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TUT Broadcast Oct 18, 2017

Tonight’s program–

1. A continued discussion of the events in Las Vegas and why–even if there were a case to be made that there is much more to it than simply what is being revealed by the JMSM–it is impossible for the 9/11 Truth movement to make any headway in revealing the deeper implications of this terrible event due to the self-inflicted damage done to the credibility of ‘the movement’ as a result of the league of nutters claiming that Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon Bombing, San Bernardino, the Pulse Nightclub Shooting, etc, were all ‘hoaxes’ that ‘never took place’.

2. A discussion of the recent ‘declaration of independence’ on the part of the Kurds and how Israel plans on using this in keeping the momentum going in destabilizing the Middle East in the aftermath of the defeat of ISIS arising out of the heroic successes of Iran, Russia, Syria, and Hezbollah.

And finally, Harvey Weinstein–his meteoric takedown and the likelihood that it was not as much the doing of Judea, Inc as much as it was of Trump, Inc.

As usual, not for the faint of heart or hopelessly closed-minded.

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WATCH – Jewish police officer beat, headbutted and insulted a Palestinian truck driver

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Iran guards vow to boost missile program in defiance of US pressure

Announcement by militia comes after Trump administration condemned Tehran’s ‘destructive’ behavior at UN

ed note–as we have counseled here many times, before people autonomically react to Trump’s (seemingly) aggressive posture towards Iran with the usual ‘he’s doing all this cuz’ he luvs djooz,’ business, first look at the series of events as they unfold and the results they produce before jumping the gun.

Indeed, Trump, Inc understands that the situation in the Middle East–and particularly America’s unswerving, unquestioning loyalty to the demands and dictates of the criminal enclave known as Judea, Inc–has become a serious liability for the US. In the first case, it has reduced America’s standing and prestige around the world, as all have now come to see the mighty Uncle Sam as a mere shabbos goy tasked with doing Israel’s dirty work. Equally–or perhaps more important than this however–is how the dynamics have changed since Russia and Iran have entered the picture with their victories over ISIS in Syria. Gaining in prestige and credibility as a result of this, they both stand a very good chance of moving into the credibility vacuum created by the loss of face for the US, at which point, both powers–who would undoubtedly receive the lion’s share of world support for doing so–would begin implementing their own ‘final solution’ to the problem in the Middle East involving the Jews and the Palestinians.

However, Trump, Inc has a problem, and especially in the form of the insane religious right wingers currently in control in Israel, who do not want a peaceful settlement to the situation, but rather, centuries of war, turmoil and bloodshed, which is the ONLY environment in which this dangerous virus known as the Jewish state can exist. Netanyahu will not budge on any solution to the Palestinian issue and is going to fight tooth and nail in preventing any change to Judea, Inc’s plans vi a vis ‘Greater Israel’ stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates.

What Trump needs then in getting Nutty Netty to budge is pressure in the form of his own people–both in Israel and around the world–shitting their britches in fear of the very same ‘Iranian sponsored Holocaust’ which the right wing in Israel has been using for decades in pushing through their various policies and agendas. The more belligerent Trump acts towards Iran, the more Iran responds in like manner as described in this article, the more that Jews begin kvetching over the upcoming ‘holocaust’, the more pressure it put on Netanyahu, the more leverage Trump has in pushing for his peace plan.

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Israel finds a welcome audience with Christian journalists

Evangelical Christians from various countries wave flags as they march to show their support for Israel in Jerusalem. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner, File)

Netanyahu’s outreach to evangelical leaders reflects striking tactical parallels to Trump, his close ally and fellow media basher

ed note–it is a constant and seemingly autonomic response/regurgitation on the part of certain ‘experts’ within ‘duh muuvmnt’ that the ‘proof’ that Trump is a pawn of Israel are all the nice things he says about her and his friendly disposition towards Nutty Netty.

Take a good look at the pic above. This groups of religious nutcases represents the single largest voting block in the US, Evangelical Christians who overwhelmingly support the Jewish state in a manner best described as fanatical and irrational. Christian Zionism is a drug for them, and as anyone who has tried reasoning with someone who is high as a kite knows, it simply can’t be done.

Likewise with Trump and why he has to speak and behave in coded language when it comes to this particular issue, as it is like walking through a mine field where the detonators are so sensitive that you don’t even need to put your foot on one directly but to merely step somewhere close to its proximity for it to go off. Read the rest of this entry »

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Israel Plans 2,615 New Settlement Housing Units; Get Busy Paying Your Taxes, Americans!


BY RICHARD EDMONSON – The [Israeli] government is sending a clear message to settlers–build illegally and anywhere and we will find a solution for you. It is clear that Netanyahu is prioritizing his settler constituency over the rule of law and the  possibility for peace. Build illegally and anywhere you want. We’ll find a solution for you. CONTINUE READING

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Jewish Settlers Filmed Stealing Olive Harvest of West Bank Palestinian Farmers (VIDEO)


HAARETZ – Israel Police detained four settlers over the past week on suspicion of involvement in stealing olives from Palestinian farmers’ groves in the northern Gaza Strip, but all of them were released. An NGO provided documentation that shows settlers in the act and throwing rocks, and Palestinian farmers claimed that settlers stole from and vandalized hundreds of trees.

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WATCH – Jewish Settlers try to hit Palestinian woman with a car

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