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‘I’m a martyr’: Disgraced Harvey Weinstein believes he is a savior who was born to ‘change the world’ by taking the fall for sexual assaults

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How They Do It–This Powerful Adelson-funded Israel Lobby Could Soon Rival AIPAC’s Influence in Washington

Thousands will descend on D.C. this weekend to mark the 10th anniversary of the Israeli-American Council. But some early supporters warn its growth comes with a price

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Mueller’s ‘Shock-and-Awe’ Indictments Meant to Terrify Both Trump and Witnesses

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But it was the separate confessions of a former campaign adviser that should really ruin U.S. president’s Halloween

ed note–as with all things coming out of the mouth of Judea Inc, things must be looked at very carefully for nuanced words, meanings, symbolism, etc.

Our esteemed Hebraic writer did not just choose the words ‘shock and awe’ because they happened to have a nice ring to them. ‘Shock and awe’ was the term given to George Bush’s mass murder of Iraqis in 2003 when he ordered the US military to indiscriminately bomb Iraq mercilessly and unceasingly as the opening scene of a re-write/re-play of the Judaic drama found in the book of Esther whereby the leader of a sovereign nation was removed from power through Judaic trickery and violence. It has been speculated by some–with good evidence we could say–that ‘shock and awe’ was chosen as a cognate of the Hebrew word ‘Sheki-nah’, which means ‘the divine presence of Yahweh’ and which is represented by bright lights and which forms one of the prayers which Jews are obligated to say everyday, to wit–

‘Blessed are You, God, who returns His Presence (shekhinato) to Zion’

That Judea, Inc is gunning to have another leader of another sovereign nation removed–Trump as POTUS–is not a matter up for speculation or debate. He–despite all his flaws, real or perceived–represents a clear and present danger to the aims of the tribe, both in the short and long term and on both the domestic and foreign policy fronts. His stated plans of imposing a peace deal between Israel and the unfortunate souls who happen to live in close proximity to her, to his stated desire for a Palestinian state to his plans of halting American imperial adventures–both in the Middle East and elsewhere–coupled with his less-than-hostile disposition/posture towards Russia has made him an enemy of Judea and thus he simply has to go.

Likewise, as we have pointed out here on occasions too numerous to recount, it is indeed a period of great danger to everyone as these two monsters–Judea and Rome–battle with each other over whose agenda will dominate, and no one should make the mistake of thinking that somehow they are removed by distance or other circumstantial matters from it all. The storm that is upon us is something none of us have ever experienced before and are not likely to ever experience again, assuming of course that we manage to live through it all.

Please note some of the more salient points contained herein–

‘The assumption is that Mueller is betting that the severe indictment handed down against Manafort and Gates will persuade them, or other senior Trump campaign officials, to collaborate with his investigation.’

‘Collaborate?’ Shouldn’t the word be ‘cooperate’? Witnesses do not ‘collaborate’ with the police, but rather ‘cooperate’. ‘Collaborate’ means to conspire and collude and usually with evil purposes in mind. No one can deny the negative connotation with the word ‘collaborator’ and it implications of both treason and treachery.


‘Trump’s only remaining option is to fire Mueller, with a possible claim that he has exceeded his authority. Many of Trump’s rivals in Washington are anxious for such a development, which would create an acute constitutional and political crisis, spark automatic associations to Richard Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre” and give a serious push to efforts to launch impeachment proceedings against the president.’

This may be what Judea, Inc has been gunning for all along as they already have a precedent in place involving Nixon.

Either way, no one should make or otherwise embrace the idiotic theory espoused by some that all of this is just ‘for show’ and that somehow Trump and his enemies are actually just ‘playing a game’ for public consumption as if it were all just a hyped-up episode of WWF, when in fact what we are actually witnessing here is WW3.

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With first charges, Mueller sends warning to Trump and his aides


Special counsel Robert Mueller has sent a warning to individuals in US President Donald Trump’s orbit: If they lie about contacts between the president’s campaign and Russians, they’ll end up on the wrong end of federal criminal charges.

ed note–keep in mind that despite the fact Manafort’s indictments do not deal with Russiagate per se, that nevertheless with the weight of so many charges being brought against him that this he is then susceptible to being pressured into perjuring himself on the stand as a material witness against Trump. Read the rest of this entry »

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Is Russiagate dead? Paul Manafort & Kiev caught up in FBI dragnet, Kremlin not mentioned

ed note–a well written article, but the basic premise–or at least that part of it underscored in the title–is not likely. The fact that the indictments against Manafort deal with Ukraine rather than Russia will mean nothing to the average American whose understanding of it all can be summed up thus–‘Ukrainians, Russians, big deal…They’re all the same to me’.

What counts in this case is that one of Trump’s ‘buddies’ has come under indictment, further adding to the pressure against him while simultaneously adding to scandal fatigue on the part of the American people which Trump’s enemies are trying to kindle in the interests of having him removed from office.

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That Other Plot — to Bring Down Trump

ed note–as we have pointed out here for over 2 years (unfortunately much of it ignored by people who already had their minds made up and didn’t want to be confused with the facts) the theory/notion that somehow Trump is ‘one of them’ falls flat on its face when considering the concerted and highly-organized effort on the part of Judea, Inc and all its various tentacles to bring him down. Organized Jewish interests DO NOT shoot their best race horse and especially not if they already ‘fixed’ the race he was about to run and where they stood to win millions.

Unfortunately, we have to point this out yet again and especially now as we are witnessing all the gears turning vis a vis the latest business involving special counsel Mueller and the indictments he has just handed down. The fact that the alleged criminal activity on the part of Manafort happened years before Trump was even an issue does not matter a whit and especially not with a brain dead American public who doesn’t know the difference between EYE-rak and EYE-ran. In their minds, one of Trump’s ‘buddies’ just found himself in the hotseat with the effa-bee-eye and therefore, where there’s smoke there is fire and therefore Trump must be guilty.

For those of us who make it our business to follow politics and who understand just how bad things are these days, Trump may not be the Lone Ranger we all envisioned, but the fact is, he is the only thing standing between us and the very same Armageddon which our enemies have been planning and plotting now for thousands of years, and for that reason alone–even if we don’t entertain any affection or admiration for the man–we at least owe it to ourselves NOT to assist in the conspiracy to bring him down so that WWIII can then be put back on track.

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1st of the month–please help us do our part by donating to TUT

In this age of the ‘Truth Movement’, you can either have this–

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or this–


or this–


or this–

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or this–

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or this…


…Or any other assortment of deliberate disinformation designed to confuse and distort an otherwise clear picture and thus give the upper hand to the monsters out to destroy us… 

Or, you can have this–


So, due to the obvious risks and blowback associated with doing the kind of work we do here, using our real names, real faces, real voices, etc, and where it is somewhere between difficult and impossible for those of us operating at the center of the bull’s eye to enjoy the security and anonymity others take for granted, we therefore ask those benefiting from the work we do here to consider our needs by making some kind of contribution so that we can continue the war effort.

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