‘Hellenists, go back to Greece’

Judaic terrorists protest Jerusalem community center’s Hanukkah celebration which incorporated Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and Mohammed’s birthday.

ed note–as we say here often (unfortunately in large part to deaf ears) a person simply cannot understand the nature of the tumult in which the world finds itself today without first understanding THOROUGHLY AND RATIONALLY the nature of Judaism, which includes its (real) history and its religious celebrations.

Right now, the world finds itself in the midst of Hanukkah, or, as the late and greatly-missed MCP used to disparagingly refer to it–‘H-nooka’, the ‘festival of lights’ and all the usual clap-trap that accompanies all Judaic events in order to make them appear harmless and just as much a part of the happy side of human existence as other events such as Christmas, celebrated by both Christians and Muslims.

‘H-nooka’ is not this at all. Yes, there are ‘lights’ and there are ‘latkes’ and gift-giving, but after one sits down for a few minutes and examines critically just what it is that Jews celebrate at this event, it becomes clear that it is anything but benign or harmless.

The Maccabbes, which feature front-and-center in the ‘H-nooka’ story, were religious terrorists and were the forerunners to today’s ISIS. In fact, after one studies and better understands the ways and means of yesterday’s Maccabees and then considers the manner by which ISIS has served Israel’s interests, it is not by any means some stretch of the imagination to assume that the mad scientists operating in Tel Aviv  who cooked up ISIS like some form of germ warfare in a laboratory did so using the Maccabees as their model. Just like their modern day faux-Islamic counterparts operating in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and elsewhere, the Maccabees went on the rampage and slaughtered those who did not adhere to their vision of what being a ‘good Jew’ was all about, and particularly those Jews who had embraced the more enlightened and relaxed worldview/lifestyle of the Greeks.

Today’s Maccabees are no different. They despise all other worldviews, cultures, religions, etc, and of those, ESPECIALLY Christianity and Islam, which they see as perverse, heretical offshoots of Judaism that must be eradicated entirely from the face of the earth if Yahweh, the ‘god’ of Judaism, is to be appeased and stopped from destroying the entire world.

THIS is the face of Judaism which Judea, Inc is desperate to prevent being seen/understood by the rest of the world. With their typical slick marketing schemes, the PR people responsible for selling Judaism as a harmless/benign force that just wants to ‘get along’ with everyone else know that any ‘full disclosure’ appearing on the ‘contents’ label of this product is sure to raise alarm, which is why they make sure to masquerade it as the ‘festival of lights’ complete with song, dance, sweets, smiles, goodwill, cheer, etc. 

What it actually is however is the celebration of the murder of others who refused to bow down before the tyrannical protocols of Judaism, a celebration not only of the past and present, but as well a declaration of what will come in the future to those who refuse to succumb and surrender.

Israel National News

Activists from the Otzma Yehudit and Lehava organizations protested on Wednesday night outside a Jerusalem community center hosting a multi-faith “Hanukkah” celebration which included a celebration of Mohammed’s birthday, as well as Santa Claus and Christmas trees.

The protesters called the participants “Hellenists” and told them to “go back to Greece.” Otzma Yehudit leader Baruch Marzel said the celebration represents the exact opposite of the entire story of Hanukkah, when the Maccabees fought every attempt to integrate foreign religions and values into Judaism.

Otzma Yehudit CEO Tzvi Succot said, “One of the heroic stories of Hanukkah is that of Hannah and her seven sons, who were murdered for refusing to even seem to act in accordance with any other religion. And here, we’re opening our front door and mixing everything up.”

Succot added, “If Hannah were here today, I don’t know how she would manage.”

One of the women running the celebration attacked Succot in an attempt to grab his cellular phone from him. However, Israel Police officers at the scene refused to detain her, allowing the violent woman to escape the scene.

Several of the activists who attempted to enter the community center were physically forced away from the area.

  1. #1 by TruthOutJournal on 12/16/2017 - 9:34

    This is a good (bad) message to the good (bad) jews. One part of the cancer cell has started to see that the cancer (((as a whole))) needs to “lighten up” and bring Christ-mas into the fold to continue the road of deception for the goy, while the other side of the cancer cell wants to continue eating the flesh with only one tunnel end-view in mind. It’s good for the goy because all the fuss helps wake them up. Thanks to the internet, there’s no place for the cancer to hide anymore…. for now. Let light shine on the parasites for all to see. Keep it up, and they will shrivel up like a worm in the dessert @ high noon on a sunny day…. Merry Christmas everyone.

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