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Lest We Forget– Zionism is a ‘secular’ movement that has no ‘biblical’ basis

ed note–reposted in light of the recent comment left here claiming the usual business that ‘Judaism and Zionism are diametrically opposed to each other’

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Donald Trump Thinks the Jews Aren’t Grateful Enough

Recent report warns of ‘growing frustration’ in the Trump White House for U.S. Jews’ lack of appreciation for his policies toward Israel.

ed note–amongst rational, critical thinkers who have been paying attention, it should not need reminding, but for the sake of those a lil’ slow in the ‘political math’ department, we’ll go ahead and do it anyway–


Sorry, but yes, we had to do that, because just as sure as s***, within 60 seconds of this news story being posted, an entire legion of morons will be leaving comments on this website talking about Trump’s ‘Jooish’ daughter and how his real name is ‘Drumpf’ and has an apartment at 666 Madison Ave or something like that.

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Fish swim, birds fly– Israel maintains her innocence in downing of the Russian Il-20–‘We didn’t hide behind any aircraft’

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Russian Ministry of Defense–Data shows Israeli F-16 hid behind Russian Il-20 to avoid Syrian missile

ed note–at this point the forensics are mere formalities and in the bigger picture no longer matter. What matters is that Judea, Inc did (again) what she does best–stirring up trouble between Gentile peoples in order to get wars started or at the very least, to cause tectonic shifts in geo-political postures to take place.

In this case, what Israel obviously hoped to do was cause the downing of the Russian airliner that would then be blamed on Syria (or possibly even Iran) thus leading to crushing political pressure on Putin to pull Russian troops out of Syria, giving Israel a free to then continue on with all the murder and mayhem that she does best.

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Palestinian Kids’ Long Trek to School – Past the Settlers with machineguns

ed note–a few ‘protocols’ that need to be established and understood here–

1. There is nothing about this–religiously-based violence against innocent Palestinian Gentile children–that is in any way antithetical to ‘true Judaism’, as the world is told now on an incessant basis by various characters out to either–

A. Shield/protect/insulate themselves from being accused of ‘anti-Shemitism’, ‘racism’ and ‘bigotry’,

B.  Maintain that ‘warm, fuzzy feeling’ they get as a result of embracing liberal delusions that ‘all religions are the same’ and that everyone can just ‘get along’, 


C. Deliberately disinform/misinform an increasingly aware world that indeed a Jewish problem exists and to cloud/prevent the Gentile mind from understanding accurately and adequately the nature of the problem which the entire world faces.

The feral behavior on the part of these violent, inbred psychotic Jews in attacking innocent Palestinian children with baseball bats, tire chains, and in some cases shooting at them, is perfectly synonymous with not only the permissions of Judaism, but indeed, its many, many commandments as clearly laid out in black and white alphabetics within the pages of the Torah, otherwise known as the ‘Old Testament’. This fact has been sitting there as an open secret for thousands of years and has been the singular clue in explaining why Judaism and its adherents and acolytes have been unwelcome in every Gentile environment in which they have ever dwelt, a fact that the world is never allowed to forget and something which Judea is completely unwilling to forgive.

It was and remains the job of the religious ‘doctors’–meaning the Popes, priests, prelates, pastors, preachers, etc–to reveal this fact, i.e. Judaism’s inherent and organic magnetic pull towards violence against Gentiles, sometimes covert and sometimes (as is described in this news story) overt, but sadly, all (save a very few who were subjected in their own time periods to an organized and concerted effort of silencing them and censuring their efforts) have been completely derelict in their duties, and now, it is the entire world–whether Palestinian schoolchildren facing baseball bats or everyone else staring at the pointed ends of Israeli nukes–whose lives have been reduced to a mere question mark as a result of this dereliction. Read the rest of this entry »

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In aftermath of Israel’s latest act of skullduggery and murder, Russia to supply Syria with more advanced S300 air defense system

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Amid strained ties between Israel and Russia, Knesset lawmakers demand greater US involvement in Syria

‘Netanyahu takes pride in his relationship with Putin, but the Russian leader is much less romantic,’ warns Yesh Atid MK Ofer Shelah

ed note–a few ‘goodies’ worth noting–

Please carefully analyze the language that Livni is quoted using. She tries to paint herself as a ‘leftie’, but clearly as evidenced by her comments, she is just as much a strategic thinker in terms of military tactics as her counterparts on the right, definitely a ‘holdover’ from her days as a Mossad assassin.

Next, consider the ease with which these Jews allow lies to roll out of their mouths as if they were bowling balls dipped in motor oil. They know exactly what their personal role was in bringing about the attack that downed that Russian plane and yet, rhetorically ask the question ‘why are we being blamed’? Yet another example of that law of nature that must be always remembered when dealing with these people, which is that fish swim, birds fly, and Jews lie.

Next, please consider the following statement from Yesh Atid MK Ofer Shelah–

‘Putin is much less romantic…He has interests, and he acts accordingly. As long as Netanyahu only thinks about tactical coordination and doesn’t push a broader initiative that brings the Americans into the picture, then Putin will take photographs with him, but [Putin’s] people on the ground will be the ones setting the conditions for Israeli operations as they see fit.”

In other words, all the pics on the internet featuring smiles, hugs, handshakes, etc between Putin and Nutty Netty which a certain gaggle of geniuses, experts and know-it-alls within the ‘trooth muuvmnt’ use in ‘proving’ that ‘Putin is a Jew and works for the Jews’ is all for show, that this is something which Putin does for reasons of public consumption but then when the mics and cameras are turned off, he pursues another course entirely.

Next, an interesting statement from Lieberman to consider–

‘This incident has been blown out of proportion, both by the media and by the official rhetoric…’

As it always is with the Jews, when it is something which they have done to others (including in this case a piece of skullduggery that has led to the deaths of over a dozen Russians) that then results in some backlash against them, it is ‘overblown’ and ‘out of proportion’. However, when a Jew somewhere gets a stubbed toe or in some manner finds him/herself on the receiving end of ‘persecution’, all human activity on God’s green earth must cease and desist while a ‘special breaking news report’ takes place highlighting whatever discomfort happens to have befallen one of Yar-way’s Chosenoids.

And finally, the question which we pose here regularly, but to which we have yet to receive a rational response-

WHY do the Jews–GAAAAAWD’S chosen people, after all, who we are told were brought out of Egypt via the power of all sorts of miracles, need an Air Force or any kind of military power at all? If indeed, as we are told on a regular basis, the GAAAAAAWWWWWD of Israel maintains his heavy hand over the entire ‘Jewish state’ project, what need is there for Israel to bomb the daylights out of Syria in order to prevent it becoming a forward operating base for Iran? Furthermore, why the need for American support in the form of $, military hardware, logistics, and political interference at bodies such as the UN?




In all seriousness ladies and Gentilemen, the one thing that all should understand in the aftermath of this little drama is just how close to the razor’s edge all life on earth is, and as usual, it is the same band of troublesome characters who serve as the nucleus of it all, yet another example of how the more things change, the more they remain the same. Read the rest of this entry »