How They Do It–Israeli adviser behind anti-Semitic political campaign in Austria

Campaign masterminded by controversial political adviser Tal Silberstein is accused of breaching anti-Nazi laws

ed note–yes, this story is a few weeks old, but nevertheless, take careful note of the mechanics and particulars of it all.

Judea, Inc decides that a certain politician or political party is going to be destroyed in the upcoming elections and in achieving this, rather than just the typical screeching of ‘anti-Semite’ and neo-Nazi’ that is the common fare with these types, instead, operatives working for the corporation pretend to be anti-Semites and neo-Nazis. They start websites, open FB pages and plaster over-the-top pro-Nazi, pro-Hitler, pro-3rd Reich material so that when the charge of ‘anti-Semite’ and ‘neo-Nazi’ are made, they are made more credible to the unsuspecting voter.

The relevance to all of this of course is that besides the obvious–the dirty tricks that Judea, Inc employs in steering elections–is that it is also prima facie evidence as to how they shape public opinion on a more subtle, long range and extended basis. The best example of this are those ‘anti-Semites’ and ‘neo-Nazis’ typified by creatures such as Andrew Anglin & co who can always be counted on to do something over the top in corralling the less-thinking public into Judea, Inc’s mental concentration camp. Whether it is his call for ‘protests’ in Montana or Virginia featuring machinegun toting, KKK clad angry white men or his daily delivery of racist garbage where all non-whites are characterized as monkeys, baboons, etc, what he and his crew do is to frame all anti-Judaic/pro-Gentile opposition movements as dangerous and unhinged and thus, VOILA–the very all-too-predictable outcome that Judea, Inc needed all along–that the Gentile mind remains locked in its prison and unable/unwilling to consider the saner and more reasonable discussions involving the ‘Jewish problem’ found on other websites and outlets.

Times of Israel

Ahead of national elections, Austria’s Social Democratic Party is facing charges of violating anti-Nazi laws over Facebook platforms created by an Israeli adviser suggesting that a rival party’s head has anti-Semitic sentiments.

Elisabeth Koestinger of the rival People’s Party said Friday her party is asking federal prosecutors to investigate and press charges.

Israeli political adviser Tal Silberstein has acknowledged being behind the Facebook platforms. Both he and Social Democratic Chancellor Christian Kern say that Kern was not aware of them.

Still the issue is hurting the Social Democrats ahead of Oct. 15 elections and making a coalition of the center-right People’s Party and the right-wing Freedom Party likely.

The Social Democrats fired Silberstein in August after Israeli authorities arrested him on suspicion of money laundering, obstruction of justice, bribery, and related crimes.

Tal Silberstein was one of four suspects arrested in Israel following a joint investigation with Swiss and American authorities.

Social Democratic Party official Georg Niedermuhlbicher says his party’s move was a result of “the legal accusations that have been made known from Israel.” The party is the senior partner in the coalition now ruling Austria.

The development came ahead of October national elections and could hurt the Social Democrats, who are trailing behind center-right and right-wing rivals in polls. The other parties are criticizing the Social Democrats for choosing Silberstein as a consultant.

  1. #1 by stlonginus on 10/26/2017 - 9:34

    This sentence was interesting:
    “Tal Silberstein was one of four suspects arrested in Israel following a joint investigation with Swiss and American authorities.”
    This is an Austrian election but Silberstein and 3 other suspects (unnamed here) were arrested in Israel following a joint investigation with Swiss and American authorities…? Israel investigated WITH Swiss and Americans? Or was it only Swiss and American? And if so, why? Were the Austrians on vacation?

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