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“Jews Are Guilty Unless Proven Innocent” Napoléon I


ED-NOTE – 210 years ago, on Saint Patrick’s Day, Emperor Napoléon I decided to settle once and for all the ‘Jewish Question’ or ‘Jewish Problem’. 

Not fully understanding the nature of the disease he was trying to diagnose, Napoleon had first been rather sympathetic to the Jews whom he saw as ‘normal’ French citizens who simply followed a different religion. Indeed, Napoleon and post-monarchy France had done all they could to welcome the 40 000 Jews who had been parasitizing the country  into the Brotherhood of Mankind under the French flag. France was the first country to fully emancipate the Jews in 1791; it gave them all the civil liberties everyone else enjoyed, the same rights but also the same duties and responsibilities attached to any citizenship. French Jews were never asked to give up their religion: they were only asked to become real French citizens, with an allegiance to France and the French people alone. But unlike any other people/religious groups who had been granted citizenship with full and equal civil rights, the emancipation of the Jews gave rise to even more problems which the French Revolutionaries did not foresee. And how could they?

In 1807, Napoléon took the first step in trying to solve all the problems the emancipation of the Jews had created and decided to revive the Grand Sanhedrin. Naively believing that rabbis are just like ‘priests’, he put before them 12 questions some of which are extremely revealing as to the practices of Jews of France in that time:

1. Is it lawful for Jews to have more than one wife? (obviously, if polygamy had not been prevalent, he would have never had raised this point)
2. Is divorce allowed in the Jewish religion, and if it is, is it allowed even in contradiction to the codes of French law?
3. Does Jewish law permit a Jewess to marry a Christian man, or a Jew to marry a Christian woman, or may they marry only other Jews?
4. In the eyes of Jews, are Frenchmen who are not Jewish, considered to be their brethren or strangers?
5. What type of conduct does Jewish law prescribe toward non-Jewish Frenchmen?
6. Do the Jews who are born in France, and have been granted citizenship by the laws of France, truly acknowledge France as their country? Are they bound to defend it, to follow its laws, to follow the directions of the civil and court authorities of France?
7. Who elects rabbis?
8. What kind of judicial power do rabbis exercise over the Jews?
9. If there is rabbinical jurisdiction over the Jews, is it regulated by the laws of the Jewish religion or is it merely a custom existing among Jews?
10. Are there professions from which Jews are excluded by Jewish law?
11. Does Jewish law prohibit Jews from taking usury from other Jews?
12. Does Jewish law prohibit Jews from taking usury from non-Jews?

By way of deception they sneakingly played along, lied and said everything Napoléon wanted to hear. Eventually, even Napoléon had enough, understood that the Jews are  “the most despicable of men”, understood that Christian Medieval France was right to never allow a Jew to testify in court and issued his Imperial Edict which the Jews call the “Infamous Decree” whereby the Jews were declared guilty until proven innocent.

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MUST READ – The Damascus Blood Libel (1840)


 ED-NOTE – “Here is all you need to see.  Every nation who ever stood up to the Jews throughout history, have been delivered old Testament vengeance and genocide.” Ryan M.

The author of this piece mentions Isaac Crémieux, aka Adolphe Crémieux. Isaac Crémieux is the man responsible for giving French citizenship to ALL the Berber jews of North Africa (Décret Crémieux). By way of deception, he chose to take such measure when nobody was watching, when France was in the middle of the Franco-Prussian war. In other words, when France was at war against Prussia, we have a jew who thought there was nothing more urgent, more important for France than giving his North African brethren French citizenship. This is how France had been inundated by Berber jews (and NOT Sepharadic jews) who often look like Arabs, speak Arabic, have Arabic surnames like, for example, the President of the CRIF (the French AIPAC), Francis Kalifat (yes, he removed the ‘H’ after the letter K to make it look less Arabic), like most of French TV celebrities (Aziza, Hanouna). And one would be forgiven for mistaking them for Arabs. Bernard-Henri Lévi is also a Berber jew but he is a Levite.

A year before the Franco-Prussian War (coincidence?), the same Isaac Crémieux founded the Alliance Israelite Universelle which stated mission he put in the clearest possible terms:

“Our cause is great and holy, and its success is guaranteed. Catholicism, our immemorial enemy, is lying in the dust, mortally wounded in the head. The net which Judaism is throwing over the globe of the earth is widening and spreading daily, and the momentous prophecies of our Holy Books are at least to be realized.

The time is near when Jerusalem will become the house of prayer for all nations and peoples, and the banner of Jewish monodeity will be unfurled and hoisted on the most distant shores.

Our might is immense, learn to adopt this might for our cause. What have you to be afraid of? The day is not distant when all the riches and treasures of the earth will become the property of the Jews.” — Adolphe Cremieux, The Manifesto of 1869

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UK – The poisoning of Sergei Skripal leads right to Hillary Clinton and the DNC


THE DURAN – On Wednesday, The Telegraph revealed Col Sergei Skripal, the Russian double agent who was poisoned in Salisbury, England last weekend, is linked to dossier author Christopher Steele.

The Telegraph revealed that Sergei Skripal, the Russian “double agent” who was poisoned in Salisbury, England last week, has ties to Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous anti-Trump dossier and former British spy, who is tied to Fusion GPS, which is directly connected to the DNC and Hillary Clinton. CONTINUE READING

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UK – Israel Issues First Statement on Nerve Agent Attack in U.K., but Doesn’t Mention Russia

je suis mossad

HAARETZ – Israel issued its first condemnation of the use of a military-grade nerve agent in the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter in England, though failed to mention Russia by name in its statement.

“Israel views with gravity the event which took place in Great Britain and condemns it vigorously. We hope that the international community will cooperate in order to avoid such further events,” the statement from the Foreign Ministry read.

Britain asked for an official condemnation, though Israel only issued its Russia-free statement after a delay. 

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It’s All Putin’s Fault… but Still He Wins


STRATEGIC CULTURE – For all the hysteria, the Salisbury saga has done little to offset Putin’s game-changing speech on March 1 outlining, in detail, not only his domestic agenda but also how Russia is ready to rearrange the geopolitical chessboard. CONTINUE READING

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putin bibi

JERUSALEM POST – On February 19, the Syrian regime, Russian and Iranian militias launched their fiercest ever shelling campaign on Eastern Ghouta the opposition’s only stronghold around Damascus. Days ago the regime’s forces and the militias supported by Russian jets started a massive  ground operation and they managed this week to divide Eastern Ghouta into two parts.

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Trump administration finally announces Russia sanctions over election meddling

ed note–a person needs neither a law degree nor a crystal ball in seeing how inherently dangerous for 7 billion people living on God’s green earth a development such as this is.

In the first case, please note the word ‘finally’ in the title of the story appearing on an overtly-Zionist publication, CNN. ‘Finally’ means ‘long overdue’ and made so by human reluctance, in this case, by implication, Trump himself.

The worst of it however is the fact that–if indeed CNN got its facts straight, which of course is always a big question mark–is that these sanctions are designed to punish Russia for ‘meddling’ in the US political process. By Trump signing on to this, he is basically admitting to what the entire Mueller probe is trying to prove–that the 2016 elections were ‘rigged’ and a ‘sham’ and therefore that Trump is not the real president.

As we warned from the beginning of this, no one should underestimate the severity and seriousness of this entire ‘Russia Gate’ business. It is not there just for show or to make noise. The people behind this  (and we’ll give you a hint as to who ‘they’ are, it ain’t DEM MOOZLUMS, Duh Jez-wits, the ‘black pope’, the reptillians or anyone else you might read about on Jeff Rense’s website, but rather) are a particular pedigree of people who worked tirelessly during the campaign to prevent Trump’s nomination and victory, and then, unable to secure these, are now working mercilessly in trying to have him removed so that a more malleable and compliant puppet can be put into place who will pick up with the wars which Judea, Inc needs to have take place if her thousands of years old dreams are to materialize.

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