Yad Vashem slams ‘highly problematic’ Israeli-Polish Holocaust statement

Joint declaration includes ‘grave errors and deceptions,’ institution’s historians argue; senior minister demands Netanyahu rescind it

ed note–a few ‘protocols’ that need to be discussed and understood here.

1. Incredible yet true, if organized Jewish interests today could get into a time machine and go back to that era just prior to that event which they refer to as ‘the Holocaust’ and rescue every single Hebrew and Shebrew from what they claim was Hitler’s deadly grasp, they would not do it. Israel’s 1st PM Ben Gurion made a statement to that effect in so many words when he talked about the need for ‘Jooish suffrink’ in helping to establish the Jooish state and how if he had to choose between saving the blessed 6 million or a handful of hardcore, violent, religious nutcase Zionists, he would choose to save the latter.

The point being, powerful Jewish interests have not/do not/never will shed a genuine tear for whatever it was that took place during those ‘Hollerco$t’ years because it has been a winning lottery ticket that is/can be cashed in whenever these powerful Jewish interests are demanding something.

2. An honest, intelligent analysis of just what encompasses this ‘agreement’ between Poland and the Jewish state reveals that there is absolutely nothing whatsoever about which Jewry should be getting its collective panties in a pinch. The main Hollerco$t narrative remains the same, the numbers have not changed, and the position on the part of the Polish government (that indeed did cease to exist temporarily during WWII) that it was ‘duh Not-zees’ responsible for it is perfectly reasonable from the most basic level of historical accuracy.

So what is it that has Judea, Inc so nervous?

Probably many items, but 2 things for sure–

Although it has not been explicitly stated in any news coverage of this latest drama, more than likely what the Polish government has told Israel is as follows–

‘Look, we’re tired of your s*** and tired of being pushed around by you cockroaches. We’re tired of you screwing around with our politics and our domestic affairs. We’re tired of you sending your Mossad people here to blow things up and start trouble. If you don’t back off, we’re going to open the archives of what actually took place in Auchwitz, Bergen Belsen, etc, from the OFFICIAL Polish government archives and show the world what conmen, liars, and frauds you are. After that, we are going to bring it up at the UN, where we will be sure to get plenty of support from all sorts of other countries who hate your guts too, and pretty soon, the narrative upon which you have based the justification for all your murder and mayhem in the Middle East and beyond will fall apart like a cheap suit.’

The other thing we know for sure is that Jews fear the truth as much as a vampire fears sunlight, and since the entire ‘poor, suffrink Jooz’ narrative is a house of cards that will fall apart the moment it is jostled or moved in the slightest, therefore Israel cannot tolerate anything whatsoever that comes along and destabilizes that precarious narrative upon which all her power is based.

Times of Israel

The Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial center on Thursday slammed an agreement between the governments of Israel and Poland regarding the latter’s record during the Holocaust, saying it would stifle free research on the subject.

A joint declaration issued by Warsaw and Jerusalem “contains highly problematic wording that contradicts existing and accepted historical knowledge in this field,” the institution said in a press release.

The statement is an embarrassing blow to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who last week hailed the agreement and the joint statement that was issued on the occasion as safeguarding “the historic truth about the Holocaust.”

Also on Thursday, Education Minister Naftali Bennett rejected the Polish-Israeli joint statement as factually inaccurate, saying that it will not be taught in Israel schools. Bennett further called on Netanyahu to rescind the statement or bring it to a vote in the cabinet for approval.

On June 27, Netanyahu and his Polish counterpart Mateusz Morawiecki signed an agreement that ended the spat between the two countries over a controversial Polish law that criminalized any accusation of the Polish nation of being “responsible or co-responsible for Nazi crimes committed by the Third Reich.”

Minutes after the Polish parliament passed legislation to remove the troubling passages and President Anderzej Duda signed it into law, the Israeli and Polish governments issued a joint statement on the Holocaust and Poland’s role in it.

It declared that the term “Polish death camps” is “blatantly erroneous” and that the wartime Polish government-in-exile “attempted to stop this Nazi activity by trying to raise awareness among the Western allies to the systematic murder of the Polish Jews.”

The joint declaration, issued last Wednesday simultaneously by Netanyahu and Morawiecki, also rejected anti-Semitism and “anti-Polonism.”

Most controversially, it condemned “every single case of cruelty against Jews perpetrated by Poles during…World War II” but noted “heroic acts of numerous Poles, especially the Righteous Among the Nations, who risked their lives to save Jewish people.”

Presenting the agreement and the statement in Tel Aviv last week, Netanyahu thanked Yad Vashem’s chief historian Dina Porat for “accompanying the work” that led to the agreement.

Earlier this week, The Times of Israel reported that while Porat was indeed involved in the secret negotiations with the Polish government, she did not get to see the final draft of the statement. Yad Vashem, which had issued a statement welcoming Warsaw’s annulment of the law’s controversial paragraphs, was disappointed about the wording of the joint statement, according to the source.

On Thursday, Yad Vashem released a long press release in which its historians detail why they not only contest the joint statement’s historical veracity, but are also dissatisfied with the Polish amendment to the controversial law.

Yad Vashem historians respond to the joint statement of the Governments of #Poland and #Israel concerning the revision of the 26 January 2018, amendment to Poland’s Act on the Institute of National Remembrance http://ow.ly/Rld930kOleu

“A thorough review by Yad Vashem historians shows that the historical assertions, presented as unchallenged facts, in the joint statement contain grave errors and deceptions, and that the essence of the statute remains unchanged even after the repeal of the aforementioned sections, including the possibility of real harm to researchers, unimpeded research, and the historical memory of the Holocaust,” the statement read.

Indeed, the statement “contains highly problematic wording that contradicts existing and accepted historical knowledge in this field,” the statement continued.

The joint Israeli-Polish declaration “effectively supports a narrative that research has long since disproved, namely, that the Polish Government-in-Exile and its underground arms strove indefatigably — in occupied Poland and elsewhere — to thwart the extermination of Polish Jewry.”

However, the Israeli historians add, the London-based Polish government-in-exile and its representatives in Nazi-occupied Poland “did not act resolutely on behalf of Poland’s Jewish citizens at any point during the war. Much of the Polish resistance in its various movements not only failed to help Jews, but was also not infrequently actively involved in persecuting them.”

While the joint declaration — which Poles are actively promoting through full-page ads in newspaper across the globe — appears to give the same balance to Poles who helped Jews and those who persecuted them, Yad Vashem’s statement argues that “decades of historical research reveal a totally different picture: Poles’ assistance to Jews during the Holocaust was relatively rare, and attacks against and even the murder of Jews were widespread phenomena.”

There were Poles who made “impressive” efforts to rescue Jews, but this “cannot be projected onto Polish society as a whole,” the historian argued.

“The attempt to amplify the relief that was extended to the Jews and portray it as a widespread phenomenon, and to minimize the role of Poles in persecuting the Jews, constitutes an offense not only to the historical truth, but also to the memory of the heroism of the Righteous Among the Nations.”

Furthermore, the historians “vehemently reject the attempts to juxtapose the phenomenon of antisemitism with so-called ‘anti-Polonism.’” While terms such as “Polish death camps” are indeed misleading, the term anti-Polonism “is fundamentally anachronistic and has nothing whatsoever to do with antisemitism.”

The cancellation of the section of the controversial Polish law that stipulated criminal sanctions for people accusing the Polish nation of complicity in Nazi crimes “is undoubtedly important,” Yad Vashem’s statement notes.

However, the repeal “reverses the explicit exception that was made for academic research and artistic endeavor in the wording of the amendment,” it lamented. Furthermore, those who accuse Poland of complicity are still liable for civil prosecution, the statement pointed out.

In response, Joseph Ciechanover and Yaakov Nagel — the two Netanyahu confidants who negotiated the agreement with the Polish government — said that Porat, Yad Vashem’s chief historian, had been involved in the process since its inception and that she approved the joint declaration’s historical assertions.

“The joint declaration signed by the Polish government includes an explicit reference to the fact that the ability to carry out research freely was preserved and that no law prevents it or will prevent it in the future,” they said in a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Last week, as they presented the agreement and the statement in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu and his two confidants took great pride in their effort, say they had “stood on guard to protect the truth.”

“We upheld our prime duty to ensure the historic truth about the Holocaust and we will continue to do so,” Netanyahu said at the time.

Early critics of the agreement were leading Holocaust historian Yehuda Bauer, who called it “a betrayal of the memory of the Holocaust and the interest of the Jewish people,” and MK Yair Lapid, who argued that Israel must not negotiate with Poland matters related to the Holocaust.

On Thursday, Bennett, the education minister, and several other opposition MKs joined the chorus of condemnation.

“Israel’s joint declaration with the Polish government is a disgrace that is full of lies and harms the memory of those who perished in the Holocaust,” Bennett tweeted, arguing that it “lacks factual and historical validity” and vowing it will not be taught in the education system.

The joint declaration was not presented to the government and does not represent the opinion of cabinet minister, he added. “It is unacceptable to me and as education minister I demand the prime minister immediately change or cancel it, or alternatively bring it to a vote in the cabinet, where I am sure it will rejected.”

Lapid, too demanded that Netanyahu rescind the agreement.

“The statement that Netanyahu has signed together with the prime minister of Poland is a disgrace and a scandalous embarrassment to the memory of Holocaust victims,” he said.

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    goy not allowed?

  2. #2 by lobro on 07/05/2018 - 9:34

    Pardonnez-moi s’il vous plaît, couple of tweaks to already true paragraph.

    Incredible perfectly understandable yet true, if organized Jewish interests I today could get into a time machine and go back to that era just prior to that event which they refer to as ‘the Holocaust’ and rescue every single Hebrew and Shebrew from what they claim was Hitler’s deadly grasp, they I would not do it.

    what a feeling … to be in perfect sync with JEW …
    because this is the only way to ensure that yes, virginia, there ARE Good Jews, lots and lots of them, trapped inside spielberg’s celluloid jail, cryin & lamentin & grievin to get out, we wanna be freeeeee to be Normal, Next-Door Jews, just like the next door elor azaria and his adoring fans, lotsa hearts+likes on fakebook.

  3. #3 by mothman777 on 07/09/2018 - 9:34

    Everyone simply MUST read the following book by Nick Kollerstrom PhD, £6, an extremely readable book that you will ever forget for the whole of your entire life, because it very lucidly reveals how the ‘British’ started WWI and WWII, despite many attempts by Germany to avoid war with Britain and Poland, whilst Germany in fact regarded England as an invaluable ally, as stated by Hitler in Mein Kampf, the publication of which was prevented in England during war years for that very reason, but what is revealed in this book is simply amazing, you really have to get a copy and recommend to all your friends that they do the same. It is THAT good. All verifiable information sources are included, no ‘vague’ statements, very well written.

    The Stalag version of Mein Kampf is very small print and the whole book is twice as thick as all other versions of Mein Kampf which are written in very large print, you can see from this how very heavily redacted that the real Mein Kampf has actually become, again, for very obvious reasons.


    Hitler was THE peaceful leader, he did not intend war with even one single country, not even Poland, AND WAS NOT MILITARILY PREPARED OR EQUIPPED FOR WAR WITH EVEN ONE COUNTRY ACCORDING TO AJP TAYLOR, having assured his generals that Germany would NEVER go to war against England, though the author says that Germany did go too far in invading Prague, but that Germany offered to withdraw from Czechoslovakia completely to avoid war with anyone, and over 16 appeals for peace to England with very generous terms by Germany were purposely ignored on the instructions of Churchill himself, who hid what he did from Parliament.

    Even from the time before WWII, the complete destruction of Germany and her people were all that was intended, and I myself go so far as to say that Germany was intended to be COMPLETELY destroyed, to finish the same program of destruction that was actually begun in WWII so as to allow the conquering of all of Europe by the newly-Jewish-dominated Russia, the takeover of which had been already unsuccessfully attempted in 1905, before the successful attempt in 1917, as Germany at that time was the only country big enough to stop that invasion by the Jews controlling Russia. and intended to remain so, so it had to be destroyed by the Jews as a matter of policy, which is my own understanding, though Nick Kollerstrom mentions only ‘British’ and ‘Polish’ and ‘Russian’ politicians to allow his excellent work to be published and distributed.

    Poland was slaughtering Germans trapped within lands ceded to Poland from Germany for many years prior to WWII, and despite several very generous peace offerings by Germany to Poland and England to remedy the situation, the persecution, brutality and slaughter against the German folk in Polish territory continued unabated, but necessitating Germany to eventually do exactly what the Polish and British wanted in order to be able to justify war (with Poland to be terribly betrayed by England and Russia eventually in any case) , though Hitler felt protected by the fact that Russia would invade at the same time, but he was betrayed if course, AND ENGLAND NEVER DECLARED WAR ON RUSSIA.

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