Ex-CIA director Michael Morell admits his own personal role in ‘Deep State’ war on Trump

ed note–Political news addicts should recognize/remember the name and face of Mike Morrel, as in the run-up to and aftermath of the 2016 election, he was out there, front and center, large and in charge, first in trying to undermine Trump’s chances of getting elected in favor of Clinton, and then afterwards, adding everything he could to the campaign that had been created against the new president by the forces of Armageddon and world domination otherwise known herein as Judea, Inc.

The readers of this website are well-aware that we have posed this question and this challenge–somewhere between a million and a billion times by conservative estimates–to those who have asserted with rigid, unyielding, and dogmatic confidence (and who continue to assert with rigid, unyielding, and dogmatic confidence despite what is now a mountain range of prevailing counter evidence) that the entire ‘GET TRUMP’ program is all just a ruse of sorts,  but unfortunately, we have yet to find any ‘takers’ on it, and have received instead a choreographed and concerted response that assiduously avoids addressing the central question/challenge at hand.

Nevertheless, for the sake of ‘keeping things kosher’, we’ll do it again–

If indeed there is a ‘deep state’ war against Trump, and since we all know who runs that ‘deep state’, how then can Trump be ‘their boy’?

Go ahead, take your time answering…We’ll be waiting patiently.

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  1. #1 by lobro on 12/12/2017 - 9:34

    If indeed there is a ‘deep state’ war against Trump, and since we all know who runs that ‘deep state’, how then can Trump be ‘their boy’?

    oh, their answer is easy, you don’t know them as well as i do, it goes like this:
    it is a jew kabuki, you see, they only pretend to hate trump, viz, every single newspaper, tv station, national broadcaster, everywhere in the world outside of russia, china and iran, 13,999,000 jews only pretend to hate trump, soros/rothschild organized every single one of them, each speaking from a script – and only 1,000 are allowed to express true love of trump.
    (e.g., natanyahu, fighting for political survival, kushner, scrotum in a chabad banker’s vice grip, fighting to stave off bankruptcy)

    you and i are too stupid to follow the intricacies of kabuki, gotta take their word for it.

    it goes for everything, syria was just a smokescreen, stopping war there, wiping out daesh, simple puppetry designed to hide the fact that ivanka turned jewess, which is the real deal.

    and so on, and so forth, your arguments fall on deaf ears, dead brains.
    but very lively mouths, oh, they never quit flapping, even after death in the crypt, the meat fell off but the jaws are rattling on past the Judgment Day: “kabookee, kabookee, woo-hoo”.

  2. #2 by Derek on 12/12/2017 - 9:34

    Lobro – you pretty much describe what most people i know who claim to be “Jew wise” that it is all just an Oscar winning performance where they pretend to reject him but really he is working on their behalf and they love him.
    Especially when he cruise missiled the airbase and that Jerusalem thing last week, proof positive he jumps to his masters commands.

    Well all i can say its the most convincing piece of acting i have ever witnessed.

  3. #3 by Kolo on 12/12/2017 - 9:34

    Well said lobro
    The nauseating crowd at darkmoon come to mind

  4. #4 by lobro on 12/13/2017 - 9:34

    Derek – they are as a rule not of a military, competitive-athletic type, they are on the liberal arts, humanities side of reckoning, all ears, no eyes, all words, no shapes or at best, very simplistic judges of action, can’t read the scoreboard, too busy criticizing the players’ livery or uniforms.

    Example: Trump is red-haired, they find offense in color of his hair and so he becomes Orange Clown, they don’t need to see any further.
    Or ivanka marries a jew and thus, he is instantly a jew puppet, how many times have you heard this or some urban legend about his parents dying in a jew geriatric care facility – whether true or not, it is of no importance – hitler’s mom died of breast cancer in care of a kindly jew doctor and adolph always had a soft spot for him, did it make him a zionist puppet?

    and so they congratulate themselves on their wisdom and depth and nothing will ever budge them – ever.
    I recall one making a giant deal out of a premise as follows: if syria survives intact, if there is no attack on north korea or iran or china or russia, that person would accept the probability that trump is not a zionist puppet™.
    Well, guess what … now i am accused of moving the goalposts arbitrarily if i mention this.

    I guess they grew up playing with dolls and puppets, hard to let go … Conchita Reads The Protocols – L☺L

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