Israeli crime boss who heads global drug smuggling network arrested in Brazil


Brazil captures drug smuggling network leader after he escapes Israeli custody in Paraguay during extradition.

ed note–Given the deep involvement that Israel’s Mossad maintains with the world wide trafficking in drugs, sex slaves, child porn, organ harvesting, etc , all can rest assured that the ‘escape’ which this crime lord achieved was done with ‘inside’ help.

Israel National News

An Israeli drug dealer who leads a smuggling network was captured in Brazil after trying to escape extradition.

Dany Treyger, 32, was initially arrested last week in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Bolivia, and taken to Paraguay’s capital city Asuncion. He was expelled from Paraguay and handed over to Israeli authorities, who were to escort him to the Jewish state on a flight via Brazil, reported Paraguayan newspaper La Nacion.

Due to problems with the flight in Sao Paulo, Treyger was lodged at a hotel, from which he escaped on Sunday. He was rearrested on Wednesday

Treyger, an Israeli citizen, was scheduled to be on a plane on Thursday to Israel, which announced earlier this week that 37 suspects had been arrested so far for involvement in the drug smuggling network, Israeli media reported.

Treyger intended to establish a base of operations between Paraguay and Bolivia, where women would be recruited to smuggle drugs to Israel, reported ABC Color news website.

  1. #1 by robken on 12/07/2018 - 9:34

    They have their finger in every pie….

  2. #2 by St. Longinus on 12/08/2018 - 9:34

    But, but…our “elder brothers in faith” are as honest as the day is long and as pure as the driven snow….somehow this arrest must circle back to that ancient hatred we know to be “anti-shemitism”. WHY extradite him to IsRaEl? I’m sure this mossad ‘asset’ has NOT broken any IsRaEli laws. The very night he lands in Tel Aviv he’ll be released to his ‘Bubbie’ and given a congratulatory dinner with a prostitute as a night cap.
    It sounds like no country wanted to grapple with the Kosher Nostra on this one. This Treyger fellow went from Bolivia where he had been arrested to Paraguay to a flight to Brazil and presumably a flight to Israel after that, but where the flight ran into difficulties — none of which is actually explained in the slightest detail, and somehow, by the grace of “Ha-Shem,” Treyger managed to slip away.
    Then Treyger was rearrested 3 days later and was ‘scheduled’ for another plane ride to Israel (I hope that airline has ‘kosher’ meal offerings and can get him to Tel Aviv before sundown on the shitbat) but the article doesn’t let the reader know whether he actually left South America and if he did leave South America, where he actually traveled. (Langley? Frankfurt? Montreal? Casablanca?)

    The article does state that Treyger had plans to “establish a base of operations between Paraguay and Bolivia, where women would be recruited to smuggle drugs to Israel, reported ABC Color news website.” (Let me just state here and now and without any equivocation, I’m triggered by the use of the corporate name “ABC Color” and I think it’s likely I’m not alone…)

    So, those women of color would be recruited to provide cover for the mossad and if caught performing those activities would be given a ‘fair’ trial in accordance with Yewish law, and then driven out to the desert to pay for their crime(s), never to be seen nor heard from again, I imagine.

    And WE are supposed to believe the fairytale written and promulgated by the Yews about the Yews having been slaves in Egypt is historical truth? Well, I may think about it when hell freezes over…

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