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Deep State against Trump just a more sophisticated version of Antifa

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US Senate adopts unanimous resolution declaring that the press is ‘not the enemy of the people’

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Alex Jones destroying evidence in Sandy Hook case, claim says

Father of one of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting says the removal of posts on Infowars’ accounts amounts to destroying evidence.

ed note–keep in mind that this–a very public and official ‘investigation’ into the ‘real’ events at Sandy Hook–is EXACTLY what the Sandy Hook Hoaxers have been screaming about for almost 6 years, and now that it has arrived, are in panic mode over the very real and very likely disastrous outcome that awaits them as a result of all their nuttery.

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Zionist asset and operative for the Deep State John Brennan– ‘Trump trying to suppress freedom of speech’

John Brennan

ed note–that Brennan is a cog in Israel’s machinery within the intelligence apparati in DC is not a matter up for debate, and all can JUST IMAGINE the kinds of deep-level skullduggery in which he has been engaged per Israel’s direction in trying to bring about a coup in seeing Trump removed and replaced with a more cooperative Mike Pence. Furthermore, all can equally rest assured that Brennan–although obviously the most visible and high profile–is not the only one and that an extensive, deeply-entrenched set of dominoes is in place just waiting for the right push that Israel hopes will result in an end to Trump’s talk of the ‘ultimate peace deal’ and a return to business as usual, meaning more wars in which America is engaged as well as the theft of more Arab land in helping bring about ‘Greater Israel’. Read the rest of this entry »

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Abbas–‘We will thwart Trump’s peace plan’

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Trump administration is considering pulling back $3 billion in foreign aid

ed note–3 billion dollars in foreign aid…3 billion dollars…3 billion dollars…

Now, there is something SO familiar about that number…3 billion dollars…3 billion dollars…Where have we heard it before…?

WHY, YES, it is the EXACT figure that is constantly tossed around concerning the amount which Israel receives on an annual basis from the US.


‘Why, oh why,’ the curious watcher of political events wonders, that out of all the numbers Trump and Pompeo the Great could have chosen, did they settle on this particular number–3 BILLION DOLLARS? It could have been 2 billion, or 1 billion, or whatever number, but they settled on 3 BILLION…

Well, it just so happens that Trump is about to unveil his ‘peace’ plan that sure as s*** Israel is going to reject in toto for the simple reason that–

1. It confines Israel to her present boundaries when in fact she plans on stealing everything between the Nile and Euphrates rivers according to the dictates of her Judaic religion, and 

2. It begins the process of creating a ‘Palestinian’ state, the very name/notion of which is absolutely anathema to Jews.

And so, by tossing this number out–‘3 BILLION’, what Trump is in effect doing is telling Israel in very coded language that the chunk of change she receives annually from Sucker Uncle Sam hangs in the balance if she pulls her regular BS and does not cooperate with what Trump intends to do vis a vis his ‘ultimate peace deal’.

Please note that the two congresscreatures mentioned in this piece–Menendez and Corker–who are staunchly opposed to Trump’s ‘3 billion plan’ and who have promised to unleash all sorts of holy hell in preventing him from doing so are DIED IN THE WOOL ZIONIST ASSETS and some of the most important fixers that Israel has on Capital Hill.

Yes, we know the word ‘Israel’ does not appear once in the story.

Yes, we know all about Trump’s daughter being ‘Jooish’…

Yes, we know all about Trump’s son in law being ‘a Joo’.

Yes, we know all about the nice things Trump has said about Israel and about Netanyahu…

Yes, we know all about Trump ‘Jew-rusalem’ Declaration

And we also know that out of all the number amounts Trump and Pompeo the Great could have chosen for this, that they chose the EXACT AMOUNT which is attributed to Israel’s welfare check every year, and no, it isn’t just a ‘coincidence’. Read the rest of this entry »

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Team Trump– ‘No one will be fully pleased with our peace plan, but that’s the way it must be if real peace is to be achieved’

‘Peace can only succeed if it is based on realities’

ed note–A few of those ‘realities’ that formulate Trump’s decision to cede at least part of historical Palestine to Judea, Inc–

1. Israel’s 200+ nukes, many of which have been smuggled into the various capitals of the various world powers and are being used as instruments of extreme political blackmail. Added to this are those nukes that are now lurking below the sea waves, loaded on Israeli subs and which can be launched in any direction at anyone Israel so chooses.

2. Full spectrum dominance/control of the mainstream media which acts as an IV line into the collective and individual thought processes of the entirety of those making up ‘the West’ and whose paralyzed mind control functions can be maneuvered and manipulated at will.

3. Full spectrum dominance of the financial/economic gears and levers of not just the US and the West, but indeed, the entire world, a situation where, with the mere push of a keystroke, entire nations can be turned into cauldrons of chaos and instability with hungry, angry people burning down governments and all existing social/political institutions in a mere few days’ time.

What we are witnessing in effect, not only with Trump’s ‘peace plan’ but just as importantly with all the turmoil and upheaval of the last century beginning with the creation of Judea Resurrecta is the result of avoiding the one thing that should have been done 2,000 years ago, which was a rational, fair, and necessary declaration and statement of fact that Judaism as an ideology was/is something inherently, incurably and irreversibly aberrant, abnormal, and obnoxious to all human systems, and that for the sake of human unity and world peace, needs to be understood and rejected for the backwards protocols and paradigms upon which it is based and which it imposes upon other peoples.

Now, having missed our ‘window of opportunity’, the world–including Donald Trump–can do no more than attempt to placate a monster that should have been cast into the lake of fire millenia ago, a situation where every life on earth hangs in the balance and is dependent upon the mood and appetite of a beast with not only an insatiable sense of self-worship and narcissism, but as well, an irresistible magnetic pull towards the hatred, enslavement, suffering, and death of those Gentiles whom Judaism teaches emanate from the ‘Satanic sphere.’ 

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