2018 midterms, not Mueller, remain biggest threat to Trump presidency


ed note–as we say here often–unfortunately with little to no effect–gangsters don’t shoot the horse they have chosen to win in a race they themselves have fixed and in the process, forfeit that big bag of easy loot waiting for them.

This is a simple statement of fact and logic, but unfortunately, is lost on too many ‘experts’ these days who think they know a thing or two about how organized Jewish power works just because they happen to have a computer hooked up to the internet and an opinion. If Trump were truly ‘their guy’ as so many contend with cultish, dogmatic certainty, then these same elements to whom he is ‘owned’ would not be attempting to break his legs at every turn.

Rather, they would instead be clearing the road for him and running interference in making sure that nothing impeded his handing them everything they wanted. Scandals–real or not–would be covered up and people with inside knowledge of them would disappear. There would be no ‘special counsel’ looking into ‘Russian tampering’ with the 2016 elections. There would be no talk of impeachment or of declaring Trump ‘mentally unfit’. There would be no organized screeching campaigns over what he is alleged to have said about certain countries south of the equator or about porn stars with whom he has supposedly ‘hooked up’.

Rather, he would be treated as a superstar in every way that stars in Hollywood are treated, including the conspiracy of silence that is maintained over whatever skeletons they have in their respective closets that could bring them down.

That this needs anything more than 3 seconds of explanation amongst so many people who claim to be ‘wise’ to the ways of Judea, Inc underscores not only the manner by which ‘duh muuvmnt’ has been neutered and rendered useless as any kind of counterforce to what Judea, Inc has planned for us all, but worse–how it has now been transformed into an instrument in helping further along that agenda. It is as simple and as uncomplicated as crayons and a coloring book and yet, like children who can’t even muster the simple task of staying within the lines, these very basic facts have to be explained over, and over, and over again as if the entire discussion were taking place in a language that has never before been heard by human ears.

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  1. #1 by James Benn on 01/18/2018 - 9:34

    Well as we know, apart from their control of the money supply and the Meeja, Judea Inc has traditionally exercised control by their mastery of the ‘Hegelian Dialectic’ … thesis + antithesis > synthesis. Or, in the words of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Vlad ‘The Impaler’ Lenin … “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

    Thus the wonderful world of Judea divides into two broad categories – Zionistas (or, as they prefer to be known, ‘Neocons’), and Comoonistas. Finance capital and its (apparent) antithesis … equality and blessings for all.

    Jewish-American ‘banker, businessman, and philanthropist’ Jakob Schiff was both. After all, he arranged the finances for the Bolshoi Ballet ‘Revolution’ of 1917. There IS no contradiction. Ultimately. They all work for Judea Inc.

    But lower down the pyramid, maybe there is a perception of division and even heated feelings. I have no doubt that Jews of the Left Path feel rather strongly about Donald. If only because he represents, in their en-fevered imaginations, the ultimate boogey man … the white Aryan heterosexual male. Plus he has been a lightning rod for nationalists, patriots, and basically anybody that is sick of US wars abroad and deteriorating jobs and infrastructure at home. In other words … ‘gentiles’.

    We have ALL been colonized.

    From within.

    Can the Trumpeter reverse the slide to the bottom?

    Can he even save his own hide?

    Just take a seat they’re always free
    No surprise no mystery
    In this theatre that I call my soul
    I always play the starring role
    So lonely
    So lonely
    So lonely
    So lonely

  2. #2 by lobro on 01/19/2018 - 9:34

    nil desperandum, there may be a home run for the good side on the way:
    “Explosive”, “Shocking” And “Alarming” FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, “End Mueller Investigation”

    this report, if i am picking up the signals correctly, may land the entire judeo-democratic pantheon in the slammer and awake the voter to the Ancient Enemy squatting and plotting and poisoning the wells right in their midst, the only true enemy USA has ever had.

    and it just happens so that this is the only one from the spectrum of stool pigeons that was never clearly identified, much less fought.

    seems to me, call me a pollyanna but … trump and putin are timing a flanking maneuver on der ewige Jude.

    adam schiff’s eyeballs are bulging already, watch them pop like spitballs when the noose is tightened.

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