G-d will defeat our enemies

ed note–our apologies ahead of time for subjecting the reader to this circular mish-mash of Judaic lunacy, but it is actually of vital importance in understanding why the world teeters on the edge of its own destruction today as a result of the preponderance of influence and power that people under the intoxicating influence of this Judaic lunacy hold today.

Obviously, there are many compounds that collectively make up the ‘Ecstasy’ drug known as Judaism. Certainly the blank check to engage in every form of criminal activity known to the civilized world without fear of divine retribution is a biggie, but the two most important that must be understood first and foremost are–

1.  The utter narcissism and self-worship that comes from being ‘favored’ and ‘chosen’,


2. That a violent, vindictive, merciless ‘god’ known as ‘yahweh’ (and in some circles as ‘Hashem’) stands ready to ‘smite’ whatever Gentile or group of Gentiles threatens to harm the apple of his eye.

It is for this reason that the devilish mind-programmers of millenia past made sure to include VERY PROMINENTLY all the infamous tall tales featuring plagues, parting seas, pillars of fire, sandstorms, manna from heaven, etc in its seductive and addictive lore. Without these inebriating and intoxicating elements and the religious and narcissistic euphoria that are their inevitable by-products, how else would these mind-programmers build this army of thieves, rapists, and invaders whose mission is to go out and plunder the wealth of others for the benefit of the few at the very top?

Please note the diametric difference between the ‘promises’ of violent retribution by the Jewish god against those who dared offend the apple of his eye vs the full-disclosure warnings which Jesus gave to His followers should they choose to follow in His footsteps–

‘The student is not above the teacher, nor a servant above his master, and what they have done to me, they will do to you’, as well as warning His followers that they would be flogged, imprisoned, pursued from town to town and eventually crucified, but that the reward they would get would be in knowing they were doing the ‘Lord’s work’ in resisting the evils of Judaism as well as the glory of the afterlife.

So much for this non-existent creature known as ‘Judeo-Christianity’.

Dr. Joseph Frager, Israel National News

It is very important to point out that G-d Almighty will constantly defeat the enemies of Israel. The Torah could not be clearer on the subject.

“I shall send MY FEAR before you and I shall confound the entire people among you shall come; and I shall make all of your enemies turn the back of the neck to you. I shall send the hornet-swarm before you and it shall drive away the Hivvite, the Canaanite, and the Hittite before you.” (Exodus 23:27-28)

What is the “tzirah” (“hornet- swarm”)? Why is the “tzirah” important? Why does G-d use the “tzirah” to fight our enemies? Is the “tzirah” of today possibly Iron Dome, the Arrow missile or the F16 Fighter Jet? Could G-d be alluding to these weapons when mentioning the “tzirah?” To answer the last question first, it is quite possible that G-d indeed was alluding to these weapons to defeat our enemies. But, it is much deeper than simply having these advanced weapons.

They are vital and important and just as G-d took us out of Egypt “on the wings of eagles” (19:4) which is a metaphor, so too, He will defeat our enemies with the “hornet swarm” which is a metaphor. The Ramban (Nachmanides) does not look at it metaphorically. The Ramban says (23:28), “And G-d said that just as He would “provide a beneficial sign” (Psalms 86:17) for the Israelites, so would He provide signs for their enemies to their detriment, namely that He would give them a “trembling heart” (Deut.28:65), “dread indoors” (Deut.32:25,) and furthermore He would send the tzirah among their enemies.”

The Ramban elaborates that the “tzirah” is a bee or hornet that stings the enemies of Israel in their fortress cities, where specifically the Hivvite, the Canaanite, and the Hittite were protected from the sword and therefore somewhat impermeable. The Ramban quotes Deut.7:20 to prove his point.

“Also the hornet swarm will Hashem, your G-d, send among them, until the survivors and hidden ones perish before you.” The “tzirah” has been the subject of much discussion.

It is enigmatic. It has hidden meanings. The Ibn Ezra says the “tzirah” is a form of “tzaarat” (leprosy). G-d would send “tzaarat” against our enemies. The Maor VaShemesh looks at the “tzirah” in a completely different way. Essentially the “tzirah” is more of a metaphorical term. The Children of Israel defeat their enemies by first defeating their own “yeitzer hara”(evil inclination).The word “Tzirah” has the word “yeitzer” within it. The Maor VaShemesh says G-d’s description of the “tzirah” is a way of developing one’s spiritual self. G-d is saying that developing one’s spiritual self is a gradual process, step by step, and not a one-shot deal. It is not shooting one arrow and you are now a spiritual being.

Some people feel if they do just one thing for G-d in their lifetimes then they don’t have to do anymore. In America, many American Jews say “I had a bar mitzvah (or a bat mitzvah)” and that is the extent of their Judaism. Judaism does not work this way. It is a process. Yahadut (Judaism) is not buying a lottery ticket and 24 hours later you are a billionaire on a super high spiritual level. One has to fight the “yeitzer hara” every day of his or her life. When you conquer one part of the “yeitzer hara” you begin to conquer the next part. Your enemies will be defeated when the “yeitzer hara” is defeated. The “Maase Mercava” (G-d’s Chariot) (Ezekiel 1) raises the notion of four “klipot” (evil forces) that man must overcome: 1) Kina -jealousy ,2) taava – lust and desire, 3) kavod – seeking honor, 4) noga – gluttony. The Maor VaShemesh concentrates on the first three which he says correspond to the Hivvite, the Canaanite and the Hittite in the verse in Mishpatim (23:28).

G-d will often put physical enemies in our way so man can overcome his internal enemies. Human beings are called “holchim” (walkers) because we can progress spiritually upwards, whereas angels are called “melachim” because they can only remain at one level. The human being can rise above the angels if we work each and every day to overcome these klipot (evil forces). Defeating the Hivvite, the Canaanite and the Hittite really refers to our defeating our “yeitzer hara” which is represented by these klipot (evil forces) of jealousy, lust, and honor. (The 4th klipa of noga can be used for both evil and good – man can be a glutton and become rebellious, or he can use food for a seudat mitzvah (a meal accompanying a holy event) so is not discussed by the Maor VaShemesh per se).

Overcoming the three klipot of kina, taava and kavod will enable the Jewish People to defeat their enemies. As Israel’s enemies gain momentum in the world today, it is more important than ever that every Jew looks closely at himself and herself to overcome the “yeitzer hara.” It is only then that G-d will send the “tzirah” before us to destroy our enemies.

Each Jew must eradicate the “yeitzer hara” that lurks in him or her. We must all shoot all the arrows we have into the face of the “yeitzer hara.” Then “I shall confound the entire people among whom you shall come.” We all pray that that day is not too far off, and indeed is close at hand. Shabbat Shalom.

  1. #1 by Ozy on 02/09/2018 - 9:34

    The last time the jews said,”God will defeat our enemies “,was 2000 yrs ago when Roman emperor Vespasian and his son Titus demolished the Jewish state and sent the jews to the four ends of the world,the jews can not seem to comprehend that we are in a new world with new rising powers like,China,Russia and Iran,a world they helped to quicken with their zio elites using up US imperial power for their own interests in endless war,’well my dear Hebrew fellows there will be No America to save your a** like some big dumb Lenny character like in the book “, Of Mice and Men”,the End is Nigh..I don’t believe the new 21st century power that is China cares if Israel’s exists or Not, probably rather a irrelevance,sorry Mosha you will probably come to a sticky end as Iran asserts itself over regional area.. The rise of the ancients has begun with the civilizational arc perhaps returning to where it begun,and that is ,yes Asia..

  2. #2 by Ozy on 02/09/2018 - 9:34

    P.S.,the Palistinians have been a patient people and they shall be rewarded by seeing the false and fake state of Israel Fall..

  3. #3 by lobro on 02/10/2018 - 9:34

    Is the “tzirah” of today possibly Iron Dome, the Arrow missile or the F16 Fighter Jet? Could G-d be alluding to these weapons when mentioning the “tzirah?” To answer the last question first, it is quite possible that G-d indeed was alluding to these weapons to defeat our enemies.

    Is the “tzirah” of today possibly ZERO?
    here is one such zero, also known as f16 doing what it does best, burning yesterday on the ground in stolen territory after getting nailed by iranians manning some s300 installation.

    c’mon, g-d, show us your stuff, smite the enemy!
    oops, looks like die juden are deescalating … going into the old woody allen routine, turtling under the unfurled umbrella, whimpering piteously why me aw lawdy.
    because trump most likely told mattis to hold back and not get involved, not worth pissing off russians – another collusion, keep ’em coming, collusions are good for the maga project.

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