STALIN’S DEATH SPECIAL V – Stalin and The Night Of The Long Pens: When Stalin ordered the execution of Yiddish poets, writers and cultural figures in the USSR

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ED-NOTE – 65 years ago, on Purim, Josef Stalin was murdered. Stalin has become a household name for only negative reasons; Stalin and Communism, Stalin and dictatorship, Stalin and bloody butchery, Stalin and the Gulag have become synonymous. Trotsky and Lenine on the other hand have benefited from an über positive hasbara program which was denied to Stalin. And the real Bolshevik butchers, the Christian killers such as Zinoviev, Kaganovich, Yagoda to name just a few have gone completely under the radar. Their names are not taught in schools and the overwhelming majority of people have never heard of them… yet. And the question we need to ask is why? Why has the Jewish and criminal ideology of Lenine and Trotsky been attributed to Stalin? Why has Stalin been wrongly accused of the crimes committed by the Jewish Bolshevik (sorry for the pleonasm here)? What was it about Stalin that the Jews hated so much to the point that they have sullied his name, blurred his picture beyond recognition? What is it they do not want us to look at?

Today we would like to share some articles, all coming from Jewish sources, which will explain why Stalin has been so badly mistreated by Jewish controlled Academia and, with no surprise, the one theme that keeps coming back again and again is his deep hatred of the Jews. Yes,  yes, we know, he was married to 3 Jewish women, one of them was Kaganovich’s sister. We know. But how can one explain the unanimous reports about his deeply rooted anti-semitism? And no, it was not just ‘for show’.

NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV ON STALIN – “A hostile attitude toward the Jewish nation was a major shortcoming of Stalin’s. In his speeches and writings as a leader and theoretician there wasn’t even a hint of this. God forbid that anyone assert that a statement by him smacked of antisemitism. Outwardly everything looked correct and proper.

But in his inner circle, when he had occasion to speak about some Jewish person, he always used an emphatically distorted pronunciation. This was the way backward people lacking in political consciousness would express themselves in daily life—people with a contemptuous attitude toward Jews. They would deliberately mangle the Russian language, putting on a Jewish accent or imitating certain negative characteristics [attributed to Jews]. Stalin loved to do this, and it became one of his characteristic traits.”


TIMES OF ISRAEL –  08NOV15 – The destruction of the Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators dealt a terrible blow to the Yiddish language and a civilization that endured more than a 1000 years. Millions of Yiddish speakers were murdered and the language would never recover. But Josef Stalin, dictator of the Soviet Union, dealt a further blow to Yiddish on the night of August 12, 1952, when he ordered the execution of Yiddish poets, writers and cultural and political figures in the USSR.

Thirteen Jews were executed on that night in the cells of the Lubyanka Prison in Moscow. The framed defendants—accused of espionage and treason—endured years of imprisonment, tortures, beatings and interrogations.

This inquisition centered on the activities of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee (JAC) during World War II. Stalin supported the formation of this committee of prominent Soviet Jews to raise money and support in America for the war against the Germans.

The committee’s activities, under the leadership of the beloved Yiddish theater director and actor Solomon Mikhoels, were a great success. Stalin reversed his decision to suppress Yiddish culture in the USSR and gave free reign to Jews to express their Jewish identity and heritage in the face of the Nazi foe.

But after the Shoah, the JAC attempted to rebuild Jewish life in Russia. This effort was undermined by the onset of the Cold War and Stalin’s growing paranoia that the JAC actually betrayed the USSR by collaborating with America against the Soviet state. This suspicion became the basis for the eradication of Yiddish life and culture in the Soviet Union.

Stalin began this reign of terror by eliminating Solomon Mikhoels in 1948. The murder of the director of the Moscow State Jewish Theater was made to look like an accident. Mikhoel’s popularity precluded his arrest and torture. Stalin began to carry out this pogrom in secrecy.

Among those arrested and imprisoned were Yiddish poet Peretz Markish, novelist Dovid Bergelson, and Benjamin Ziskin. Ziskin had been the assistant to Mikhoels in the Yiddish theater. Although all those who were framed were dedicated Communists and supporters of Stalin, false confessions and accusations undermined their loyalty and led to their doom.

Toward the end of his life, Stalin began a campaign to further persecute the Soviet Jews as “rootless cosmopolitans” who had no loyalty to him or to the Soviet state. The libel that Jewish doctors were attempting to murder the leadership of the Soviet Union would have been a prelude to much worse for the Jews had Stalin not died in 1953.

To the credit of Soviet Jewry, many Jews greeted Israel’s ambassador to the USSR Golda Meir on her visit to Moscow in September of 1948. Thirty years of Communist dictatorship did not eradicate their Jewish identity and support for the Jewish State. Stalin’s secret inquisition failed. But it remains a tragic chapter in the history of the Jews of Russia.

  1. #1 by lobro on 03/06/2018 - 9:34

    some interesting dynamics, goes some ways to explaining how the chess game had to be played, gambits, sacrifices, feints for the sake of ultimate victory:

    The committee’s activities, under the leadership of the BELOVED Yiddish theater director and actor Solomon Mikhoels, were a great success.
    Stalin reversed his decision to suppress Yiddish culture in the USSR and gave free reign to Jews to express their Jewish identity and heritage in the face of the Nazi foe.

    beloved Yiddish theater director and actor Solomon Mikhoels at work:

    During June and July 1943, two prominent representatives of the Moscow-based “Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee” toured the United States and raised more than two million dollars for the Soviet war effort at a series of mass meetings. At each of these rallies, Soviet Jewish leader Solomon Mikhoels showed the crowd a bar of soap that he said was made from Jewish corpses.

    of course, the stalin-haters never tire of assigning these soap tales to stalin as proof of his total culpability.
    but think about it: in a mortal struggle with superior german forces,jews put the gun to his head – either do as they dictate and they will swing the american help in materiel, political support and propaganda or lose the war (they may have even told him that they will start rooting for hitler instead).

    so, the jewry was in a solid win-win position, able to dictate the terms, foisted ehrenberg and kaganovich on him for oversight, sort of like kushner on trump.
    But once the war was over,stalin wasted no time in eliminating mikhoels and the rest of them (well, almost, until they succeeded in poisoning him – the doctors plot)

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