Religious Zionist rabbis call upon Netanyahu to push bill enshrining Torah study as the ‘basic values’ of the Jewish state

ed note–again, at the risk of beating an already-dead horse, please note that they are not calling upon study of the Talmud, but of the Torah, as it the beating heart of Judaism and therefore the ‘roadmap’ directing Judaic thought and by extension the political energy that drives the Jewish state.

Israel National News

Drori, and Rabbi Dov Lior signed an appeal to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to promote a new Basic Law on Torah study.

“You have a great privilege, another one of many that you enjoy as the head of our government. In the coming days, the Basic Law for Torah Study will be presented to the Knesset. The bill seeks to enshrine Torah study as a basic value in our renewed Jewish State,” the rabbis wrote to the Prime Minister.

“This bill is important to the State of Israel and you will have a great privilege once it has been ratified on your watch. We encourage you to support the bill and promote it as soon as possible.”

The rabbis make it clear that anchoring Torah study in the law does not indicate an intention to evade military service. “We will ask you to make sure that during the discussion of the bill it is unequivocally clarified that Torah study allows only a temporary postponement of observing military service, and in no way exempts, as Maimonides ruled that in an obligatory war, even a groom leaves his room and a bride her wedding canopy.

“We have no doubt that strengthening the status of the Torah of Israel and its students in the Basic Law will greatly contribute to the State of Israel, deepen our national recognition of the importance of the Torah, and be an additional important element in raising our prestige and the sprouting of our redemption. With the blessing of the Torah, the nation, and the Land,” the rabbis closed their letter to the Prime Minister.

The proposal, which was drafted by haredi MKs following the Supreme Court’s nullifying of a law extending draft deferments for full-time yeshiva students, would classify Torah study as a “basic value” for the State of Israel.

“Torah study is a fundamental part of the heritage of the Jewish people,” a draft of the bill reads. “As a Jewish state, the State of Israel sees great importance in encouraging Torah study.”

The bill goes on to “guarantee” as a right protected by law army deferments for full-time yeshiva students.

  1. #1 by Brownhawk on 02/16/2018 - 9:34

    Essentially, “Torah” is the story of Man’s descent through the gradations of density called “matter”, of which “Yahweh” represents the turning point signalling an entrapment IN it.

    The “fact of the matter” is that BY DEFINITION, jews are spiritually underdeveloped Beings who feel right at home in this material trap*. As such, the elites among them are predisposed towards exacting various methods of control (i.e.; “laws”) in perpetuating a trapped existence.

    A general state of collective amnesia in which the goy fail to remember their (our) true spiritual heritage is thus taken advantage of.

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