Yahweh’s Chosen Femmes Fatales–Israeli woman living in the US sentenced to prison over plot to murder ex-husband

Oklahoma court sentences Danielle Layman to over 3 years in prison, after she makes poison in plot to murder ex-husband.

Israel National News

An Oklahoma court has sentenced to more than three years in prison Israeli woman Danielle Layman, a Ponca City resident in Oklahoma, who was accused of producing ricin poison to kill her ex-husband and hiring another woman to travel to Israel to carry out the murder.

Danielle Layman

The 38-year-old woman was arrested last year after a woman told the FBI that Layman had posted an advertisement on Craigslist offering a fee for “an overseas acting job.” The woman responded to the ad, and said that Layman claimed to be a Mossad agent, instructing the woman that her task was to poison an Israeli taxi driver. Layman offered the woman $ 5,000 to do the job, and the woman was supposed to drive around in the taxi driver’s cab for a few weeks, occasionally dripping ricin into his coffee.

Later it turned out that the taxi driver was Layman’s ex-husband – Shahar Abekasis of Ashdod – with whom she was in the midst of a custody battle for their child.

In February, Layman admitted to illegal possession of ricin. She admitted that she had produced the poison from castor beans, but insisted she never intended for it to be used, calling the plot “an elaborate fantasy.”

She was sentenced this week to 37 months in federal prison for possessing the ricin, but the court found that the evidence was insufficient to convict her of attempted murder.

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