Jewish sages– ‘Gentiles are Immoral, Weak, Abusive, Untrustworthy, and Murderous’

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Should Jews be afraid of non-Jews? To the rabbis of the Talmud, the answer was obvious: They should be very afraid because every Goy could be expected to seize any opportunity to harm a Jew. For instance, in Avoda Zara 25b, the Gemara says that if a Jew encounters a gentile on the road, he should make sure to walk on the gentile’s left side. This way, the Jew’s right hand is closer to the gentile, so he can more easily draw a weapon to defend himself if necessary. In addition, the Jew should never “bend down before him,” because this would give the gentile the chance to “break his skull.”

The second chapter of Tractate Avoda Zara, which Daf Yomi readers began this week, offers many other examples of such hypothetical aggression. The rabbis warn that a Jewish woman must never be alone in the presence of a non-Jewish man because he will certainly try to have illicit intercourse with her. Of course, a Jewish woman is not supposed to be isolated with a Jewish man, either; but the rabbis explain that, with a Jew, it is permitted if the man’s wife is also present. A gentile’s wife, on the other hand, “does not guard him” against sexual immorality. More disturbingly, a Jewish woman cannot employ a gentile midwife or nursemaid because she is likely to try to kill a Jewish child. The midwife “places her hand on the infant’s temple and kills him,” while the nursemaid “smears poison upon her breast.” Indeed, one gentile midwife was heard to boast that she had killed so many Jewish children that their blood was “like the foam of a river.” Again, a Jew may not allow a gentile to circumcise his son, lest the gentile take the opportunity to cut off the baby’s penis.

It is hard to know how seriously to take the portrait of moral depravity that the rabbis draw of their gentile neighbors. As we have seen, the Roman authorities did persecute the Jews in cruel ways, so it stood to reason that Jews would be suspicious of the state and its agents. But were these tales of gentile cruelty and murderousness based in reality, or were they fantasies born of paranoia and ignorance? For instance, was it reasonable to believe that all gentiles habitually had sex with animals? This seems absurd on its face, yet the rabbis take the charge for granted. “One may not keep an animal in the inns of gentiles because they are suspected of bestiality,” the mishna says in Avoda Zara 22a.

As the Gemara points out, however, Jewish law does not consistently hold this point of view. If any animal owned by a gentile must be considered as a potential object of bestiality, then it would follow that a Jew could never purchase an animal for a gentile in order to offer it as a Temple sacrifice because it would be presumptively defiled. Yet a baraita says the opposite: “One may purchase an animal for use as an offering from  a gentile shepherd.” How can this contradiction be explained? The rabbis suggest that there are good reasons why gentiles would refrain from having sex with their own animals: A female animal that is subjected to bestiality would become barren, and a male animal would be weakened. Likewise, a shepherd wouldn’t molest the animals under his care because he might be caught and punished by “the forfeit of his wages.”

But the Gemara replies that this consideration would only deter a shepherd who was in charge of sheep belonging to a gentile. If he had the opportunity to molest Jewish sheep, he would take it, because “we are not aware of them and they are not fearful of us.” In other words, the shepherd wouldn’t worry about getting caught by a Jew, because Jews customarily had no contact with gentiles. This is a revealing statement in the context of the rabbis’ bizarre assumptions about gentile behavior: Perhaps they could sustain these assumptions only because “we are not aware of them,” and have no real sense of “their” practices.

Again, the Sages are divided about whether it is permitted to purchase a red heifer from a non-Jew. The sacrifice of a red heifer was the only way a Jew could be cleansed of impurity after contact with a corpse, making it a particularly valuable animal. And it was rare because it had to be pure in color—just two hairs that were not red disqualified it for use as a sacrifice—and it must never have been used to perform labor. The latter point raises a question for the rabbis: If a Jew buys a red heifer from a gentile, how can he be sure it was never used for labor? The rabbis reason that the gentile would not use it this way, precisely because he would know that he could sell it to a Jew for a high price: “Due to the slight convenience” of using it to carry a load, the owner “will not forfeit a great deal of money.”

Just how high a price a red heifer could fetch is made clear in Avoda Zara 24a, in a story about a non-Jew named Dama ben Netina. This Dama owned some jewels which the High Priest wanted to buy for use in the ephod, a ritual garment, and he was willing to pay a titanic sum—600,000 dinars. But it so happened that the jewels were being kept under Dama’s father’s pillow, and his father was asleep; rather than wake him, Dama declined the chance to make an enormous profit. This story sits oddly with the surrounding assumption of gentile malevolence: Clearly, gentiles could fulfill the commandment of honoring their parents just as well as Jews did, or better. Dama further demonstrated his virtue when he came to sell the Jews a red heifer: “I know that if I were to ask from you all the money in the world, you would give it to me,” he said. But he sold the cow for the same amount that he had previously missed out on, 600,000 dinars. The suggestion that a more ruthless bargainer could have demanded an even higher price helps us to gauge just how rare a red heifer must have been.

Of course, the big question that must occur to any reader of Tractate Avoda Zara is whether the rabbis’ views of gentiles are meant to apply to non-Jews in all times and places. Must Jews think of all non-Jews as potential killers and constant enemies? As the Koren Talmud explains, later Jewish authorities rejected that idea. Starting in the middle ages, some interpreters established the principle that the Talmud was speaking only of the gentiles of the ancient world, who abided by no code of morals at all.

  1. #1 by TruthOutJournal on 02/14/2018 - 9:34

    Jewz need a Saint Valentine’s Day – Maybe they would begin to grow a heart. If they only knew what love is…

  2. #2 by James Benn on 02/14/2018 - 9:34

    “Avodah Zarah (Hebrew: “foreign worship”, meaning “idolatry” or “strange worship”) is the name of a tractate in the Talmud, located in Nezikin, the fourth Order of the Talmud dealing with damages. The main topic of the tractate is laws pertaining to Jews living amongst Gentiles, including regulations about the interaction between Jews and “idolaters” (who represented most of the Gentile population during the time of the Talmud), both for distancing Jews from the act of idolatry in every shape as well as distancing Jews from the threat of cultural assimilation.” –

    Ah yes, the time immemorial ‘threat of cultural assimilation’. Can’t have that, can we. Meanwhile we must use every manipulation possible to coerce non-Judaics, particularly of the white Christian variety, to ‘assimilate’ with every other race under the sun we. Otherwise, you know what, ‘Europe will not survive’.

    What is the point of this boring, fatuous tract? To answer the ‘big question’ whether rabbis’ views of gentiles ‘are meant to apply to non-Jews in all times and places’? Really? Bullshit. The point of such hair-splitting sophistry is to reinforce Judaic conditioning that ‘morality’ consists in ascribing two sets of rules … one for Judaics and one for that other species, otherwise known as ‘humanity’.

    The ‘big question’ that normal people need to ask is why Judaics are so terrified of ‘assimilation’. What is it about their history, culture, and conditioning that ascribes such a negative value to non-tribalists? I can only repeat myself … that when they got rounded up and carted off to ancient Babylon, they were allowed to maintain their, ahem, ‘religion’ and tribal ID because they came in useful as money lenders and tax collectors. It helped to have an essentially unassimilable group in the role so they didn’t ‘go native’ and begin to identify with the interests of the hoi poloi or ‘goyim’ as they so charitably call us.

    And thus it remains to this day. Because their God remains the same … Money. Just as the Praetorian Guard served as personal bodyguards to the Roman emperors, the Nation of Judah defends, by every means possible, the Jewish money lenders who run the central banksterin’ scam that has enmeshed the entire world in debt slavery. This is the imperative which drives all Judaic behavior … whether orthodox or secular.

    When the wicked
    Carried us away in captivity
    Requiring from us a song
    Now how shall we sing the lord’s song in a strange land
    By the rivers of Babylon (dark tears of Babylon)
    There we sat down (You got to sing a song)
    Ye-eah we wept, (Sing a song of love)
    When we remember Zion. (Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)

  3. #3 by lobro on 02/14/2018 - 9:34

    here is a simple problem for which i don’t have a solution but the “trump owned by jews” goyim apparently do, being so much smarter than me, so i would appreciate telling me, because i give up – c’mon tell me the enswer so i can pencil it into my cheat sheet.

    the same huge majority of jews who hate trump and want him dead or at the very least impeached (until they can kill him once safely sidelined), also hate, despise and loathe all the gentiles, want them dead, enslaved, childless, miscegenated and as miserable as the imagination allows.

    jews also loathe adolph hitler and all of germany with undying fashion, despite the fact that hitler was one of the history’s greatest, most humane and honest politicians, who never caused the death of even a single documented jew and germany bleeds itself to financial death in order to support their luxurious lifestyles and maintenace of global military and political supremacy.

    but owing to some magic vision, some 5D glasses that they possess and i don’t, they see a clear distinction between the jews’ attitude to trump, viz, they secretly love him to bits, while continuing to hate the rest of us with passion, take for example sarah silverman (just one out of 14 million: she wants trump dead, she wishes she could kill christ the 2nd time, she wallows in the hate of the goyim, likes as many abortions as possible, etc, etc).
    what gives, because i honestly cannot see any difference in their positions regarding trump and the rest of us goyim.

    what i see can be stated in crystal clear, simple and direct terms :

    whereas the DUH-M crowd, with their mystical third eyeball beaming penetrating wisdom, will now correct me in equally clear, simple and direct terms, i rub my hands in happy anticipation of enlightenment.

    until this nirvanic moment, i will continue to treat every single confirmed subject of jew hatred, every single being physical, biological or spiritual whom jews see as an enemy, as a valuable friend and ally until proven otherwise.

    and vice versa, e.g., large swathes of the protestant movement is to me pernicious, obnoxious garbage polluting the androsphere, satan’s vaseline to return of jew antichrist.

  4. #4 by Kolo on 02/15/2018 - 9:34

    Another lobro masterpiece

  5. #5 by mothman777 on 02/15/2018 - 9:34

    “More disturbingly, a Jewish woman cannot employ a gentile midwife or nursemaid because she is likely to try to kill a Jewish child.”

    And of course, the Jews, knowing this ‘certainty’ in their rabid paranoid psychotic delusion, then act in a vengeful spirit (I have heard a Jew saying to my face “I will get my vengeance on you”) as if they felt perhaps that I had been one of the Romans who allegedly burned 4 billion Jewish rabbis alive in their own Torah scrolls several thousand years ago).

    So the Jews deliberately harm our babies with poisonous vaccines, also by prematurely severing their umbilical cords almost immediately after they have left the birth canal, when the vascular system of their lungs has not yet filled wih blood from their mother, which is usually only filled after 20 minutes or so, when the umbilical cord has stopped pulsing, so the gentile babies inevitably suffer varying degrees of brain damage through oxygen starvation and damage to their CNS, and such has been known to be the result of this unspeakably vile practice for over 200 years, YET IT HAS NEVER BEEN STOPPED, 95% of all babies in the US are violated and damaged for life this way, yet the Jew-dominated western medical system persists in waging literal physical war against all gentiles in this manner.

    Then the children are heavily encouraged to stuff themselves with sugar confectionary, when 5 grams of refined sugar turns off 5% of the immune system for 6 hours, and with a can of Coke containing 12 teaspoons of sugar (or brain-damaging aspartame) then the immune system of a small child is completely switched off, resulting in massively-increased susceptibility to a wide variety of illnesses, glue-ear, lung infections, you name it, measles, mumps, diphtheria, polio, and of course, antibiotics and vaccinations are then ‘justified’ and given to ‘treat’ or ‘prevent’ these, when antibiotics and vaccinations (and even diagnostic X-Rays) damage our own ummune systems, and are suspected even of creating autoimmune disorders and so on, WHEN THE NON-INVASIVE AND SIDE-EFFECT FREE RAYMOND ROYAL RIFE TECHNOLOGY MADE ALL THAT COMPLETELY REDUNDANT IN THE 1930’S, BEFORE THE jEWISH-CONTROLLED FDA UNDER JEW AGENT ROOSEVELT MADE THAT TECHNOLOGY FORBIDDEN (Roosevelt the guy who ‘saved’ everybody by murdering all those supposedly ‘bad’ Germans to please the Jews).

    Obscenely, the American Dental Association is actually the main financial contributor to finance the advertising campaign of the sugar confectionary business in the USA, with the result that over 50% of all American children now suffer dental fluorosis (with concommitant damage to their entire skeletal systems) from fluoride toothpaste etc. and so on, the bastards slowly injure, enfeeble, disable, torture and murder us all, and to do anything other than that is to fail as a Jew, since Jewish scripture states that if any Jew do any kindness to any non-Jew, then that Jew will never see heaven.

    So a Jew doctor will vaccinate your babies, and those who are not yet aware of the harm vaccination can do will think vaccinations are actually being given for their certain benefit by the ‘kind’ doctor, as they naturally think the doctor could only be sincerely intent on genuinely helping them and their family, yet later on, such poison as fluoride can lead to cancer, and at least some of the leading Jews know the total cure for cancer, in the original (not the modern attempts at reproducing this technology) Raymond Royal Rife Beam Machine, that not only provenly cured 100% of all cancer cases, but also cured 100% of all types of pathogenic disease like poliomyelitis, diphtheria, influenza, etc. meaning we don’t need chemo’therapy’ or radio’therapy’ (sadistic Jew Bolshevik torture to the death being inflicted on gentiles everywhere, even taking out a few low-class Jews along the way to keep up the deception, whilst it was the Jew POTUS Rossevelt and his administration who prevented that technology from ever again being used anywhere in the world.
    How many hundreds of millions of deaths have the Jew bastards caused to all peoples by doing that?

    Even a pregnant woman who has a quite common concentration of fluoride in their system, sufficient to produce a rate of 1.5 ppm (around 1.5 mg per litre of urine) produces a child that is 6.8 IQ points lower in intellectual capacity than other children of women from the same groups who have lower fluoride levels.

    Yet Jewish doctors in Israel seem to be able to do something there that their peers cannot accomplish in the western hospitals that they control, in that Israeli Jewish children have the lowest rates of iatrogenically-caused illnesses that children suffer in any other community or nation in the world, except, perhaps, the Amish, who shun vaccinations, and of course, the Jews in Israel frequently protest how poverty-stricken they and their services are, “Ya gotta beleeeve me”) even after their worldwide web of usurious fractional reserve banking companies have been colluding with Jewish-controled governments around most of the world to literally enslave and rob almost every individual in this entire world.

    The Jews are literally injuring and harming us all in a steady Bolshevik campaign of murderous genocide all over the world outside Israel.


    “Chief chemist of the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Dean Burk when confronted with mountains of data, stated before Congress:

    “”In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster than any other chemical.”
    Congressional Record 21 July 1976

    “Can that be misconstrued?

    “Burk and Yiamouyiannis completed a monumental research project in 1977 in which they compared cancer death rates in 10 fluoridated and 10 non-fluoridated U.S. cities between 1940 and 1970. The results are on p75 of Fluoride the Aging Factor. The unmistakable fact is that the graph shows that for the first ten years (1940-1950), when none of the 20 cities fluoridated, the average cancer deaths were virtually identical. But after 1950, there is a major increase in cancer deaths in every single one of the fluoridated cities, while the nonfluoridated cities remain clustered together at a much lower level of death.””

    NO JEWS should ever be allowed to work in any gentile medical service, they should all be deported, and if they refuse to go, perhaps the following suggestion of Jew agent Hillary Clinton might be used on the Jews themselves instead of on ourselves;

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