Poll: Almost half of voters question Trump’s mental stability

ed note–remember, that if the numbers to this are true and accurate, then the only, repeat–ONLY–reason that half the American voters ‘question’ Trump’s mental stability is because it is a theme that was introduced into the intellectual veins of Americana and hammered home hour after hour/day after day by a mainstream media that is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the very same group of people whom certain benighted individuals claim actually LOVE Trump, got him elected, are doing every thing they can to keep him in power and are absolutely horrified at the prospect of him being replaced by the ardent Christian Zionist Mike Pence..


Amid the lowest approval rating in the first year for a president, voters are also questioning Donald Trump’s mental stability, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll.

Forty-eight percent of voters think Trump is mentally stable, versus the 47 percent of voters who think he is not.

Trump’s job approval rating at his one year mark is at 36 percent, while 58 disapprove. The next lowest approval rating from a president at one year was Gerald Ford in 1975 with 45 percent.

The president earlier this month defended his mental stability and his intelligence in a series of tweets following questions about his mental stability that were sparked by journalist Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury.”

Trump on Twitter earlier this month wrote that his “two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart.” He followed up that up with saying that he “would qualify as not smart, but genius….and a very stable genius at that!”

There is a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points, with the poll being conducted by landline and cellular telephone from Jan. 15-18 in both English and Spanish with a sample size of 1,005 adults.

  1. #1 by tsisageya on 01/22/2018 - 9:34

    Yes, because polls are always so accurate. Thanks for nothing.

    I don’t even like you, but I did take the bait. You think Sandy Hook was real.

    Moron. Idiot. Stupid. Brain-washed.

    That’s okay. I was an idio, too, once.

    Ed note–Really, really hate to have to break the bad news to you, but you’re still an ‘idio’, in that even 5 years on, you are still too much of an ‘idio’ to see that–

    1. The real ‘Sandy Hook conspiracy’ was to get ‘idios’ such as you running around thinking and screeching that ‘nothing happened’ and that ‘no one died’ and that it was all a ‘hoax’ stage managed with ‘crisis actors’ in order to destroy the credibility of the anti-Zionist/911 ‘Truth’ movement, and

    2. That you are still so much an ‘idio’ that you are deaf, dumb, and blind to the fact that there is a full court press, 24/7, no holds barred organized campaign on the part of Jewry to see Trump removed and replaced with a compliant, cooperative nutcase Christian Zionist who WILL give the Jews the wars they demand without so much as a whimper of protest.

    Our sincerest condolences for being forced to bring the bad news to you, but as we often say, sometimes the truth is ugly.

  2. #2 by TruthOutJournal on 01/22/2018 - 9:34

    Tizza-gaya, you’re a bait swallower – please go to a site run by a buffffooon like yourself, named Alca-Phettzer. https://www.d.umn.edu/~jfetzer/ You’ll fit right in and love every article. Did you know that no one has ever even died… Ever? Bye bye.

  3. #3 by tsisageya on 01/22/2018 - 9:34

    A bait swallower. What is that, please? …a woman who swallows your semen?
    I’m so curious, you douchebag.

  4. #4 by tsisageya on 01/22/2018 - 9:34

    The Ugly Truth. UGH

  5. #5 by tsisageya on 01/22/2018 - 9:34

    As always, you’re disgusting.

  6. #6 by tsisageya on 01/22/2018 - 9:34


  7. #7 by tsisageya on 01/22/2018 - 9:34

    You’re not even worthy. Hear me roar.

  8. #8 by tsisageya on 01/22/2018 - 9:34

    Silly! Swallow your own bait. Oops, you can’t. You can’t swallow. That’s okay. Repent. Repent. Repent.

  9. #9 by tsisageya on 01/22/2018 - 9:34

    Yep, same as always. Mike Piper was an asshole. You are an asshole. Wouldn’t wanna beeya.

  10. #10 by Daniel B on 01/22/2018 - 9:34

    I have run into this ‘tsisageya’ character off and on over the years in the various forums dealing with all of this business. I only remember him (or her) based upon the oddness of the name.

    Same MO. Unhinged, disconnected with reality and angry at anyone who applies any standards or scruples to the discovery and application of facts over their own fetishes of fiction and fantasy. Obviously suffering from a certain degree of arrested development, i. e. the ‘I don’t like you’ section of his (or her) original commentary. What well-adjusted (i.e. sane) individual throws something such as this out? Even if some degree of open-mindedness could have been applied to the rest, as soon as this became part of the discourse, they lost the argument.

  11. #11 by Dale on 01/22/2018 - 9:34

    Mike Piper an ‘asshole’?

    There is only one group of people who would make such a claim against a man who spent his entire life, up to the very end, exposing the Synagogue of Satan.

    I’ll give you all a hint, that group of people begins with the letter ‘J’, and it ain’t the Jesuits.

    ed note–actually Dale, there are several ‘groups’ of people who would make that claim, all of them enemies of the truth and of the noble mission to which Mike gave his entire life.

    One of course, as you listed, are the Jews. No Surprise there.

    The others are of varying names/interests, none of them any good. Unhinged types–including this strange ‘tsisageya’ character. People who can’t distinguish between fact/fiction/fantasy or between truth/untruth. Everything blends together in this weird mix/mishmash, or, if you will permit the comparison, an engine where all the different fluids–gasoline, oil, tranny fluid, coolants, windshield wiper, etc, all flow into one reservoir, mix together and then get sent throughout the machinery until the engine just plain STOPS dead in its tracks.

    I deal with them everyday on this website and can tell you–despite not having a degree in abnormal psychology–that they are as crazy as crazy gets.

  12. #12 by TruthOutJournal on 01/22/2018 - 9:34

    Wo Wo Wo Tizza-gaya cow-boy! – Keep it in your pants man (or gay womaN). A “bait swallower” is a guppy in a school of fish that bites on whatever the other little guppies are “biting on” – Like biting on a jew dick all at once, because the rabbi stuck it out. No one said anything about sperm and mouthes – you’re not just stupid, but your also disgusting. If I get tickets for a flight to Israel, will you meet me at the airport? I need a new kidney, please help me out. You seem like a deep seeded psychopath. There’s a lot you need to hide. Very obvious by your frantic remarks. “Very”

  13. #13 by TruthOutJournal on 01/22/2018 - 9:34

    This Website, MG’S, and MCP’s work, along with ‘tsisageya’ comments should be mandatory reading on all truth websites…. if they really want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but “the ugly truth” It’s an awakening, that’s for sure.

  14. #14 by lobro on 01/22/2018 - 9:34

    tsisigeya? no-idea … whatever.

    anyway, to the article, actually more useful than it appears at the 1st glance
    Poll: Almost half of voters question Trump’s mental stability

    Forty-eight percent of voters *ABC News/Washington Post readers* think Trump is mentally stable, versus the 47 percent of voters who think he is not … according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll.

    so now we know what percentage of ABC News/Washington Post readers are jews.

    and of course, politico’s dna is common knowledge, so you get this
    questions about his mental stability that were sparked by journalist Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and “ … ahem, Führer.
    liar defending synagogue neighbor from accusations of being a liar (hate speech, get that demented shiksa meryl streep out here to do some 120 decibel screeching until camera lenses crack).

  15. #15 by Derek on 01/23/2018 - 9:34

    TruthOutJournal Joogle ‘tsisageya’ and you will be surprised how many websites he frequents.
    Ignore him/her/it and him/her/it will eventually after posting multiple comments on after another go away.
    You have the patients of a saint ed.

  16. #16 by Staś on 01/23/2018 - 9:34

    The stories and commentary on TUT are the best. Mike Piper is an American hero.

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