Parkland high school shooting: At least 14 victims, many deaths


ed note–doubtless of course we will hear from all the usual suspects that this was all a ‘hoax’, complete with ‘crisis actors’ and fake blood, just as they all are.

After all, it’s not as if during the last half century, Americans have been programmed by the JMSM to be not only anesthetized to violence against innocent people, but indeed, addicted to it as if it were a drug, as a necessary precursor to creating not only the mindset, but as well the military machinery needed in prowling about the world and murdering 2 billion Muslims for Israel’s benefit, right?

As we say here in the aftermath of all events of this type–get used to it, because as long as the same cast of characters have free and open access to the collective American mindset through control of the mass media, we will see the continued poisoning of the culture with violence, pornography, materialism, narcissism, nihilism and all the other ‘character qualities’ necessary in rotting a civilization out from within.

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  1. #1 by typeviic1 on 02/15/2018 - 9:34

    And dont forget the upcoming military parade (jingoism) to give your teen the ‘WOW’ factor so he will consider the military as a “career” option and help fight never ending wars for Israel …………

  2. #2 by Brownhawk on 02/15/2018 - 9:34

    These wars aren’t being fought FOR Israel, per se. The demonization of the MUSLIM world stems from the satanic influence that has the WHOLE world in it’s crosshairs. Israel is not slated to be the beneficiary any more than Islamic nations are to be it’s sole victims

    Regarding the chess MATCH being played in the ME, zionism does not represent the chess MASTER controlling the entire board, but the protocols of the misleading “zion elders” DO, with a deceptive use of the word “zion” tricking us into seeing Is-ra-el as an end unto itself rather than the MEANS to an end it really is.

    This deception is the same as what was in essence the mission statement of German national socialism being misconstrued by equating it with “nazi”, with all that THAT has come to represent in the general mindset of the unawakened.

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