MUST READ – How Zionist is the New World Order or How Biblical Is Zionism?


THE SAKER – The paradoxical nature of Yahweh is, in reality, a deception. The idea that the Heavenly Father of humankind, somewhere in the second millennium BCE, chose a particular people and ordered them to dispossess and slaughter other peoples is, any way we look at it, an outrageous absurdity. The fact that billions of people have believed it for thousands of years makes no difference. Or rather, that is the problem: many peoples throughout history have believed themselves to have been chosen by God, but only the Jews have managed to convince others that they have. That has turned this outrageous absurdity into the most devastating idea in world history. (…)

Ultimately, the deceptive nature of both biblical monotheism and Jewish universalism is a key to unraveling the Zionist paradox: nationalism and internationalism go hand in hand in Israel’s destiny, because Israel is, fundamentally, a biblical and therefore universal project. For the Jewish cognitive elites who determine Jewish public opinion to a large extent, the New World Order is an ancient et eternal idea. It is Israel’s destiny carved in the Bible. It is inherent to Jewishness. CONTINUE READING

  1. #1 by Missdiagknosis on 03/18/2018 - 9:34

    Or how zionist is the Bible?

  2. #2 by Me on 03/18/2018 - 9:34

    Living a Lie

    Why is there so much chaos in the world today? Because liars, murderers and thieves are the writers, producers and directors of this psychotic utopian horror movie. Movie? We are all actors in this horrific movie. The president, military, police, judges, doctors, nurses, lawyers, firefighters, ceo’s, managers, supervisors, mechanics, laborers, rabbis, popes, etc… are all merely parts being played in this movie. “ But, these are our livelihoods and we are not in some horror movie”. I say, “show me any other living creature in existence that pretends to be anything other than what they are, is forced to pay homage to an unseen, all-seeing, entity that supposedly created them as well, so they can pay for their existence”.
    The earth provides everything those creatures need to exist as it also provides for our existence in exchange for our death to continue the cycle of life. That we should be forced against our will to serve oppressors and pay for our existence is insanity. No other living creature does this. I thought we were the smartest creature on earth. I thought wrong.

  3. #3 by Me on 03/18/2018 - 9:34

    The Largest Pyramid Scheme

    The Torah, Bible and Quran are playbooks, or plays, for the mind. They were written to seduce, mesmerize and trap our minds. They were written to control us softly. They were written to teach us to accept the subsequent theft of our minds, bodies and souls. They were written to coerce and manipulate us into giving, or taken by force if the writers and builders deem it necessary, anything and everything we possess. They were written by liars, murderers and thieves. They were written by wise serpents who slither among us and guide us with suggestions and implant messages and ideas into our minds. They were written to mesmerize us with hypnotic Hollywood magic. While we are awe struck with their Hollywood magic they write our future and re-write our history. They were written to play everyone, seduced by their Hollywood magic, for fools and plunder and pillage all for themselves as a so-called chosen people. Imagine that, a group of people chosen to seduce our minds, lie to us, and proceed to pillage and plunder all they deem to belong to them. Sound familiar?
    Feel sorry for poor little Joseph? What about the Egyptians that were seduced, lied to, murdered and robbed? How about the 7 year feast 7 year famine? That’s when the dreamer, Joseph, magically gained control of all Egypt, implemented a fiat money system, purchased all the grain supplies with the fiat money, brought his family to fatten them up (at no cost), while starving the Egyptians into submission. When the crops were all purchased the Egyptians used the fiat money, they received for the grain, to purchase back grain to eat and survive during the so-called famine. When the Egyptians had given back all of the fiat money, in return for their grain, they had nothing to exchange but their land and personal possessions, such as gold, silver and cattle. Bingo!!! Exactly what Joseph wanted.
    After the Egyptians gave everything they had to survive the so-called famine, those that survived were allowed to work as indentured servants, for the new order that Joseph implemented upon the Egyptians, as long as they paid one fifth part (taxes and enslavement fees) to the govern (control) ment (mind), that is now controlled by Joseph. How fortunate were those Egyptians to have been graced by the pillage and plunder of Joseph and his family? Joseph and his family were living on the best fertile land and able to graze their livestock and prosper.
    This is the largest pyramid scheme ever concocted and we are all forced against our will to participate. The scheme appears in Genesis 39-41:all and Genesis 47:11-27. The scheme is implemented as follows:
    1 Sympathy
    2 Favor
    3 Management
    4 Control
    5 Rule
    6 Law
    21 = 7+7+7 (777), Gematria definition: order out of chaos (ordo ab chao).
    There is no escape as long as we remain divided by shepherds who care not for us. Christ’s truths were written as a warning. Is it too late?

  4. #4 by Me on 03/18/2018 - 9:34

    Guardians of Deception

    The Guardians of Deception are wise serpents. They rule through fear and deception. Your health and well being are not their concern. The part you play on this stage, your employment, is not to sustain and support you and your family as perceived. Your performance is to create, build and maintain a synthetic utopia where future generations will serve them or die.
    They are liars, murderers and thieves. They have been given sympathy, favor, management and control. They now rule and write law. They have you believing and fearing the Hebrew god of war, Jehovah, while they look upon themselves as gods over you. Jehovah needs your sacrifice of life, unquestionable obedience and eternal fear to sustain and maintain existence and power. You are being lied to, misled and bled, mind, body and soul.
    The seven year feast and seven year famine, pyramid scheme, that the dreamer, Joseph, implemented upon Egypt is found in their playbook. You know this playbook as the Torah, Bible and Quran. Through this pyramid scheme Joseph was able to usurp all of the land of Egypt, and its wealth, from its inhabitants. Joseph was able, through this scheme, to support himself and his family at no cost while the Egyptians all faced hunger and starvation. Joseph and his family were living on the best fertile land and able to graze their livestock and prosper as the Egyptians became indentured servants. They maintain their pyramid scheme, with their stolen wealth, by continuous usurpation of governments and armies.
    The scheme appears in Genesis 39-41:all and Genesis 47:11-27. They have maintained their pyramid scheme, to this day, by continuous usurpation.The scheme is implemented as follows:
    1 Sympathy
    2 Favor
    3 Management
    4 Control
    5 Rule
    6 Law
    21 = 7+7+7 (777) Gematria definition: order out of chaos (ordo ab chao).
    After their scheme is realized and they are shunned and cast out, a new host is found so to begin the system anew.

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