Our Revenge Against Hitler–Adherence to the Torah

By Avi Ciment for the Jewish Press

What was Hitler’s main motive in ridding the world of Jews? I think the answer lies in Kristallnacht, when countless Jews were murdered, 30,000 men were sent to concentrations camps, and 267 synagogues were destroyed. It officially marked the beginning of the horrors, and its purpose was to strike at the heart of the Jews – their sacred synagogues, their holy sacred books, their beloved Torah.

Jews armed with the Torah represent the power of good. In fact, Hitler hated our Torah so much that he even provided extra food rations to concentration camp inmates on fast days in order to destroy their spirit. Like the evil prophet Bilaam, he knew the source of our strength lies in our strict adherence to God’s Torah. Their goal was to destroy our ability to observe the Torah, to weaken our spirit, to strike at God through His people.

How many of us – who grew up, not in the horrors of the Holocaust, but in the lap of luxury – are lax in observing God’s commandments? We have the ability to walk around with a yarmulke, find a kosher meal without too much trouble, catch a myriad of daily minyanim, and carry ourselves with real Jewish pride. Yet, how many of us violate basic prohibitions without even giving them a second thought? And how many mitzvot don’t even make it on our radar screens because we’ve fallen so low?

How to take revenge against the Nazis? By doing the very thing the anti-Semites can’t stand–Mitzvot! I could learn Torah. I could spreading the light of God. That’s revenge!

Every time we make a kiddush Hashem, the anti-Semites can’t stand it because we bring God and light into the world. Every time we build another yeshiva, erect another shul, have another baby, donate more charity, spread more Torah – they boil with jealousy. Because we represent the power of good. And they know that our strength comes from our adherence to the Torah.

But the opposite is also true. Every time a Jew intermarries, he’s indirectly granting Hitler a posthumous victory. Every time we violate a law, or hurt or steal from another, we push God’s protective glory away from us.

So let us Jews adhere to the one thing Hitler desperately tried to destroy: the Torah. With each mitzvah we perform, we act as a light unto the nations, who will one day proclaim, “Mi K’amcha Yisrael.”

  1. #1 by stlonginus on 08/10/2018 - 9:34

    “Jews armed with the Torah represent the power of good.”


    “How to take revenge against the Nazis? By doing the very thing the anti-Semites can’t stand–Mitzvot! I could learn Torah. I could spreading the light of God. That’s revenge!”


  2. #2 by Bob Franklin on 08/10/2018 - 9:34

    Bottom line: Several hundred thousand Jews, Gypsies & various other dissidents perished in those camps – due to Typhus & other diseases brought about by ALLIED CARPET BOMBING OF CIVILIAN TARGETS, WHICH, IN ADDITION KILLED AT LEAST AS MANY INNOCENT GERMANS. NOBODY WAS GASSED. Enough lies about “muh six million, guhrillion”. They aren’t sticking anymore. The world is witnessing the barbarically brutal treatment on the Palestinians & hearing the lies QUACKING out of Tel Aviv, & they’re piecing it all together. I’d advise you to keep your little carpet bag packed & ready by the door, but the sadly hilarious fact is you’ve used up pretty much all your escape options. Where ya gonna GO???? No one wants you at this point. You’re just about a flea fart away from losing those billions of dollars in US military aid. You’ve put yourself in the old trick box – nobody else to blame. It’s ALL ON YOU. Never defecate where you eat…

  3. #3 by polskanarodowa on 08/11/2018 - 9:34

    Its good to know what level of madness those psychopaths are reaching at present but nothing else.
    We have to be immune to that kind of crap and propaganda .
    I don’t even want to waste my spit on that
    Jerzy Ulicki-Rek

  4. #4 by YouBetchaPal on 08/11/2018 - 9:34

    Entitlement mentality, the author admits the Jews are failing in their alleged spiritual obligations to god. Notice it says ‘I could’ ‘I might’ ‘Maybe’ His words betray him.

    I just watched two powerful new documentaries about Gaza 2014 & Al Qaeda ‘Path of Blood’ I suggest these are the real ‘fruit of modern Zionists’ If you know any Israel first Christians, or atheist Jews give them a clue. Remember, be very nice and patient.

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