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Former strategist for Trump campaign Steve Bannon predicts impeachment for President pending midterm results

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How They Do It– ‘If we want to protect the Supreme Court’s legitimacy, Kavanaugh should not be on it’

ed note–and, here we go again–

The author of this piece, Jennifer Rubin–

Is a lying, warmongering, Jewish supremacist gangstress and NeoCon Israel firster who takes her orders from this guy, pictured on the right–

–Staring intently at VP Mike Pence and with obvious big plans in his eyes.

All the raucous about Kavanaugh can be boiled down to one issue–How he is likely to vote in the planned political assassination of a US President who has decided that the Israeli Palestinian situation is going to come to some sort of resolution, as imperfect as it may be.

Netanyahu knows this, which is why he wants Kavanaugh’s chances of appointment defeated, and Rubin has gotten her marching orders from Netanyahu on this matter.

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The lynching of Kavanaugh is a dress rehearsal for the Impeachment planned for Trump

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Iranian Ambassador to the UN Gholamali Khoshroo–‘Netanyahu driven by liar DNA’

ed note–Bravo, Mr. Ambassador, but let’s tell the rest of the ‘back story’ involved in all of this–

‘Liar DNA’ is not something that is particular to just Netanyahu. Yes, he is a liar par excellence, which is why he has attained the power and prestige that he has, but the ugly truth of the matter which very few are willing to acknowledge and discuss is that ‘Liar DNA’ is encoded within every individual who is a follower or acolyte of Judaism. It is no coincidence that Netanyahu appeared before the world body and once again lied through his teeth in accordance with his ‘Liar DNA’  just a mere few days after Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Judaic year on which Jews are REQUIRED to recite the Kol Nidre which is the promise–to both their violent ‘god’ Yahweh as well as to each other–to incorporate dishonesty, duplicity, deception and plain old LYING in all the upcoming year’s actions, activities and transactions.

And yet, in what was a very perplexing and even disturbing development just a week or so ago, Iran’s Foreign Minister wished all Jews around the world a ‘Happy Yom Kippur’, again, the holiest day in the Judaic year where Jews avow to each other to obey that ‘Liar DNA’ that runs through their spiritual veins like a raging, rain-swollen river.

Perhaps it was Jesus Christ who said it best in describing the ‘Liar DNA’ that seems to be as intrinsic to Jews as good food and beautiful women are to Italians–

‘You are of your father, the devil, who was a murderer from the beginning and the father of lies…When he lies, he speaks his native tongue’…

Or perhaps, dare we say, it is best said right here on a regular basis in a cheeky, easy-to-remember rhyme–

‘Fish swim, birds fly, and Jews lie’


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Russia says it has started delivery of S-300s to Syria

Announcement by FM Lavrov comes amid crisis in ties with Israel, just days after Moscow said it would supply Assad regime with air-defense system following downing of spy plane

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Netanyahu says Russian sale of S-300 missiles to Syria ‘irresponsible’

ed note–again, please consider the Judaic mindset covering all spectra of Judaic thought processes at work here–

‘We are GAAAAWD’S chosen people and we can murder anyone we want in getting what we covet and anyone who f***** with us or tries to impede us in our God-given right to steal and murder whoever we want is an anti-Shemite who deserves all the death and destruction that is coming their way.’

It is this mindset that has been/is/always will be the electrical current driving all Judaic thought processes and behavior, whether in the ‘Jewish state’ as it exists in the Middle East, the ‘Jewish state’ as it exists in the banking systems of the West or the ‘Jewish state’ as it exists in Hollywood and the JMSM. Covet, steal, murder, lie, cover-up, then cry ‘persecution’ and ‘anti-Shemitism’ when the inevitable blowback occurs, and it has been this way ever since the days of a penniless nomad named Abraham selling his wife Sarah into prostitution to Egypt’s Pharaoh so that he himself would be ‘well-treated’.

It is not just a ‘Zionism’ problem and anyone who tells you differently is either a fool, a liar, or both. Everywhere it has gone, through every time period in history and in every geographical location, the reaction to the Judaic paradigm has always been the same–an autonomic, automatic rejection of the hostile, invading virus and the body’s attempt to protect itself from death and destruction. Now, thousands of years too late, the virus has made its way to the central nervous system of the body politic and there seems to be nothing that can be done in stopping it from what it must do according to the program that has been written into its DNA from the beginning–destroy and devour, even as various world leaders try and deal with it in the half-measured way they can at this, the 59th minute of the eleventh hour. Read the rest of this entry »


How They Do It–Netanyahu vows to keep an ‘open mind’ on US peace plan

Netanyahu tells CNN he won’t voice support for 2 states, prefers ‘substance’ over ‘labels’; would like to see Palestinians ‘have all the power to govern themselves, but none of the powers to threaten us’

ed note–a few protocols to keep in mind here–

1. The only ‘vow’ that a Jew like Netanyahu can be counted on to keep is to act as a toxic, corrosive force upon any and all Gentile societies and to see Israel raised up as the supreme world power in accordance with Judaism’s messianic prophecies found within the Torah that have been around since a penniless nomad named Abraham began hearing voices in his head telling him to slay his first-born son as a ‘sacrifice’ to the Judaic god, Yahweh.

2. The ‘open mind’ to which Netanyahu is referring is the bullet hole he imagines putting in Trump’s head in the same way that Netanyahu’s associates did to John F. Kennedy for daring attempt to restrain the Jewish state from attaining nuclear weapons by which the Jewish state may terrorize and eventually destroy the world and thus by which Judaism’s messianic prophecies can be realized.

3. All can rest assured that within a New York minute of this interview ending where Netanyahu did an award winning performance in pretending to be reasonable and talked about his desire for a ‘Palestinian state’–that he was on the phone with his Deep State people in the US (including those with very recognizable names such as Frum, Rubin, Kagan , Kristol, Cohen, Boot, etc) telling them to turn up the heat on Trump vis a vis the Mueller probe, Kavanaugh, immeegrayshun, Stormy Daniels, ‘Russian Meddling’ and whatever other screws they happen to have stored away in their tool box of dirty tricks in ‘reasoning’ with Trump to drop any and all plans/pretensions/discussions for the creation of any ‘Palestinian state’, the concept of which is as welcome to Judaic ears as penicillin is to venereal disease.

Please note the following–

‘Israel has to have the overriding security. Not the UN, not Canadian Mounties, not Austrian or Australian forces. Israeli forces have to have the security control, otherwise, that place will be taken over by Islamist terrorists, either [Islamic State] or Hamas or Iran, all of the above…’

In other words, Roman legions returning to Judea to provide peace and quiet, or as it was famously known back then–‘Pax Romana’.

As we have pointed out, this isn’t just about creating a ‘homeland’ for duh po’ lil’ Jooz to lay dey weery heds’.

This is about creating the New World Order where Judaism predominates as THE operating system of all human activity in exactly the manner demanded by the very particular and peculiar protocols laid out in black and white terms within the pages of the Torah.

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