The use of deadly force is the only way to stop Iran

ed note–oh, ye Hebrews of little faith…

Remember, you are GAAAAAWD’S chosen people…He sent the plagues to Egypt and then killed the firstborn of every family to protect you, the apple of his eye…He parted the Red Sea for you so you could cross safely into the ‘promised land’ and then, after you made it safely across, closed it and swallowed up mean ol’ Pharaoh and his army. Then he led you through the desert with a pillar of fire at night and with a sandstorm by day…

This is the GAAAAWD of Israel, the one we are told constantly we better not piss off lest he unleash a healthy dose of holy hell upon the world.

Sorry for the theatrics folks, but it is done to make a point–The Jews don’t really believe in all that nonsense, otherwise they wouldn’t be throttling America and the west to go and fight their dirty wars for them, for if they truly believed it, they would–borrowing a phrase we see/hear often throughout the Christian West–‘let go, let God…’


Western hopes that Iran will moderate and “engage” with the international community following the faulty 2015 nuclear agreement (JCPOA) have been gradually replaced with apprehension. More voices in the international community are joining Israel in expressing growing concern about Iran’s policies.

While Iran seems to be abide by the JCPOA, it resists expanding the scope of inspections, continues its nuclear research and development (for example upgrading centrifuges) and continues to make progress on its long-range missile program. Recently it conducted a test of a missile designed to carry nuclear warheads.

Moreover, Iran’s involvement in the region attests to its hegemonic plans, defying the notion, propagated by its propagandists, that it is a status quo power acting defensively. Rather, Iran is following its Persian imperial instincts that are reinforced by Muslim jihadist impulses. It already controls four Arab capitals: Baghdad, Beirut, Damascus and Sanaa; its Shi’ite militias and proxies are fighting in Iraq, Syria and Yemen and engaging in ethnic cleansing; and it is on the verge of solidifying the Shi’ite corridor from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean. Israel tries to capitalize on the new widespread global apprehension about Iran and a new American president who is not committed to the JCPOA to bring about the cancellation of the 2015 nuclear accord or its renegotiation, and the reinstating of the sanctions regime. Yet, these goals are difficult to attain and not useful in preventing a nuclear Iran.

The international community, including the US, has little appetite to confront Iran. The belligerent tone of President Donald Trump might be pleasant to Israeli ears, but we should not forget that he has not yet dismantled the North Korean nuclear arsenal. Understanding very well the Western reluctance to take military action, Iran is emulating the North Korean scenario.

Many states, Germany for example, were eager to renew business relations with Iran after the removal of the sanctions regime and to turn a blind eye to Iranian purchases of dual-use equipment.

The world seems to prefer to wait until the agreement expires in 10 years or so without worrying about what will happen after. Iran signed the deal to gain legitimacy for its nuclear program without giving up the plan to go nuclear in the near future. Iran, with its thousands of years of history, is patient, seeing the agreement as only a short delay on the road to achieving its ambitions.

Israel cannot rely on the international community to stop Iran’s nuclearization.

Unilateral cancellation of the nuclear agreement will only energize the Iranian nuclear program. Even if attempts to convince Iran to renegotiate the deal are successful, the Iranian talent for bargaining will prolong the negotiations for years, gaining it additional time to enhance its nuclear program.

Similarly, putting in place a tough economic sanctions regime requires years of diplomatic struggle. Neither Russia nor China have a great interest in helping the US neutralize the trouble potential of an anti-American Iran. Moreover, the effectiveness of economic sanctions is limited. Past sanctions were useful in bringing Iran back to the negotiating table, but not in changing its policy.

The claim that a tougher deal could have been achieved in 2015 and therefore renegotiations could elicit a better one for the West is not credible. The JCPOA, with its loopholes, was the only agreement the Iranians were ready to sign when it became clear that the US under president Barack Obama would anyway be unwilling to use the military option.Despite the anti-Iranian rhetoric, the US under President Donald Trump seems to lack the strategic acumen needed to stop Iran from attaining regional hegemony. As a matter of fact, its Middle Eastern policies suit Iran.

Trump continued the obsession with Islamic State (an anti-Iranian force) and is going along with the Russian and Iranian plans in Syria. The US prefers the integrity of Iraq, an Iranian satellite, rather than supporting a Kurdish state that Iran opposes. The US did not side clearly with Saudi Arabia in isolating a Qatar that courts Iran. A nuclear Iran will be even more difficult to restrain.

Nothing in the world can convince Iran to give up the nuclear dream. Only the use of force can stop Iran from fulfilling its ambitions. Israel is on its own in this. Nobody will deal with an Iran that is going nuclear. Therefore, Israel must prepare its military for a strike against the main components of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure. This will not be easily achieved, but with determination and creativity it is feasible.

A successful attack on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure would change the regional power equation and reverse Iranian advances. Most states would be happy for Israel to do the dirty work, and judging from past Israeli strikes on the Iraqi and Syrian reactors, would hardly create any difficulties for Israel on this account.

It is true that Iran has ways to retaliate and exact costs from Israel. However, these would be easier to bear than the cost of allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons.

  1. #1 by on 10/03/2017 - 9:34

    Zionists never tire of egging their allies in Israeli-occupied Washington DC to attack Iran. Only a ZioNazi talks of “global” community. It is a bit rich of Jews to talk in such terms about the Persian empire when it wa this very Persian that liberated Jews from Babylon slavery.

  2. #2 by christine short on 10/04/2017 - 9:34

    iran is minding its own business as it always has. this destroy iran is n nutty boo hoo’s wet dream that he wants everyone to share. the sooner israel is shut down and that psychopath removed the better the world will be.

  3. #3 by Gennarino Carunchio on 10/04/2017 - 9:34

    Oyyyyy! What jew BS!! The funny thing is, Israel & its lap dog, the USA have created the circumstances that this jew is whining about! LOL! If the jews hadn’t directed the US to destroy Iraq and wage a not-so-proxy war against Syria, the situation wouldn’t be out of control in their eyes today. They have strengthened Iran in the process of their ill-conceived actions. Besides, Iran has every right as a sovereign state to obtain nuclear power, or even nuclear weapons, if it so desires. Who could blame them, with the Anglo/Judaic sword at their throat? Meanwhile, the jew state is a nuclear rogue nation. Anything concerning the jews must weather a storm of lies and hypocrisy.

    An International coalition should destroy the illegitimate, supremacist, apartheid, rogue jew state, arrest the Rothschilds, render them to Siberia and seize their assets.

    The US would be fine if they pursued peaceful prosperity, like Russia & China; it’s missing the bus as far as business opportunities. Russia & China will be re-building Syrian infrastructure and the various other projects, like the Silk Road & pipelines among many others, leave the US on the outside looking in. All because we support Rothschild’s illegal Israel.

    All nations under the Rothschild banking choke hold should default on their debt and nationalize their banks. Any squawkers silenced or arrested.

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