Surprise! Surprise! Israel releases the Yeshiva students suspected of killing Palestinian mother


MEMO – Shin Bet added that the five, who are students at the Pri Haaretz religious seminary in the Rechelim settlement in the northern occupied West Bank district of Nablus, were arrested “after intelligence efforts connecting them to the death of Al-Rabi.”

“The four were released after it was decided that the investigation could continue while they were under house arrest and other limiting conditions,” Shin Bet added. CONTINUE READING

  1. #1 by mothman777 on 01/11/2019 - 9:34

    Though MEMO have banned me from making any comments at all for nearly a year now on their site whilst I have been entirely supportive of their articles, this is a good article by them. I must have criticized Jews somewhere to get banned by them, in accordance with their lame, soft-headed policy on posting, as they have not quite got the understanding yet to wake up enough to understand what the Jews are, and to call a spade a spade. About a year ago a whole rash of sites who had previously published my posts suddenly all banned me together, especially those who use the fiercely Jewish-controlled Disqus, and I think the government Jewish-dominated ‘intelligence’ agencies are driving that policy in accordance with the latest directives about ‘wiping out’ so-called ‘anti-semitism’.

  2. #2 by lobro on 01/12/2019 - 9:34

    what is it with all these inbred shmuels that they are all soaked in grease, is it part of the genetic screening besides psychopathy? i mean, just look at him.

    they look like cockroaches in heat and i guess it makes them just as slippery when dodging whatever is aimed at them, whether criticism or the spray can nozzle.

    i guess that all those oil reserves under the desert sands are the best evidence of some ancient holocaust.

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