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Between Riyadh and Tel Aviv: Spy games and secret relations


“We know very little about the confidential relationship between Riyadh and Tel Aviv. The fact is that it’s forbidden to criticize Israel in Saudi Arabia. The fact is that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knew in advance that Saudi Arabia would allow the Indian airline to fly across its territory to Israel, and he often talks about the great admiration he is detecting from Arab countries in the Persian Gulf. The fact is that Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman is urging the Saudi prince to “come out of the closet,” muster the courage “like Sadat” and stop hiding what’s cooking.”

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Iran drops the dollar. Others tried and were bombed.


RT – Iran recently announced it is dropping the US dollar in foreign trade. Just as Iraq did shortly before it was invaded by the US, or Libya planned to before it was bombed by NATO-led allies. Lee Camp is starting to see a pattern.

The US is gearing up to abandon the Iran nuclear deal, which has all but killed Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief, because it’s not restrictive enough. With Iran already saying it won’t accept more demands or more sanctions, it’s anyone’s guess what kind of chain reaction might ensue. CONTINUE READING

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17 Palestinians Lose Legs after Israeli Forces blast their legs with illegal bullets

17 Palestinians Lose Legs after Israeli Forces Unusual Bullets Blast Their Limbs

Israeli Regime forces have shot dozens of Palestinians protesting along Gaza borders, many of whom have lost their lower limbs. According to the Palestinian Health Ministry in besieged Gaza, at least 17 Palestinians have suffered gunshot wounds at the hands of Israeli forces that ultimately cost them their legs during the Great March of Return demonstrations along the border between Gaza and occupied Palestinian territories (Israeli Regime). CONTINUE READING


Iran: The True Focal Point for the IMF-NATO Hegemony


Toynbee showed many parallels in history that we are following today: a morally defunct empire with a debased monetary system, exercising totalitarian and draconian measures over its citizens while overextending itself militarily. In any global conflict, regardless of our position, a U.S. victory would be Pyrrhic in nature, and such a conflict would result in the U.S. being fragmented and unable to maintain its current form of existence.

Iran is the focal point of conflict, of struggle between spheres of influence (such as the U.S. and its allies, and Russia and her allies). Syria is a preliminary and necessary step. Israel is pushing the U.S. to deal with Syria and Iran, as is Saudi Arabia. No matter who wins, the American people lose, and more. CONTINUE READING

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MUST READ – The End Of Our Empire Approaches — History is clear on where we’re headed


PATRIOT RISING – The British museum is a testament to the fact that empires have been rising and falling for thousands of years. The common elements of every empire include its own appreciation for works of extreme beauty and human craftsmanship, along with strict hierarchy. They all expressed a strong connection to the divine, however they felt it, each with their own mythologies and attendant religions to make sense of it all…and help cement the rulers place(s) at the top, of course (…)

The lessons of history are absolute; nothing lasts. Everything changes, especially who’s in charge. So what are our explanations today that keep us all in line? What keeps us from revolt? To what do we bow our daily collective heads in fealty to?

The answer is Money. CONTINUE READING


WATCH – Joe Rogan & Abby Martin on Israel vs Palestine


Israel wounded 30 Palestinian athletes in Gaza


MEMO – Israeli occupation forces shot and wounded 30 Palestinian athletes in the besieged Gaza Strip since the start of the “Great March of Return” on 30 March, the Palestinian Ministry of Youth and Sport revealed yesterday. Several were shot in the head and were in a critical condition, the ministry added. CONTINUE READING

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