‘Love thy Neighbor’–Slumlord Jewish brothers paid millions by city of New York for sheltering homeless in filthy apartments

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  1. #1 by stlonginus on 04/18/2018 - 9:34

    This is the same modus operandi the Jews have always used. And their co-religionist Warren Wilhelm (aka Bill DeBlasio) the mayor of NYC knows all about the ‘twin brothers’ and their father, Joseph Lazar. They’re all low lifes.
    This is part of Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030.
    This is going on here on Long Island. Get as many people off the land as possible. Use repeated, manufactured storms like ‘Superstorm Sandy’ to do it. More apartment buildings and condos are being built here now rather than individual homes. And most are being built in the center of the island and/or by the railroad in order to ensure people can walk to the train station to get to their shytty jobs in NYC. Naturally, the land ‘lords’ will be Jews who can hike the prices up and provide next-to-nothing in return.
    Meanwhile, the ‘ultra-orthodox’ Jews are moving out of Brooklyn to upstate NY and paying off whomever needs to be paid off to re-zone huge tracts of land into shetls for their exclusive use. They take over entire towns and vote themselves onto the school boards to then decrease the funding to the public schools which become impossible to run. (They’ve done this to 5 or 6 towns already.) Of course, the Jews don’t sent their little Jews to the public schools, so they have no intention of funding the public schools. At some point, the secular (goy) people are forced to leave and sell their homes/properties to….you guessed it…the Jews! At a highly discounted price, naturally. And all of this goes on under the approving eyes of the politicos who are paid off and under the approving eyes of the Judaized court system.
    As far as I know, the Jews are attempting to create a shetl on Long Island as well. They’ve already put up their ‘eruv’ in places like Woodmere, Lawrence (where these 2 Lazar brothers live) and Cedarhurst. If a Christian group asked to attach Christian items onto utility poles in order to delineate a “Christian area” what do you think the response from the local utility and local government would be??

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