US State Dept rejects US envoy proposal to stop calling West Bank occupied

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  1. #1 by lobro on 12/28/2017 - 9:34

    watch what happens next: trump pretending to be mad at tillerson, hints and rumors of firing him, long enough for the jew feathers to settle down a bit.

    how many reruns of serpico must the dumbed-down trump-hating mob watch before they catch onto the good-cop-bad-cop act, so glaringly obvious, played so many times between different actors in this psychodrama, with trump always as the bad cop in order to deflect the full-scale jew assault while laying the trap for the next hit.

    trump has partnered with tillerson, putin, assad, li’l kim, sessions, it is mind-boggling that it is still far from obvious to these trombones who can only produce a single repetitive noise: “trump owned by jews”, all on the strength of the cheapest, most transparent dollar store trickery that while it plays well in press, never fooled the last jew mongoloid but the self-declared jewwise geniuses swallow hook, line and sinker every damn time and will continue for the next 7 years, never noticing how sweet smelling the swamp has gotten in the meantime.

    i guess playing football is not necessary to end up with cerebral trauma, watching tv will do just fine.

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