Lieberman–‘If charged, Netanyahu’s chances of forming government are close to zero’

ed note–again, as we have covered here from the very beginning of all this Jrama involving the ‘snap’ elections in Israel, what it all revolves around is 3 words–




Without a functioning government in Israel, no ‘peace deal’ with the Palestinians can be negotiated or ratified and this is the reason for all the recent instability that began with Lieberman’s ‘resignation’ as Offense Minister and Netanyahu’s coalition falling apart. If Netanyahu wins the seat as PM and due to his ‘legal’ troubles does not garner the necessary votes to form a coalition government, then by design, no legal provision exists for moving forward with any ‘peace deal’ as Trump is proposing.

Times of Israel

Former defense minister Avigdor Lieberman has reportedly claimed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will likely fail to form a government even if his Likud party wins the elections, due to coalition partners’ refusal to serve under a premier who may by then be formally accused of criminal offenses.

The Yisrael Beytenu party leader said a possible scenario would see Netanyahu reaching a plea deal in which he would quit politics before the April 9 vote, in exchange for not being charged in the three corruption cases against him, the Ynet website reported Sunday.

“If such a deal is signed, Likud will have to choose an heir [to Netanyahu] before the elections,” he reportedly said. “In such a case we are in for a shakeup and it isn’t clear how it will end.”

Police have recommended Netanyahu stand trial for bribery in three separate corruption cases. Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit is currently reviewing the material and is reportedly set to announce a decision this month, but final charges would only be filed after a hearing procedure, which could take up to a year.

“Likud will win the election, but it is safe to assume that if it is decided to file an indictment against Benjamin Netanyahu before the elections, his chance of forming a new government are close to nil,” Lieberman reportedly said at a closed meeting in the town of Mevasseret Zion, near Jerusalem.

“Therefore, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Netanyahu will reach a plea deal before the elections,” Lieberman continued.

In Lieberman’s telling, rival right-wing leader Education Minister Naftali Bennett would stymie Netanyahu’s ability to form a coalition after elections.

Bennett and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, who together recently launched the New Right party, haven’t clearly said whether they would agree to join Netanyahu’s government if Mandelblit announces an indictment pending a hearing before the election.

Last month, Hadashot TV aired a report saying that as part of the so-called Bezeq corruption case, or Case 4000, Netanyahu had personally overseen a political hit job against Bennett, pushing for the Walla news website to publish a report that Bennett’s wife, Gilat, had served as a chef at non-kosher restaurants, and another report linking Bennett’s father to incitement against assassinated prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in the 1990s.

“It is clear to me that Bennett hasn’t forgotten or forgiven Netanyahu for anything, mainly what he tried to concoct on the Walla website against his wife and father,” Lieberman reportedly told supporters.

“Bennett will readily stab Netanyahu in the back, stand in front of the cameras and passionately speak about the rule of law and moral integrity,” he said. “Some of the other potential partners will do the same. I think they’re lying in wait for Netanyahu to be charged.”

Lieberman stressed that as long as Netanyahu isn’t convicted and all his appeals are rejected — a process likely to take several years at least — his Yisrael Beytenu party will regard Netanyahu as innocent.

The New Right responded by slamming Lieberman and mocking him for publicly saying several years ago that if he is made defense minister, Hamas politburo leader Ismail Haniyeh would be dead within 48 hours. Lieberman was then appointed defense minister and did not deliver on his promise.

“As the public understood long ago, MK Lieberman is a tireless talker. The terrorist Ismail Haniyeh, who is still patiently waiting for the end of Lieberman’s 48-hour threat, can testify to that,” Bennett and Shaked’s party said.

“The New Right party stands behind its clear stance: We will recommend that the president task Netanyahu to form the government.”

The Likud party did not comment on Lieberman’s remarks.

In Case 4000, Netanyahu is suspected of having advanced regulatory decisions as communications minister and prime minister from 2015 to 2017 that benefited Shaul Elovitch, the controlling shareholder in Bezeq, the country’s largest telecommunications firm, in exchange for positive coverage from Elovitch’s Walla news site.

In Case 1000, Netanyahu is suspected of receiving benefits worth about NIS 1 million ($282,000) from billionaire benefactors in exchange for favors.

Case 2000 involves a suspected illicit quid-pro-quo deal between Netanyahu and Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper publisher Arnon Mozes that would have seen the prime minister weaken a rival daily, the Sheldon Adelson-backed Israel Hayom, in return for more favorable coverage from Yedioth.

Netanyahu denies any wrongdoing, and has claimed the investigations are part of a political vendetta and witch hunt aimed at ousting him, involving the political left, the media and the police.

  1. #1 by Staś on 02/10/2019 - 9:34

    Anything for war! This is huge. Bold move. Americans back Trump or it is even more war!

  2. #2 by Ladybat2 on 02/10/2019 - 9:34

    All the more reason why Trump should not have announced the East Jerusalem embassy move so quickly. Because now if this all falls apart like this article is indicating that its probably going to israel has once again been handed something more than they had before by yet another American President. I hope at the very least if there is no israeli government to deal with that Trump announces another postponement on the Embassy move that says something along the lines of ” Move postponed until there is an israeli government to deal with”.

    I’ll have more respect for him if he at least does that. But if he continues on with the move until its fully and 100% established then that shows me where he stood in all of this.

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