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Who’s afraid of a Jewish state?

‘Judaism is an indivisible amalgam of both religion and nationality and anyone who seeks to separate the two will produce mutations that are not viable.’

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How They Do It– ‘How Did Israeli Elections Get So Racist?’

ed note–Please keep in mind that in 11 out of 10 cases, every member of every ‘Jewish’ household has grown up hearing the word ‘Goy’, ‘Schvartze’, ‘Shiksa’, ‘Ishmaelite’, ‘Amelekite’ and a laundry list of other words of Judaic origin that are unequivocally anti-Gentile in their character. In addition to this, equally rest assured is the fact that all the heroes of Judaic lore such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Samuel, David, etc, etc, etc, as well as all the Hebraic womenfolk such as Esther, Deborah, Judith, who engaged in violent behavior against Gentiles in furthering the well-being of the tribe are not remembered as embarrassments or as a source of shame within the Judaic family history, but indeed, with beaming pride and with screaming praise.

Therefore, our unesteemed Hebraic author asking the question ‘HOW???’ the political process in the JEWISH state has become so ‘racist’ is in and of itself an exercise in hasbara before the article even burps out the first word of its introductory sentence. The intimation here is that there is something abnormal, out of place and unexpected with Judaic racism oozing its way into the election process in Israel and that therefore, a Jew asking such questions in what appears to be an air of genuine interest and curiosity intimates that Jews are not racist by nature, when in fact, they are the only religious group in human history who adhere DOGGEDLY to the notion of their ‘Chosen-ness’, in and of itself racism and exclusive-ism at the cellular level.

What’s worse is how many Gentiles–and particularly of the left-leaning variety–will lap this up as if it were healing waters from some magical fountain, not considering for a moment that the entire thing is merely another exercise in Judaic slight-of-hand in making the sheep believe that the wolves really are just like them and that no danger exists whatsoever in the two species co-habitating in close proximity to each other.

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How They Do It–After years of study and discussion, incalculable human suffering, oppression, mass murder, oceans of innocent blood, and Genocidal wars against the Palestinians and others, Jewish Voice for Peace rejects Zionism

ed note–Yes, we ‘tweaked’ the title a bit in order to bring into better focus some of what was obviously left out.

Let’s employ the equivalent here–someone who is not only staunchly pro-abortion, but indeed, is an abortionist who during his career performed this particular medical ‘art’ hundreds of thousands of times and who–as a trained and certified MD–knows better than anyone else just how human are these ‘non-humans’ who he kills for an agreed-upon fee.

Then, after decades of doing this, he has his own ‘coming to Jesus moment’ and in an abrupt volta-face, changes his mind and admits that indeed these younglings are human beings and that killing them is the equivalent of murder.

And everyone cheers for his having finally–FINALLY–‘seen the light’ to which he was (somehow) blinded previously, without questioning what it was about his particular and peculiar moral/intellectual energies that prevented him from recognizing this fact from the very beginning, when all the facts and figures of the paradigm were exactly the same as they are now.

As it pertains this latest volta-face on the part of JVP, the obvious ? that needs asking is what liabilities exist either in the here and now or in the hereafter that may have contributed to this decision, as well as whatever opportunities may come from them having now experienced their own ‘coming to Jesus’ moment vis a vis a situation that is identical in every respect to what has existed since 1948.

Perhaps the answer to this question lies in the statement that appears in the piece, a statement which reveals that at its very core, is about promoting Jewish exceptionalism under a different guise/ruse, to wit–

It helps restore pride in my Jewish heart and soul knowing that a small but growing cohort of Jewish people of all ages, colors, genders and sexual orientation have chosen to honor the moral, ethical and religious values that make us “Jewish” at our core, and for which we were ‘chosen’.

In other words, ladies and Gentile-men, as usual, even when the Jews feign surrender, it is only a tactical maneuver in re-gaining the upper hand later.

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On Hollerco$t remembrance day, Poland blots out any mention of its own complicity

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Vandals throw Torah scrolls on floor in Jerusalem synagogue attack

Netanyahu says he is shocked by desecration in Kiryat Yovel neighborhood; interior minister slams vandalism as an ‘outrageous anti-Semitic pogrom’

ed note–and there it is, that word again–


Not ‘Talmud, but 


Now, some undoubtedly wonder why we spend so much time in underscoring this theme, and he’s why–

The entire Judaic power structure is like the proverbial house of cards that has been constructed with a million different lies, falsehoods, inaccuracies, etc, and it is this very paradigm–of overwhelming and inebriating the Gentile mind with falsehoods of various size, scope, species, and severity so as to incapacitate it from accurately understanding the nature of the ‘JQ’–that accounts for what has now become a plague in and of itself as represented by Jewish power.

One of these falsehoods (unfortunately as popular in certain Gentile ‘neighborhoods’ as is the ‘Judaism ain’t Zionism’ nonsense) is the notion that modern day Judaism and its adherents do not follow the Torah but rather the Talmud, a paradigm whereby the former is presented and accepted as ‘holy’, holistic, and beneficent to mankind and as the ‘word of God’, while the latter is characterized as the substance-opposite of the Torah that has produced all the ills of the world today, or at least those ills where organized Jewish interests are intimately involved.

As pointed out here regularly however, both notions are baseless and as bereft of fact as saying that a whale is a fish just because there are certain superficialities that would lead the less studious types to conclude thus.

In the first sense, and as partially evidenced by what appears in the following news story, indeed the Torah is as much part of modern day Judaism as peanuts are part of peanut butter. Every Sin-a-gogue in the world contains Torah scrolls, and on every sabbath (Saturday) a certain ‘parsha’ (part) of those scrolls is read. At the end of the 52 week cycle and beginning on the Jewish New Year of Yom Kippur, the cycle of Torah reading begins anew with the book of Genesis.

It has been this way for thousands of years and all anyone need do in accurately (and honestly) coming to terms with these facts is to bother themselves with a mere few minutes’ research in fereting out truth from fiction.

So the obvious question that begs be asked in all of this is just WHY people embrace such notions, and the answer to that is equally easy to understand–Just as the Jews utilize falsehoods in building their power structure, they also know just what kinds of falsehoods make good bait for those Gentile fish which they intend to catch and eat. Christians of various stripes put the Torah into an equal (or sometimes even higher) caste as they do the New Testament. They have been taught that warlords such as Moses, pimps such as Abraham, thieves and fraudsters such as Jacob and 1st-degree murderers such as David were ‘pre-figurements’ of Jesus, despite the fact that ‘Jesus, son of Mary’ was as opposite their characters as Elliot Ness was to Al Capone.

Worse yet are those ‘Christians’–and particularly of the ‘Identity’ variety, as well as their color-opposite counterparts, the ‘Black Hebrew Israelites’–who view themselves in the most ego-pandering method imaginable as the literal, DNA-descendants of those same aforementioned warlords, pimps, thieves, fraudsters, and 1st-degree murderers.

As it is with any house of cards, all that need take place is to begin flicking a few of them in order to make the entire flimsy structure collapse, and yet, despite all the evil, turmoil, and the fact that Armageddon itself approaches like an apocalyptic storm that threatens to destroy all life on earth, for the most part it will be found that Gentiles–for reasons rooted in their own personal emotional attachments–simply will not part with those delusions which please them the most, despite the fact that it is these very delusions which are the most deadly to their own continued existence. Read the rest of this entry »


U.S. and Taliban Agree in Principle to Peace Framework and withdrawal of US Troops

ed note–kind of a strange thing to do on the part of an administration who some claim is a slave to Israel and who we are told wants to start WWIII.

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Presidential contender Kamala Harris jabs Trump on Russia: ‘Foreign powers infecting the White House like malware’

ed note–As we like to say here, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and in this case, Harris is right, except that it is not the Russians who have their hooks into the power structure operating in Washington DC, but Israel, and what’s worse is the fact that she knows this to be the case but yet would never breathe a word of it  knowing that not only would her political career be over, but as well, quite possibly her very existence. 

The one possibility that all need to consider in all of this is that the Russians DID indeed help Trump out, not in the interests of ‘buying and controlling’ the WH, but rather in the interests of avoiding the same WWIII scenario that would have been a fait accompli had Trump’s competitor won in 2016, and that it is this fact, that AIPAC–the godzilla in the room that has never lost an election since its days as the American Zionist Counsel–has been replaced and supplanted that is fueling the anti-Trump inferno these days in a manner not seen since Mel Gibson became enemy numero uno as far as Judea, Inc was concerned. 

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