosher Nostra between 2 vicious crime families over who will be ‘capo di tutti capi’ and ‘famiglia di tutte famiglie’ (sorry for what is a justifiably sore spot for all my Italian confreres, no disrespect intended) and who are for all intents and purposes mirrored images of each other.

But hey, I guess none of that matters ‘cuz at leese Anglin be givin’ duh white man a platform to say words like ‘nigger’, ‘kike’, ‘coon’, ‘muzzie’, ‘spic’ and ‘hajji’ where in other more respectable circles such language is forbidden or at least frowned upon.

Andrew Anglin, the American blogger who runs the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website, told an Israeli television channel on Tuesday night that he supported Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair for having posted a meme laden with anti-Semitic imagery.

“I stand with Yair and his memes,” Anglin told Channel 2 in a video call that the channel said they edited down to remove offensive, hateful comments, “and I’m glad to see that there’s an alt-right in Israel who are standing against the corrosive influence in the West of the Jewish people.” The term “alt-right” is employed by certain white supremacy groups to describe themselves.

“I’m defending Yair Netanyahu because he stood up against the Jews,” Anglin said. In response to Yair’s posted meme, the Daily Stormer’s main banner switched to one praising the prime minister’s son with the text, “The World’s #1 Yair Netanyahu fansite.”  The meme the 26-year-old shared posits that a conspiracy is behind his family’s growing legal problems, with the attorney general having announced he was disposed to indicting Yair’s mother Sara the preceding day.

Anglin is currently in hiding from the lawyers of a Montana woman who sued Anglin in April for allegedly having orchestrated an anti-Semitic online trolling campaign against her family. Nearly three months later, her attorneys are still trying to find him to serve him.

Anglin continued in his defense of the young man: “Yair is the one that’s under attack here. I mean, the man cannot be judged by his father. The man is being attacked by everyone in the world. All the American Jews are coming out and attacking him. All these leftist Israeli papers are calling him an anti-Semite, and what he is doing: Standing up against George Soros and the liberal Jews.”

“I’ve just become informed that there is a Jewish-Israeli alt-right. I’m happy about this. I’m happy to see this; they’re using some of our memes that’s [sic] based on our movement,” Anglin added. “They are bothered, sick of the same people in the same way.”


  1. #1 by nooralhaqiqa on 09/14/2017 - 9:34

    Dear lord. The lad has to be Jewish. Look at the high level of deception he has managed! Look at that face!

    Be that as it may. We know what he is. If only his adherents would catch on. Just saying he is only now cognizant of the internal factions of the Jews shows him to be a tad behind the eight-ball!

  2. #2 by Derek on 09/14/2017 - 9:34

    “The horror… the horror…”
    He looks unhinged like col Walter E. Kurtz.

  3. #3 by Dirk on 09/14/2017 - 9:34

    Nooralhaqiqa, I doubt ‘the lad’ is Jewish. As over-represented as they are in the ‘deranged and demented’ category, the Jews are by no means alone. Everyone has their own ‘special breed’ of crazy, and a good runner-up to the Jewdah-ites is that group calling themselves white nationalists. I have known my fair share of crazies among them over the years and I can tell you that in some respects, Anglin makes some of them appear sane by comparison. I do understand you recoiling at the stil pic however, his is a face only a mother could love.

    something worth considering here–


  4. #4 by stlonginus on 09/14/2017 - 9:34

    Anglin and his paymasters must think ALL of us are dumb as rocks.

  5. #5 by Gwaredd Thomas on 09/15/2017 - 9:34

    Anglin looks like Cro-Magnon man with about the same intelligence.

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