“We Returned Home to Land Bequeathed by Forefathers”, Says Netanyahu of Judea, Samaria

“Reside in this land, and I will be with you and bless you; I will assign all these lands to you and to your heirs, fulfilling the oath that I swore to your father Avraham.” Genesis 26:3 (The Israel Bible™)

ed note–as we point out here often, just as it is with any contract or document, it is only the fool who does not read through it carefully, and especially the ‘fine print’.

Netanyahu’s words sound SOOOOOO good, and especially to deluded and deranged Christian Zionists who love the Old Testament more than they do their own Christian faith or even the lives of their loved ones. What they fail to consider are some of the other ‘promises’ contained within that same Old Testament which–besides serving as the basis for the Judaic invasion/conquest of that very same land from which the Jews were driven by the decree of God and the military might of Rome, nevertheless–also have profound implications far beyond that region lying between the Nile and Euphrates rivers and which mal-affects in an apocalyptic manner every man, woman and child on the planet, to wit–

 ‘The Gentiles shall come to your light,
And their kings to the brightness of your rising…
You shall drink the milk of the Gentiles,
And draw milk from the breasts of their kings…
Strangers shall stand and feed your flocks,
And the sons of the foreigner shall be your plowmen and your vinedressers…
You shall be named the priests of the Lord and the Gentiles shall call you the servants of God as you eat their riches and in their glory boast of your greatness as they surrender unto you all their gold and incense…
The children of those who afflicted you shall come bowing down to you,
And all those who despised you shall fall prostrate at the soles of your feet,
The sons of foreigners shall build up your walls,
And their kings shall minister to you, as your gates remain open, day and night,
So that men may bring to you the wealth of the Gentiles,
And their kings led in humble procession before you,
For the nation which will not serve you shall perish, it shall be utterly destroyed…

–Book of Isaiah

Breaking Israel News

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein, Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Culture Minister Miri Regev headlined a list of right-wing leaders Wednesday at a Gush Etzion ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Judea and Samaria.

Netanyahu told the crowd of approximately 4,000 people at a makeshift amphitheater set up adjacent to the Gush Etzion junction that the region holds historic significance for the Jewish people and repeated his pledge that his government would not evict Jews or Arabs from their homes.

‘The history of this special place is a microcosm of our entire existence,” Netanyahu said. “Fifty years ago we fought a stupendous war of defense and returned to Judea and Samaria, to the Jordan Valley and to the Golan Heights. We returned home to the patrimony bequeathed to us by our forefathers…The settlement enterprise is important to me, so let me say: There will be no more settlement evictions. We will not abandon our national home to become endangered…Gush Etzion will remain part of the State of Israel forever’.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett added a call for annexing the region, saying he did not take that stance lightly. But he said the current time was optimal for such a move.

“It is clear to all that we have a right to be here. Nobody is doing us any favors. We are here as sons returning to their land, not as foreign occupiers. There is no time better than the present, and even if the world objects, they understand the same thing that the Israeli public does – the Land of Israel will not be divided again!” Bennett said.

Notably, however, the ceremony – which had been billed as an “official” government celebration – was marred by right- and left-wing demonstrations, as well as by a list of public officials who refused to participate in the event, but who also insisted they were not “boycotting” the ceremony.

The loudest absences were those of Labor Party Chairman Avi Gabbay, Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid, former Foreign Minister (and scion of a prominent family of right-wing Zionists) Tzipi Livni and especially Supreme Court justice Neil Hendel, who was instructed by outgoing Chief Justice Miriam Naor not to attend as the representative of the judicial branch because she felt the event was “political,” rather than a balanced state-sponsored celebration.

“Bibi and Miri [Regev] have once again turned an official state event into a divisive event. We will not participate in this discussion and we will continued to stay on target and act to unify people,” Gabbay wrote on Twitter.

Outside the event, hundreds of settlers, including former residents of the Migron outpost (which was demolished in 2012) and current residents of the Netiv Ha’avot outpost, called on the prime minister to fulfill a pledge to build permanent housing for the former residents and to ensure that a High Court of Justice order to evict the latter by March, 2018 would not be implemented.

At the same time, about two dozen Peace Now members protested the event, saying 50 years of “occupation” is nothing to celebrate.

“There are no reasons for celebration of 50 years of occupation. In 50 years of expanding settlements and deepening the control over millions of Palestinians, the Israeli government has been corrupting us morally and hurting the possibility of arriving at a negotiated two state solution. It is shameful that the government is organizing a ceremony, outside of sovereign Israel, to celebrate settlements which are ruining Israel,” said the group in a statement.

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