Trump’s Middle East plan detailed in Bannon’s New Book

Excerpts from explosive new book claim that Trump’s Mideast plan included surrender of land to Jordan and Egypt

ed note–assuming everything here is accurate, what it reveals is–

1. The fact that indeed Trump at least PLANNED on a resolution to the Israeli/Palestinian situation that included squeezing Israel into allowing the West Bank to go to Jordan and Gaza to Egypt, and

2. Why the Jews as a group have been opposed to him from the beginning.

Was the proposed ‘resolution’ described in this book perfect? Not by any stretch. As the article specifically makes clear, it completely negated the possibility of a state for the Palestinians to call their own, which they certainly deserve. Furthermore, it basically gave legitimacy to all the Judaic murder and mayhem that has been inflicted upon the Palestinians (and others) in the area since (before )1948.

But was it a start towards resolving an otherwise intractable problem? Absolutely. With Egypt and Jordan–both under the thumb of the US–in control, some semblance of order and ‘peace’ would have been established and the amount of innocent Palestinian blood being shed on a now-daily basis reduced to nil. With the absence of perpetual conflict, Israel–given her inherently dysfunctional nature as a political entity that cannot exist in a state of peace with anyone, and ESPECIALLY not the ‘Ishmaelites’–would have begun the process of deflation and disintegration like a tire with a slow leak. Given enough time (and absent her doing something completely nuts like nuking the world) the Jewish state would have become what her fanatical Torahist supporters have referred to her in their attempted justification of all the Judaic murder and mayhem that has encompassed the entire ‘Jewish state’ project–‘a land without people for a people without land’–at which point the entire venture would have been understood for what it was/is–a failed attempt from the beginning, whereupon the rightful owners of the land are free to return and begin the process of rebuilding their existence.

All of this however–along with whatever possibilities may have been associated–has been totally tossed to the wind. If Trump is removed either via impeachment or by the growing discussion of implementing the provisions of the 25th Amendment, then what will be taking his place–to the absolute delight of Judea, Inc–is a died-in-the-wool Christian Zionist who believes that the very word ‘Palestine’ is blasphemous and heretical and that the Jews possess by divine right not only the same aforementioned Gaza and the West Bank, but indeed the entirety of ‘Greater Israel’ as outlined in the Torah.

Israel National News

Excerpts from a soon-to-be released book covering the first year of the Trump administration suggest that the White House and former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon had developed a basic framework for a future comprehensive Middle East peace deal between Israel and its Arab neighbors, envisioning Jordanian and Egyptian rule over areas now governed by the Palestinian Authority and which Trump supported.

On Wednesday, Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House made headlines when excerpts from the text were released, including quotes from former Trump campaign strategist and White House staffer Steve Bannon slamming the president’s inner circle.

Some of the quotes attributed to Bannon in the book related to the Trump administration’s early plans for a new framework for a comprehensive Middle East peace deal.

According to a New York Magazine adaptation of portions of Fire and Fury, Bannon said the Trump administration would relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem early on, and that the administration had the backing of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and American Jewish billionaire and Republican donor Sheldon Adelson.

Bannon then reportedly added that the endgame of talks between Israel and its Arab neighbors would obviate the need for concessions to the Palestinian Authority or the establishment of a Palestinian state – but would instead involve Jordanian control over Judea and Samaria, with Egypt taking over the Gaza Strip.

‘We know where we’re heading on this … Let Jordan take the West Bank, let Egypt take Gaza. Let them deal with it or sink trying.’

When asked by the late Fox News chief Roger Ailes where the president stood on the plan, Bannon replied “He’s totally onboard.”

  1. #1 by lobro on 01/04/2018 - 9:34

    there should be a new term in the political lexicon: ZIOANTISEMITES.

    they profess disgust with jews and judaist character and truly believe it but are so strategically and tactically gormless that they eagerly harness themselves to JEW juggernaut in order to destroy every enemy of JEW, pull down every obstacle to advancement of Lucifer’s Plan and the ultimate dominion of his seed.

    saddled with the handicap of severe myopia and estrogenic disposition, unable to assess past results, current dynamics and likely future outcomes, they content themselves on window dressing charades of Melanie bitching against Ivanka about whether the Christmas tree can be taller than hannukah menorah between laundry cycles.

    regression to pussyhattism, they will cheer themselves hoarse if and when trump is taken down and his fully kosher successor commences hot war with sino-russian forces.
    And guess what, they will blame departed trump for the fallout, in their feminine spite.

    Satan, Jew, Serpent, woman and emasculated man, the marriage that defiled Eden and brought windfall to gossip industry.
    And for some reason i must bear the share of the cost – i doth protest not enough.

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