Trump proposal seeks not just peace between Israel and Palestinians but for the entire region

Channel 2 says administration wants to bring Arab states to table, thinks Abbas is ‘serious,’ will not impose terms. US, in response, says no imminent intention to unveil its plan

ed note–as we have explained here on occasions too numerous to recount here over the last 2 years, Trump’s plan for a ‘peace deal’ between the racist and rabid Jewish state and the Arabs it not based on him being a ‘nice guy’ who is trying to ‘do right’ by everyone involved. His posture on this issue is rooted in the interests of many powerful players behind him who recognize that a very dangerous crossroads has now arrived in terms of US standing in the region and that if the US does not do something–FAST–that Iran, Russia and other players are going to resolve the situation in a manner they see fit, leaving the US with not just egg on her face, but as well the blood of millions of innocent Palestinians, Iraqis, Syrians, Lebanese, Yemenese, etc. Furthermore, if some kind of resolution to this situation does not take place in a manner agreeable to Trump & co, there is the very real danger that the Jewish state WILL disintegrate, which means that this garbage dump known as Israel that has served as a magnet for the most mentally ill Judaics throughout the world (but principally in the West) for over half a century will be disengaged, resulting in these feral dogs returning to places such as Europe and America and bringing with them all their corruption, kvetching, and chicanery.

Keep in mind that Western support for Herzl’s plan was based upon the fact that Europe wanted the Jews and all their marxist agitating OUT in the hopes that by returning them to their own ‘environment’ that all the political/social turmoil erupting in Europe as a result of direct Judaic involvement would come to an end.

Times of Israel 

US President Donald Trump’s administration will shortly unveil a formal proposal for Middle East peace that aims to enable a “comprehensive regional arrangement,” but that will not be imposed on the sides, and that will not feature a rigid timetable, Israel’s Channel 2 news reported on Sunday evening.

The proposal has been drawn up on the basis that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is a credible leader who genuinely seeks a permanent accord, the report said, quoting unnamed sources in the Trump administration.

The sources said that, were that not the case, the Trump peace team would not have spent so much time on the issue.

The TV report said the US proposal would be aimed at bringing Arab states to the peace table with Israel, and that its components would be open to negotiation by all sides.

Such an approach would apparently represent a departure from previous US peace efforts, which focused primarily on Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has argued repeatedly that progress on the Palestinian front can be best achieved in the wider context of warming Israeli ties with Arab states.

President Donald Trump’s administration aims to act quickly and efficiently to advance the goal of a comprehensive regional deal, but will not impose an “artificial timetable” and will not seek to impose terms, the TV report said. Again, the absence of a timetable would mark an adjusted US approach.

Contacted by The Times of Israel, an administration official said the US was continuing its peace efforts but had no immediate plans to present a proposal.

“It would be more newsworthy if we weren’t working towards an enduring peace. We are engaged in a productive dialogue with all relevant parties about an enduring peace deal but are not going to put an artificial deadline on anything. We have no imminent plans beyond continuing our conversations. As we have always said, our job is to facilitate a deal that works for both the Israelis and Palestinians, not to impose anything on them,” the official said.

Administration officials have in the past made plain that a proposal will be put forward at some point in the near future, and that the administration will discuss its specifics at that time.

The TV report said administration officials have revealed aspects of the proposal to Democratic politicians. An unnamed Democratic source was quoted saying that the Trump officials promised the Democrats that they would be “pleased” with the approach.

The TV report said the administration was highly aware of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security concerns.

It said that Netanyahu has told his ministers that Trump is a businessman and that he would likely demand a price from those who say no to him. For that reason, Netanyahu prefers at this stage not to argue with the president, it further quoted the prime minister as saying.

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