Israeli journalist calls for raping Palestinian minor female prisoner

‘I encourage my soldiers to rape Arabic girls, since the Palestinian woman is a slave for the Jews, and we do whatever we want to her and nobody tells us what we shall do but we tell others what they should do…’– Ariel Sharon, former IsraelI Prime Minister and war criminal

‘I took the Arab female captive. On the first night the soldiers abused her and the next day I saw fit to remove her from the world…’–Testimony given by ‘Moshe’, the commanding officer in charge of an IDF platoon convicted of gang-raping and then murdering a young Palestinian girl during Israel’s war of ‘ independence’.

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  1. #1 by mothman777 on 12/26/2017 - 9:34

    The laws of Judaism hold that any Gentile person who strikes a Jew is guilty of striking God, and therefore must be killed, so in the criminally insane minds of the Jews, it really does not matter one little bit if some Israeli soldier needlessly murdered the Palestinian brother of this young girl in cold blood before she merely slapped another Jewish soldier over this incident later on, they still think that her life is utterly worthless and deservous of the utmost condemnation, just as, in fact, they considered her life to be all along.

    The Jewish mindset is not merely that God is within every Jew, and that every Jew is within God, it is that every Jew IS God, that all Jews are ultimately ONE soul, above all others, eternally, and that NO other soul outside the Jewish collective is part of God, not one single soul, as all other souls are literally regarded by the Jewish religion as a non-living and demonic waste-product from hell left over after the creation process.

    So the Jew quite literally walks down the street thinking that he is God and that this God that they are has the natural necessity and justification to enslave all others, then to kill them all, then, at the end of the world, to send their souls to hell under the ‘Angel Duma’ as it says in their Jewish Zohar.

    One Jew that I was speaking to over ten years ago, told me that he is a sayan (I was not sure what a sayan was back at that time), and that “The Jews started this world, and they will finish it”.

    The thing is, that this grandiose Jewish delusion of personal divinity over all others is an inconceivably severe and extremely dangerous type of psychosis, that quite remarkably still manages to pass itself off as functional consciousness within this world, when really, such a state of consciousness very urgently needs to be recognized as a clear and present threat to the continued existence of all forms of life on this entire planet, as the Jews today literally have the most powerful weapons in the entire world, sufficient to carry out their very threat to finish all life in this world when they feel the ‘necessity’ to do this.

    There is no real necessity for the Jews to do such a thing, but we see that the Jews have already been responsible for wars and other occurrences that have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of Gentiles, yet their population of 7 million or so Jews in Israel must be ‘protected’, we are told, with actually illegal Israeli nuclear weapons, that Martin Van Creveld, Israeli military strategist and historian states constitute perhaps the second or third most powerful military force in the world, this force also including an immense chemical and biological weapons cache and research facilities, with the Israeli research facilities in these areas held to be perhaps the largest in the world, with the malevolent and parasitic Jewish agents that have heavily infiltrated the governmental institutions in much of the rest of the world continually ‘justifying’ the ‘rights’ of Israeli Jews to maintain such an absurdly huge and actually illegal weapons cache and research facilities, thereby effectively being the greatest possible traitors against the peoples whom they deceptively purport to represent, since the Israeli Samson Option has verbally been stated openly by senior Israelis incuding Golda Meir to threaten the entire world outside Israel.

    Yet our snake-like treacherous governments never alert their peoples to the fact that it is, in fact, Israel that threatens the entire world militarily, but instead, insanely, pledge absolute fealty of their peoples and all the national resources at their disposal to Israel, when they should really be attacking Israel in a vast coalition alongside all other nations of the world.

    The infiltrated and subverted western governments never challenge the Israeli Jewish establishment over their open threat as regards nuclear warheads being stated to be currently aimed at most European capitals and other cities around the world, as Israeli Martin Van Creveld has openly stated that they are. That they do not challenge Israel over this is absolute madness.

    All the world must cry out in unison for the belief and practice of Judaism to be banned worldwide for being the most dangerous criminal terrorist organisation that has ever existed in the known history of this entire world. People must do this, or they will ultimately perish, either in this generation, or their descendants will totally perish at some point in time in the future, as that is the solid intention of the Jewish belief system and of those who lead the Jewish communities worldwide.

    The continual efforts of all those infiltrated Jewish agent politicians all over the world who shout out for more legislation to ‘protect’ the Jews, and to prevent criticism of the Jews (and their continuous criminal acts and intentions), must be regarded only as a clear indication that such politicians are actually the greatest of traitors and enemies to the peoples whose nations they currently reside in, who must all be removed from office with the utmost urgency.

    For any people to do less in the face of such total adversity is only to submit to complete subjugation and eventual total annihilation of all non-Jewish peoples and races, and we all owe far more to the God within us, to each other, and to our children and their children to come, we cannot leave them a world that will only see all Gentile peoples and races enslaved and ultimately physically eradicated.

    This is because the Jewish ‘God’ is no valid replacement for the true God in His various revelations to the more gentle peoples around the world, the Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists, etc.

    The Jewish God is an atheistic, self-adoring concept, it is totaly invalid, though not without considerable occult power as a collective force of many Jews, it is a false God, it is an abominable entity, and a very high proportion of the Jews are genetically defunct, with a terrible predisposition towards insanity, and towards actual Godlessness, so they could never realistically inherit this world and use its resources wisely or responsibly in an actually Godly manner for the purposes of the actual real God, as the Jews are actually completely hostile towards the real God and towards all non-Jewish souls in the entire cosmos, which surely means almost all souls in existence, when it states that all other souls are eternally demons who must be sent to hell.

    The Jewish religion is no mere quaint anachronism whose apparent foibles can be tolerated as mere harmless eccentricities, the Jews are deadly serious, and the Judaic movement is as deadly now as it was thousands of years ago, but only now are the Jews gaining the full political power and access to all the technological and other powers that they need to completely subjugate and eventually purge all non-Jews from this world, in whatever manner they wish, such as may be practical for them at any given time taking into account changing political situations, to totally fulfil the aims of their criminally insane self-deluded soul group.

    We must preserve the world for those fit to inherit it, and not allow the lying, manipulative Jews to fulfil their needlessly cruel intentions, that actually envisage and arrange for the destruction of all other religions and even for the peoples who practice those religions to be physically annihilated whenever the Noahide Laws stipulate this, for instance in the case of all religions that are deemed ‘idolatrous’.

    The nations of the world have armed forces paid for by taxes obtained through their hard work, but the peoples of many nations in this world have sadly just become unconscious under Jewish hypnosis, and have just let their governments slip into the hands of their worst enemies, those Jewish agents who currently hold control by deceptive means over the governments of many nations outside Israel.

    The insanely malicious hatred and malintent by the Israeli establishment towards the young Palestinian girl that is exposed by the article above clearly demonstrates the actual falsitude of Israeli Jewish and other Jewish claims to universal benevolence towards all non-Jews.

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