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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicted in corruption cases

The indictment marks the first time in Israeli history that a sitting prime minister has been charged with a crime.

ed note–before all the usual suspects, and particularly within the ‘Pro-Palestine’ community, erupt with orgasmic enthusiasm over this development, recall that it is but another manifestation of ‘by way of deception, we shall make war…’

Firstly, the obvious–Netanyahu is a war criminal with the blood of not just tens of thousands, but indeed MILLIONS of innocent people on his hands. Besides Gaza, there is–

1. 3,000 Americans who lost their lives as a result of the Israeli-engineered terrorist attacks on 9/11 with which Netanyahu was intimately involved at both the planning and operation levels and which he characterized as ‘good’ in that they would generate ‘immediate sympathy for Israel’,

2. The genocide in Iraq that killed over a million and displaced even more,

3. The genocide in Libya that killed hundreds of thousands in the NATO bombing campaign,

4. The genocide in Syria, which killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions more,

5. Yemen and its carnage which is ongoing.

And yet, he is being charged with ‘white collar’ crimes of ‘corruption, bribery, fraud and breach of trust.’

This is about Israel doing a little TLC-based maintenance to her public image in affecting the mirage of a Jewish state that is governed by the same Western laws proscribing dishonesty, corruption, and theft, all of which are considered virtues within the Judaic paradigm. Like a VD-infected prostitute run down on drugs, covered with Meth sores all over her body, teeth rotting out and who smells like an outhouse walking on 2 legs who checks herself into some rehab center to get ‘cleaned up’ only to emerge a few weeks later and return to the streets in a much more marketable manner, likewise, the whore of Babylon calling itself the Jewish state is doing the same.

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How They Do It– ‘Trump’s deal of the century is destined to fail’

ed note–of the various reasons which our unesteemed Hebraic author lists in underscoring why Trump’s peace deal is doomed, the one he assiduously avoids listing is the fact that his cousins spread throughout the American ‘Deep State’, including but not limited to the Jewish controlled mainstream media, the US Congress, the CIA/FBI/NSA/DHS and Justice Department, as well as all the rest of those Jermites of lesser stature who have been tasked with the mission of chewing away at the load-bearing support columns of the Trump Administration will not be deterred in their drive to make sure that no ‘peace deal’ takes place as it would bring an end to the Judaic territorial expansionism as clearly mandated take place within Judaism and within the various decrees of its infernal book, the Torah. Read the rest of this entry »


The deeper significance of the red string bracelet worn by Cohen during congressional hearings

ed note–posted as a lil’ reminder to all those who think they know a thing or two about the HIGHLY nuanced manner in which powerful Jewish interests and individuals operate by virtue of having read a few passages from the Talmood that the very limited and merely remedial manner in which some approach their understanding of the ‘JQ’ is completely inadequate in fleshing out anything more than the most one-dimensional picture, as these people operate and communicate with each other on a level that escapes ENTIRELY the notice and comprehension of Gentiles. Read the rest of this entry »


Trump’s deal of the century includes economic incentives and prosperity for Palestinians as necessary component to peace

ed note–as you read this and factor into it that not only the bulk of the money, but as well, all the political and organizational management for this peace deal are to come from Saudi Arabia, recall the obviously-scripted and affected outrage on the part of the JMSM and all the other hirelings in Congress over the killing of the journalist Khashoggi and the attempts on the part of Judea, Inc to pry Saudi Arabia away from the Trump White House.

Recall as well the distressing fact that in the midst of the immediate aftermath of Khashoggi’s murder and the predictable screeching campaign that took place, that out of the thousands of websites out there dedicated to dealing with Zionism and the Palestinian issue, there was only one–count it, ONE–website that accurately pinned the murder of Khashoggi to an attempt on the part of Israel to kill Trump’s planned ‘peace deal’. Read the rest of this entry »


US peace plan said to include $25 billion in West Bank and Gaza investments, $40 billion to surrounding Arab states

The plan is already running into Israeli opposition, as Netanyahu’s governing coalition, composed of religious and nationalist hardliners who oppose serious concessions to the Palestinians are warning about the establishment of a Palestinian state under Trump’s plan.

ed note–exactly as we cautioned a year ago with Trump’s Joo-roo-salem decision and his subsequent cutting off of funds to the PA and other groups, before everyone defaults into tweaker mode and reacts in precisely the manner needed and desired by Judea Inc, perhaps the thing to do is just wait and see what comes next.

Keep in mind that–just as they have done and do across the board with all peoples–it is the perfected use of economic strangulation which organized Jewish interests are using in pushing the Palestinians out of their historic homeland. Therefore, Trump bringing economic development to these besieged people not only occupies their time with working and earning a decent living, but as well, gives them the environment for establishing even DEEPER roots with the sacred soil under their feet, something that for obvious reasons Israel does not want, and hence, why there is this 24/7/365 coup d’etat in progress right now before the eyes of 7 billion people living on God’s green earth.

Yes, Trump & co are serious about at least beginning the process of coming to some sort of resolution to this intractable problem, as imperfect as such a resolution can only be considering the incalculable suffering that the Palestinians have endured, but it is at least a start and is FAR BETTER than the alternative–the status quo which guarantees not only the continued daily murder of Palestinians, but as well a conflagration that is sure to ignite WWIII. Read the rest of this entry »

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Kahane’s Knesset Legacy: ‘If There’s No Torah, the Pigs Will Take Over the Country’

The former lawmaker’s words may be a preview of the speeches we can expect if his ideological heirs enter the Knesset

ed note–and once again, there’s that WORD that we are told by all sorts of experts doesn’t exist, or at least plays no role in formulating an accurate understanding of the parameters surrounding this thing known as the ‘Jewish Question’–


Not ‘Talmud’, but


We are forced to point this out–AGAIN–due to what is the deliberate and willful refusal on the part of the better percentage of people out there claiming to be ‘wise’ to the ways of d’Jooz to come to rational grips with certain uncomfortable truths that clash with their own particular and peculiar brand of religious emotionalism when it comes to the Torah, or ‘Old Testament’. These types–in the face of overwhelming counter-evidence to their position  (a portion of which appears here regularly) make the claim that ‘Torah’ (their beloved Old Testament) plays no role whatsoever in generating the dangerous electrical spiritual current that drives modern day Judaic behavior, but rather that it is the mean ol’ Talmood that is the source of all the trouble.

As we point out here regularly, and using Jewish sources in doing so, this is as much absolute poppycock as saying that snakes and lizards are not related to each other within the animal kingdom as evidenced by the fact that one has legs and the other doesn’t. All one need do is peruse the Jewish press on any given day and this popular yet factually-bankrupt assertion is disproved in the amount of time it takes to say the word ‘Deuteronomy’.

Now, as it relates to the various things attributed to Kahane, before he died and went to Jew hell where he doubtless is as happy as a pig in s*** and where he belongs–

1. ‘fighting the secular and “Hellenized” left-wingers’ and the ‘contradiction between the State of Israel being both a democracy and a Jewish State’ and the ‘insurmountable contradiction between the concept of a Jewish state and the concept of western democracy’…

As we have pointed out here regularly, this is an EXTREMELY important paradigm to understand–how the Jews view the Greeks, Romans, and the West in general. As much as Israel–the Jewish State–claims to be a ‘democracy’, the fact is that it isn’t, wasn’t, and never will be as long as it remains a ‘Jewish’ state, because Judaism and Hellenism (the tree from which Western thought and ‘democracy’ are produced) are as ontologically and organically opposite each other as are syphilis and penicillin.


2. ‘He warned secular Jews that the first person who was killed (murdered) by the Maccabees was a Jew who wanted to eat pork’  and warned against compromises on this issue, saying ‘for us, the Jewish people, the holy nation, there are no foolish concepts such as live and let live.‘ There’s no such concept in the Jewish world because God won’t let us live in lawlessness, and unbridled freedom, as we wish. If there’s no Torah, there won’t be peace, serenity or rest. The pigs will take over the country.’

Boy talk about a mouthful there–

Firstly, recall that the Maccabees were the forerunners and founding fathers of religious terrorist groups such as ISIS which today feature in the news every day. In order to prevent Jews from escaping their Judaism, the Maccabees instituted a religious reign of terror and hunted down those Jews who were seen as ‘soft’ in their Judaism in the same way that ISIS decapitates Muslims whom they view as being ‘soft’ in their Islam.

Secondly, please consider the double entendre contained within his ‘without Torah, the pigs will take over the country’ comment–

He is not talking about the ‘swine’ running around on 4 legs, but rather the 2 legged  Gentiles whose presence in the ‘promised land’ is FORBIDDEN within the various teachings of the Torah.

And yet, despite this historical truth, throughout the West during every H’nookah, menorahs–which are the symbol of this reign of Maccabbee terror–are lit by the thousands and accepted and even CELEBRATED by Westerners even though what it represents is the Judaic hatred of the West and the blood oath which Jews have taken for 2,000 + years to see the West eventually destroyed.

Equally important in getting all this ‘Torah vs Talmud’ business straightened out however is what all of these political developments vis a vis this sudden revival of ‘Kahane-ism’ means, as it is being done deliberately in order to create an uber right-wing government in Israel that will function as a concrete wall in preventing Trump from implementing even the preamble of the ‘ultimate peace deal’ which he intends to present in trying to prevent WWIII from erupting in the very near future.

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Trump praises ‘special relationship’ with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un at start of Hanoi summit

ed note–The title above and accompanying story come right from the official White House website where they made sure to put the term ‘special relationship’ in quotation marks in order to get the point across that this is a verbatim quote.

Where else have we run into that term ‘special relationship’?

Every US President since Israel’s inception, every member of Congress, every Israeli Prime Minister, in short–EVERYONE of any consequence whatsoever when it comes to what has been the most dangerous 2-headed beast in human history known as USrael.

And even though the fact that this was put into quotation marks by the White House personally will escape the attention of entire swaths of commentators and ‘analysts’, rest assured, it will NOT escape the notice of Israel.

Trump’s ‘special relationship’ with Kim Jung Un, in addition to bringing to an end a 70-year war that need not continue, is also–much like Trump’s border wall with Mexico–being used to prime the political pump for even bigger plans, and especially in the Middle East. North Korea is being wined -n-dined into joining the family of nations, getting rid of her nukes and adopting more of a cooperative posture with the rest of the world, exactly almost word-for-word/play-for-play what Trump would like to see accomplished in the Middle East vis a vis Iran and the Palestinian/Israeli situation.

As we said, even though this particular and peculiar positioning of those quotation marks around that often used phrase ‘special relationship’ doubtless will not get the kind of discussion that it deserves, rest assured, there are people in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, NY, etc who are NOT pleased with this in the least. Read the rest of this entry »

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