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How They Do It– ‘A Jewish state cannot tolerate corruption’

ed note–as you read this, please reflect on a few salient items.

The entire ‘Jewish state’ paradigm, beginning with the biblical story of Abraham selling his wife Sarah into forced sexual servitude to Egypt’s Pharaoh, to Jacob’s theft of Esau’s inheritance to the mass murder of the indigenous inhabitants of the Holy Land as commanded by the Judaic god and announced through the mouth of Moishe (Moses) has been nothing but corruption, organized crime, murder, graft, etc. It is as much in the spiritual DNA of Judaism as humility and honesty were/are the calling cards of both Jesus and Mohammed.

Therefore, essays of this sort need to be viewed for exactly what they are–seances meant to seduce the Judaic mind that may be in the process of realizing the scope and scale of the corruption that has been the footprint and fingerprint of all Judaic activity for thousands of years. It is nothing more than an extension of the same ‘By way of deception, we shall make war’ paradigm that is the proud motto of Israel’s Mossad and as such functions as an anesthesia that has been injected into the Judaic mental bloodstream to put Jews back to sleep and thus into the complaint and cooperative mode necessary if the entire Judaic machinery for world domination is to continue moving forward.

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Israeli Editorial– ‘Trump is undoubtedly the most hated U.S. president in modern history’

ed note–please keep in mind as you read this that the central thesis of this OpEd–that Trump is the ‘most hated President in modern history’–was only made possible by the deliberate and direct role that OJI within the JMSM played in making it so. Had he been ‘their boy’ (as so many experts contend with dogmatic and irrational certainty) they would have rolled out the red carpet for him and made life as easy as possible.

Now, because of the incessant screeching campaign that is waged against him on a minute-by-minute basis, he is forced to devote so much of his time and energy towards deflecting whatever the latest barrage of arrows loosed in his direction by those same aforementioned OJI happens to be that he has little time for anything else, and is something that–as statistically inconsequential as it may be–was helped along by the very same people in ‘duh muuvmnt’ who claim to have devoted their lives towards fighting these same Jewish interests who have been in seek-and-destroy mode ever since Trump announced his candidacy.

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‘Palestinian statehood means the end of the Zionist enterprise’

Former Education Minister addresses 2017 Jabotinsky conference warns of dangers of establishing PA state.

ed note–as we stress here often, with virtually all things coming out of the mouth of Judea, it must be parsed, dissected, deconstructed, and ‘translated’ in order to grasp and appreciate its true meaning.

Our esteemed Hebraic minister of Ed-Jewcation is not worried that ‘Palestinian statehood along Israel’s eastern border’ would spark a ‘massive wave of Arab immigration into the area, threatening regional stability.’ He knows as well as everyone else that the one thing the Palestinians want first and foremost is separation from the Jews, and that as soon as they have their own space and the peace and quiet that comes with it, that the last thing any Palestinian in his/her right mind would ever want to do again is be forced to look into the ugly face of Judaic racism, violence, and imperialism.

And all can rest assured that our esteemed Hebraic minister of Ed-Jewcation knows this completely, being after all an ‘ed-jewcated’ man.

No, what is really at the crux of all of this is the fact that in the Judaic paradigm as laid out in the Torah, everything lying between the Nile and Euphrates rivers belongs to the Jews, and even though at the moment they consider their little slice of hell on earth to be merely a ‘balcony’ attached to a much larger mansion which they plan to steal as well, the fact is that a ‘Palestinian state’ is by its very nature considered a blasphemy of the highest order, given that Judaism commands the conquest and takeover of the entire Middle East as part of Yahweh’s plan for setting up his Hell-spawned headquarters on earth.

Please look closely at the words used by our ‘ed-jewcated’ minister–‘Zionist enterprise’. If indeed Israel only wantsa lil’ bitta land, which she clearly has already, then the Zionist enterprise would be over. He is talking about much bigger plans than simply some small slice of real estate lying along the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, but as with all ‘fine print’ that accompanies all Judaic statements, documents, assertions, etc, the devil is in the details.

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Israeli who obtained pornographic images of teen girls and threatened to distribute them if victims did not give him private video sessions to be extradited to the US

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Straight from the horse’s mouth– ‘The Entire Middle East belongs to the Jews’

ed note–obviously, we have to take it ‘on faith’–no pun intended–that those portions heard in Hebrew with English subtitles are accurate and correct, but the one section, heard in plain English beginning right around the 1.40 mark with ‘Moti’ is Kristol clear in its statement–that according to Judaism, the ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST belongs to the Jews, that indeed all of this hails from the Torah and that the land which Israel now occupies represents a mere ‘balcony’ to a house which she has yet to take possession, but which someday she does intend to seize for herself.

Also, please pay close attention to the demeanor of the other Hebrews interviewed for this, who obviously have not a shred of conscience, decency or regret in them over what they themselves have done to the innocent peoples who have been subjected to the violent, thieving, and rapacious protocols embraced by ‘God’s Chosen people’

THIS is Judaism, THIS is what it means to be ‘Jewish’ and this is what is in store for the entire world unless Gentiledom liberates itself from the intellectually paralyzing anesthesia which now functions as an inhibitor to its own survival instincts.


War between Trump and the JMSM set to intensify

ed note–Please, all you ‘never-Trumpers’ within DUH-M, please recall for us benighted types who just ‘don’t get it’ the last time we all witnessed the kind of tug of war between a sitting president and the Jewish mainstream media–not only in America, but–throughout the West where it holds unquestioned and unchallenged dominance.

Next, while trying (without much success) to recall such a tug of war (the only possible exception being the latter few moments of Nixon’s presidency right before he was forced to get out of dodge) please explain to us (logically and without the use of either hyperbole or over-extended extrapolation) why–if indeed Trump were ‘their boy’ as so many of you claim, that it would be necessary to create THIS MUCH volcanic noise against him.

Go ahead, take your time formulating your response…we’ll be waiting patiently…

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Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Lawmaker: ‘There’s a Quiet Holocaust Happening in the U.S. – Assimilation’

Image result for chains are broken with freedom

ed note–a very telling series of statements that all Gentiles need to examine and understand in order to better grasp the full extent of what we are all facing.

Firstly, our esteemed Hebraic lawmaker is only being honest, and for that, all Gentiles should thank whatever Gentile god it is that they worship. What he makes clear in his statement is the fact that Judaism is not an ‘inclusive’ religion that is open to all persons and which respects the religious sentiments of others, but rather an all-or-nothing, whole-hog, my-way-or-the-highway club that leaves no wiggle room whatsoever for anything.

It is important to point this out because the very clever schmoozing campaign to which the Gentile mind is constantly exposed is that Judaism is just like every other ‘faith’, that there is nothing exclusive, elitist, or harmful about it, and that therefore, Jews deserve to have every door opened to them that is opened to everyone else, a fatal mistake of naivete that is proven every second of every day now as we witness the manner by which these Judaic elements are gobbling up every ounce of culture and substance that has taken thousands of years to create and accrue.

Imagine for a moment if you will if the shoe were put on the other foot, if a Christian lawmaker of whatever sectarian stripe were decrying the predominantly Judaic influence of American culture through its control of the media, and as a result, that a ‘quiet Holocaust’ of Christians was taking place (which it is) where Christians were slowly, bit by bit losing any connection with their faith and were becoming Judaized…

My God, my God, the noise that would erupt from such a statement, even though it is 666% true in every detail…

But again, all should be grateful for these little ‘slips’ of the tongue that take place with individuals such as this in the clarity it helps bring to the artificially-created confusion.

Also, keep in mind (as we have discussed here as of late) that this is an almost exact replay–word for word and action for action–of the ‘clash of civilizations’ that took place 2,500 years ago between the Hellenized Jews who were attracted to the enlightened and relaxed lifestyle and culture of the Greeks vs the more radical elements who adhered doggedly to the backwards and barbaric protocols making up the Judaism of their forefathers in that event known as the Maccabean revolt that eventually morphed into the war that would take place between Judea and Rome and which led to Judea’s destruction.

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