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In French Poll, Majority says Zionism is a Jewish conspiracy

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A Hammer blow to the Roman Catholic Church– ‘Yes’ voters jubilant as anti-abortion campaign concedes defeat in Ireland

ed note–This was the lead story on today’s edition of the Times of Israel, one of the most right wing, Zionist publications in the Jewish state and which deals almost exclusively with issues related to matters local.

And yet, this story, titled in an obviously jubilant manner–is what made it to the top of the ticker.

We point this out because there are those who think that ‘Zionism’ is just about creating a ‘homeland’ for the Jews and nothing more. 


Judaism has been at war with the West ever since the time of the Greeks and Romans and maintains a VISCERAL hatred for the Roman Catholic Church which has been the spiritual legacy and guardian of Western philosophical values. It is for this reason that all the moral plagues which have devastated the West today and have left it a rotted-out shell of what it once was, from porn on demand to drugs/substance abuse to broken families,  militant homosexuality, promiscuity and infanticide have had at their roots today’s modern day Judaic terrorists and saboteurs who have used their money, threats and cajoling in both introducing and then institutionalizing these various social plagues. 

It is interesting to note the choice of ‘hammer’ that the Times of Israel used in its title piece for 2 reasons–

1. The Maccabean revolt which was Judea’s first violent act against the West and against western values and which is celebrated yearly at H-nooka is centered around the leader of this ‘revolt’, Judah Maccabee, who was referred to as ‘the hammer’.


2. Students of history will note that the modern day version of this Judaic attempt at wiping out ‘Western’ values in what became known as the Bolshevik Revolution also had as part of its symbology the hammer as well. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Torah Flowing Through Our Jewish Cultural Veins

ed note–Again, as we point out here on a regular basis, those ‘truthers’–whether it is the ‘leaders’ or the ‘readers’–who continually hyperfocus on either the ‘Khazar’ thing and/or the ‘Talmud’ thing are trying to present a picture of reality that in fact does not exist.

Let us say it again for emphasis–

A picture of reality that in fact DOES NOT EXIST.

Yes, the Khazars were/are real, and in the drama taking place between the Jewish and Gentile world, they have a history worth studying, but this ‘drama’ did not begin with them. Likewise with the ‘Talmud–a horrible book that has contributed immensely to the drama taking place between the Jewish and Gentile world and a history worth studying, but this ‘drama’ did not begin with this book either.

There are those–a depressingly high number of them in fact–claiming to be experts on this topic who have made the ‘Khazar’ thing and ‘Talmud’ thing the smoking gun when it comes to decoding and antidoting the Jewish problem. They go a step further in fact and claim that today’s Jews don’t adhere to the Torah at all, and that it is this fact–that they have divorced themselves from the ‘holy’ teachings of the Torah–that explains their disruptive and destabilizing effect on civilized society.

Nothing however could be further form the truth. The Torah is the electrical outlet into which all Jewish thought patterns and behavior are connected and is the power plant supplying the electrical current that drives the ‘Jewish problem’, and all anyone need do is read their own literature on any given day for validation of this fact.

We will not solve this problem by luck, chance, or happenstance. We will not do it by utilizing sloppy, sentimental ‘math’. The nuts and bolts to the iron-clad machinery of Judaism that is destroying our world will not be loosened by any wrench or tool other than that which conforms PRECISELY to the dimensions of the hardware that aggregately holds that piece of machinery together and which gives it the strength that it needs to function.

Yes, for sentimental reasons, it may feel good to bathe in the waters of religious emotionalism and to say that ‘real’ Judaism is nothing like the Judaism that today is rotting out the world from within, but at the end of this terrible exercise, those who choose–for reasons rooted in mere religious emotionalism–fiction and fantasy over the ugly truth will be left with the awful awareness of what their decision wrought for them personally.

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How They Do It– ‘If Israel were to fall, the West would cease to exist’

ed note–the readers of this website are doubtless already aware of Jew-lio Meotti, an obvious lunatic writing from Rome who does not waste a moment in fighting for the Judaic cause, which–when distilled down to its most irreducible minimum,–is supremacism and the outline of world domination of and by Jewish interests.

Besides his usual mix of stoking the anti-Islamic fears of the West as a necessary precursor to Ma and Pa sending little Johnnie (or Joanie) off to the sands of wherever to fight Israel’s wars for her, he also makes sure to regularly spice all his writings with a heaping dose of guilt in terms of ‘Jooish suffrink’ and how the recompense for this great sin has neither a limit nor an expiration date.

Readers should pay close attention to this particular piece (of exactly what, we won’t say in polite company) emanating from Meotti’s mouth, as it underscores several issues which we try to point out and discuss on this website regularly.

1. The inflated and arrogant Judaic mindset, that the ‘West would cease to exit’ if Israel were to ‘fall’. This is a predominant theme in Jewish thinking where GAAAAAWD’S chosen people occupy the epi-center of all existence throughout the entirety of the universe, and without their divine presence, all matter and life would cease to exist, as yahweh–the violent, vindictive and racist god of the Jews–would have no reason to continue his own existence and therefore would tear everything asunder in his eternal and infernal rage and disappointment.

What should be noted in this however is the absolute fallacy of this line of thinking when one considers history. Judaism has been at war with ‘the West’ ever since the time of the Greeks, a fact which Jews openly and loudly celebrate yearly in their religious feast of H’nooka. Western values have always been considered heretical and antithetical to the teachings of Judaism, again, as evidenced not only in Judea’s war against Greece, but as well, with Greece’s successor–Rome.

What is equally important to consider however is the veiled threat which Meotti is uttering, something which Jewish interests do often when corralling Western support for their cause, which is to re-signal Israel’s previously-stated threat of nuclear annihilation of the West if Europe, America et al ever bail out on their ‘duty’ in recompensing the Jews. As famously put by Israeli military historian and adviser to the Israeli government Martin Van Creveld–

‘We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force…Our armed forces are not the thirteenth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the (nuclear) capability to take the world down with us, and I can assure you that this will happen before Israel goes under.’

Where Meotti does get it right however is in his characterization of the Jewish state as a ‘bug’. We’ll forgo the usual extended verbal commentary on that one in favor of the image presented above.

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Truth in a Post-Truth Era: New Group of Sandy Hook Families file suit against Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones

Image result for fattened calf

Alex Jones, whose InfoWars website is viewed by millions, says that the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre was an elaborate hoax invented by government-backed “gun grabbers.”

ed note–Those who think we are re-visiting this theme for ‘told ya so’ reasons are–as usual–missing the point. Rather, the entire theme is an extension of another regularly-covered issue on this website that often appears under the heading ‘How They Do It’.

Indeed, as the ‘Sandy Hook Hoaxers’ (who now can simply be referred to as the ‘hoaxers’, given that they have now normalized the ‘hoax’ template and apply it to every single act of mass murder or terrorism that takes place around the world) were partially correct–Sandy Hook was a ‘managed’ event, and indeed, as the ‘hoaxers’ maintain, it was done by  deeply-entrenched and powerful dark forces out to create a particular narrative that serves their interests, in this case, disarming the American people of the weapons needed for their personal self-defense and for the freedom of their country.

However, where the ‘hoaxers’ got it wrong and which they continue to get wrong to this very day despite the tsunami of both counter-evidence and common sense is exactly what kind of ‘weapons’ are the target of this sophisticated operation in psychological warfare. It is not the AR15 or other semi-automatic weapons which feature prominently in these mass shootings, but rather the ability on the part of ‘the movement’ to affect public opinion in such a way that those deeply-entrenched and powerful dark forces out to create a particular narrative that serves their interests are forced to retreat back into the sewers where they normally operate for fear that a mass public awakening as to their designs is about to blow up in their faces.

The entire Sandy Hook Hoax fiasco was doubtless an operation in psychological warfare conjured up by these very people, the idea for it first discussed publicly by Obama’s then Information Czar Cass Sunstein who spoke of the need for the powers that be to employ ‘teams of covert agents and pseudo-independent advocates’ to ‘cognitively infiltrate’ online groups and websites of ‘activist groups’ which advocate ‘conspiracy theories’ about the government in order to ‘increase citizens’ faith in government officials and to ‘undermine the credibility of conspiracists.’ He further proposed that the Government make ‘secret payments’ to so-called ‘independent’ credible voices to ‘bolster the Government’s message’.

And now, the fattened calf is ready for slaughter. The 9/11 ‘truth movement’ spent 6 years destroying its own credibility as a result of either openly embracing/promoting arsonists within our ranks such as Alex Jones, Jim Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, John Friend and others, or, short of embracing/promoting them, passively tolerating them.

And it isn’t just ‘Hoaxerism’ where this strategy is being applied in destroying the credibility of ‘alternative’ narratives. The entire White Nationalist/Alt right paradigm made famous by creatures such as Andrew Anglin and others has been made as much headline news (if indeed not moreso) than Alex Jones and the Sandy Hook hoax issue. Debacles such as what took place in Charlottesville Virgina last year, featuring obese bubbas in their white KKK outfits, AR15-toting militia guys and an assortment of neo-nazis marching around in 3rd Reich regalia and hamming it up in front of the cameras of the JMSM with stiff-armed salutes and shouts of ‘Seig Heil’ have now been burned into the memory of not just millions, but indeed BILLIONS of people around the world who have now self-incapacitated themselves from wandering into any territory of thought where the ‘JQ’ features prominently.

As we like to remind the readers of this website often, no one ever accused the Jews of being stupid and when we step back and honestly consider the manner by which any and all Gentile resistance to the judaic war against us has been rendered null and void by our own stupid actions, it makes perfect sense then why our enemies refer to us as stupid cattle fit for nothing more than enslavement and slaughter.

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Trump Shooting for ‘win-win outcome’ on peace deal says Friedman

The US embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem hasn’t doomed an “ultimate deal” between the two sides, the US ambassador said.

ed note–again, please plug a few important factors into all of this–

1. The Jews don’t want any ‘peace deal’, which is why they have been opposed to Trump since before he got the Republican nomination and why they are determined to bring him down, despite the gestures he has made with regards to Jew-rusalem and the Iranian deal. War and the presence of strategic tension is the only glue holding together the insane asylum known as the Jewish state, and therefore any meaningful resolution to the problems in the area would spell doom for the entire Judea Resurrecta experiment.

2. Friedman’s position concerning the ‘Russian presence’ in the region and his statement that ‘I guarantee Netanyahu speaks more with the president of the United States than he does with the leader of Russia’ can be read several ways, none of them exclusive–

A. That Netanyahu knows he can’t push Russia around,


B. That Netanyahu has Trump on the ropes politically with all the noise that is generated on a daily basis in the JMSM vis a vis the talk of impeachment and prosecution due to his personal control of Congress and the Mueller probe, and all of this due to Trump’s position concerning his ‘peace deal’. If Trump were as much ‘owned’ by the Jews as some maintain, there would be no talk of any peace deal, the US would be a war with Syria, Iran, Russia, Libya, etc, in exactly the same manner as witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan and all talk of impeachment, Stormy Daniels, Russian interference and the rest would come to a dead stop in a NY minute.

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North Korea demolishes nuke test site with series of blasts

Destruction of facility with foreign journalists on hand intended as goodwill gesture ahead of planned summit with US

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