MSNBC hosts: Trump’s pro-Israel moves are ‘appalling’

Mika Brzezinski slams Trump family for taking part in J’lem embassy ceremony while Gazans rioted, backs claim embassy move was ‘appalling’.

ed note–please, all of you making up the ‘Trump is owned by Djooz’ brigade, remind all of us about the last time that the JMSM elicited as much as a burp of protest or as much as a hiccup of moral outrage over some bloodbath which Judea, Inc had just committed against the Palestinians. Recall Operation Cast Lead, Pillar of Defense, etc, and the sterile, cold-as-ice reporting that took place when it wasn’t just dozens of innocent Palestinians being massacred, but THOUSANDS. Recall as well that words such as ‘appalling’ were absolutely absent from such discussions, despite the obvious disparity that existed between what was happening back when Presidents who truly were ‘owned by the Jews’ sat by and allowed these satanic black masses to occur vs the feigned moral outrage now on display when it is a President whom the Jews don’t like and want replaced ASAP with his Christian Zionist Vice President Mike Pence.

Go ahead, take your time formulating your answer. We’ll patiently wait.

Israel National News

MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski slammed the Trump administration over its handling of the transfer of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Monday, lamenting that the White House did not demand Israel bar the expansion of Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria in exchange for the move.

Speaking with NBC and MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell Monday night, Brzezinski expressed support for Mitchell’s claim that President Trump’s pro-Israel moves vis-à-vis Jerusalem were “appalling”.

“It just to me is appalling that we have no vision at all,” Mitchell said of the embassy move.

“We got nothing for it, no pullback on settlements. There’s no balancing act here.”

“Really,” said Brzezki in agreement.

As Mitchell spoke with Scarborough and Brzezinski, MSNBC ran a banner on screen reading “A Tale of Two Cities: Ceremony in Jerusalem, Deadly Violence in Gaza”.

Scarborough and his fiancé and cohost Brzezinski also ripped the Trump family, including First Daughter Ivanka Trump, over its participation in the grand opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem on Monday.

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, who serves as the president’s senior adviser, both joined the 250-member US delegation to the embassy opening.

The two hosts slammed Kushner and Trump for joining the celebration while Gaza rioters clashed with IDF forces, noting that dozens of rioters were killed.

“And Mika, for the rest of the world you actually saw an administration, a White House, and we’ll say it since Ivanka Trump was there, a family, completely out of touch with the realities of the region that they’re dealing with. And, you know, you had 55 — 55 people killed yesterday – 58?”

“And you had a split screen of what looked like a VIP tent at the Belmont Stakes. They seem totally oblivious to what was going on not so far away.”

Brzezinski interrupted to add “They don’t care”.

  1. #1 by Sal on 05/16/2018 - 9:34

    It may be worth it if Trump’s moves can spark criticism of Israel. Americans are hearing those criticisms. Trump kicked in the back door, since it’s impossible to kick in the front door.

  2. #2 by stlonginus on 05/17/2018 - 9:34

    Oh yeah, sure. Andrea Mitchell (at one time married to Alan Greenspan — are they still ‘married’?) and Mika (my daddy was guilty of war crimes) Brzezinski lose sleep at night worrying about Palestinians.

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