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How They Do It– ‘Trump could be indicted in 2021 — unless he’s re-elected’

ed note–Let all watchers of this high-decibel political Jrama understand a few ‘protocols’ here that get little to no discussion these days.

1. Even if the charges against Trump are true, that he paid off the horse-faced hooker Stormy Daniels to stay silent about an affair, this pales in comparison to what has taken place with previous presidents who ascended to the highest office with the blessings, support, and much-needed legal protection afforded them by Organized Jewish Interests who brought them to power for the purpose of utilizing them in furthering Judea, Inc’s aims both on the foreign and domestic playing fields. Doubtless that crimes crying out to heaven for justice were covered up involving previous occupants to the WH (and which equally doubtless were retained as blackmailable skeletons in the closet) that include murder, illicit sexual acts with underage victims, drugs, arms deals, and a whole host of other evil deeds that for the sake of decorum we can avoid listing here.

And yet, none of these received even as much as an inadvertent burp of discussion during those previous years, and certainly never approached the kind of fevered pitch and screeching decibels that are on display today.

Which of course means that the same OJI that brought previous Presidents to power and who utilized them to their own ends are not affording Trump the same ‘fringe benefits’ that were given to his predecessors, thus shredding any credibility of any notions that ‘the system’ brought him to power and ‘loves him’ to this day for all the nice things he has said and done for D’Jooz.

2. It is true that conviction of Impeachment is (as of this moment at least) unlikely, given that the Senate remains in Republican hands, but that could change, given the fact that various members can be turned as a result of having their own skeletons brought out, the allusion to which was made in a recent piece appearing here

But even if Trump were not convicted and removed from office as Judea, Inc would like to see take place, this does not mean that an enormous victory would not be scored by his enemies. Simply by having the House of Reps vote for Impeachment and then having it move on to the Senate for trial, it would break Trump’s legs politically and his entire agenda would be DOA, which would of course include the one item that alone explains all the fire and fury being generated in trying to burn down his presidency, his ‘Ultimate Peace Deal’ between Israel and the Arabs. Read the rest of this entry »

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Trump: People will ‘revolt’ if he’s impeached

ed note–let’s understand something about this straight away–Trump is not just making this prediction in a passe’ fashion, nor is he characterizing this ‘revolution’ as he puts it as a phenomenon that will rise up without his own personal involvement.

This is his way of telling the Kabbal out to dethrone him that he (as well as the rest of his team who remain hidden from public view) is in it for the long haul and if necessary, will utilize the military under his power as CiC in preventing the planned for coup on the part of Judea, Inc. Once a national emergency is declared, he pretty much has a free hand in utilizing the military as he sees fit, which includes having certain members of Congress and other important functionaries within the Justice Department, CIA and other tentacles of the Deep State arrested as Lincoln did during his presidency during the war between the states.

That all of this is understood to be the case by his enemies is not up for debate, a small piece of evidence being the recent Op-Ed that appeared just a week ago dealing with the Emergency powers which the President legally possesses and how he might use them if and when push comes to shove.

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Christmas tree in Israeli mall called a ‘disgrace’ by Orthodox Jewish city official

ed note–the obvious relevance being as follows–

1. All can JUST IMAGINE the nuclear event that would take place if some ‘Christian’ city official in whatever locale characterized a Menorah using the same word–‘disgrace’, which would certainly be justified given that while the Christmas tree represents and celebrates the birth of Jesus, the H’Nooka Menorah however represents and celebrates the religiously-driven mass murder of those who happened to entertain opinions contrary to the teachings and protocols of Judaism.


2. I thought we are all ‘the same’ now, that it was all ‘live and let live’ and a ‘new era’ where Christians and Jooz were BFFs.

Oh, I see now…It only goes in one direction… 

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Three Reasons that Jews need to Study Torah

ed note–and, once again, ladies and Gentile-men, there’s that word…




No, not that film about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, but rather that ‘other’ Torah, which an entire gaggle of experts claim plays no part in modern day Judaism or in the belief/behavior system of today’s Jews, and yet, here we are (again) hearing it from no less than a Rabbi, how important Torah is to the Judaic experience.

One important takeaway to consider from our unesteemed Hebraic author which underscores something that appears here regularly, to wit–

‘The five-year old engages in Torah; at ten, the Mishnah; at 13, mitzvot; at 15, Talmud…’

In other words, Talmud is something that comes later after studying Torah, which would only make sense, given that it is a compendium of rabbinic commentary on how the 613 brain-busting rules of the Torah as handed down by Moses are to be implemented and followed.

Now, undoubtedly, some ask the question WHY we spend so much time repeating this lesson, when once should be enough…

Well, if once WERE enough, we certainly would end it there, but it obviously isn’t. Not a day goes by where we aren’t being ‘schooled’ to some degree by someone who has read a book or a pamphlet put out by one of those aforementioned ‘experts’ whose claim to fame and whose bread and butter are earned by proselytizing on the ‘Khazar/Talmud’ thing in getting down to the brass tacks of the ‘JQ’. Worse yet are those with an emotional attachment to the Torah, Christians of various stripe and specie who believe that a person simply CAN’T believe in JC without believing in the religion of His enemies as well, the worst of those being of the Christian Identity pedigree who believe that they–by virtue of their white DNA–are the literal descendants of the Hebrews and Shebrews featured in the Old Tester-ment.

Anyhoo, we offer the following as yet ‘another brick in the wall’ demonstrating yet again (till next time) that the popular assertion concerning modern day Judaism and its followers being divorced from their Torah is as factually bankrupt as saying that the word ‘syrup’ is a derivative of the word ‘Syria’ because both happen to begin with the same 3 letters.

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Republican lawmakers privately considering dumping their support for Trump

White House reporter tells MSNBC that concrete evidence of wrongdoing by Trump could make continued Republican support for the president untenable.

ed note–could be fake news or it could be true, because as the last 50+ years has shown, there is barely a beating heart in Congress when it comes to standing up to the infernal demands of Judea, Inc.

If true–and more than likely it is–what it means is that when time comes round for an up or down vote vis Impeachment that Trump cannot count on his own party to do what is in the best interests of the country but rather to cave in to the demands of the Jooish lobby that is seeking his ouster, come hell or high water.

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More Mueller developments coming this week in Manafort, Cohen and Flynn cases

Recent disclosures in Mueller’s cases have intensified questions about whether House Democrats plan to draft articles of impeachment against Trump in the next Congress

ed note–No folks, contrary to the ‘conventional wisdom’ put out for public consumption on the part of a gaggle of experts these days, this isn’t all ‘just a act’, anymore than it was ‘just an act’ when Israel pulled the trigger and blew the head off of a certain President named Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963 in Dallas Texas.

For all his obvious pandering to Jewish interests, nevertheless Trump is out to bring a peace deal to the Middle East come hell or high water, Judea Inc knows this to be the case and is therefore committed 666% to stopping him through whatever means necessary.

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How They Do It–House Foreign Affairs Committee led by Jewish Congressman Engel may probe Kushner’s ties with Saudi Crown Prince

House Foreign Affairs Committee plans to conduct thorough review of US policy towards Saudi Arabia.

ed note–as explained here the moment it began and on multiple occasions, Khashoggi was killed in order to kill Trump’s ultimate peace deal by destabilizing the Saudi regime, and now with Trump’s enemies in control of Congress, all can rest assured that the stops will be pulled out in strangling this baby in the crib as quickly as possible.

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