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New Zealand Muslim leader dismisses colleague’s claims Mossad ordered killings

Head of mosque alleged Israeli intelligence, Zionist businesses behind massacre in Christchurch that killed 50

ed note–one again, Prima Facie evidence of how and why the Jews always win.

The initial statement on the part of the Imam that ‘Mossad’ was behind the murder of 50 innocent Muslims kneeling in prayer was by itself a STUPID thing to say. Unlike the terrorist attacks on 9/11, where at least POWERFUL circumstantial evidence existed in the arrest of the 5 dancing Israelis who later turned out to be Mossad, there was no evidence–circumstantial or otherwise–tying Mossad to the murders in Christchurch.

Rather, the Imam–as well as every other person since the time of those murders who has alleged that ‘Mossad’ was behind this horrific event–had all the raw, unassailable evidence needed in ‘proving’ Israel’s role in this murder of 50 innocent Muslims, as well as all other similar events, including the war on terror, the ‘Arab Spring’ and everything else, and it is none other than this–


And this–

Otherwise known as–


–and which is an extension and department within Israel’s Mossad and which has been the primary source in creating, sustaining and fueling the hatred of Islam that resulted in the horrific murders taking place in Christchurch.

However, rather than focusing on this piece of slam-dunk-convictable evidence, instead, this Imam–as well as many others–chose instead to focus on something that is conjectural in nature, has no hard evidence backing it up and which gives the Jews all the ammo they need in furthering the narrative that all those opposed to organized Jewish power are unhinged ‘anti-Shemites’ who blame anything and everything on the Jews and who–like Alex Jones–derive such theories from the depths of their ‘psychosis’ and who therefore have no credibility.

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How Alex Jones and Infowars Helped a Florida Man Stalk Sandy Hook Families

ed note–remember, it is not Alex Jones on trial here, but the entire ‘9/11 Truth Movement’ that is about to be officially declared ‘D.O.A.’ as a result of its willingness to go along with the lunacy propagated by Jones, Fetzer, Halbig, Duff, etc

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How They Do It–New Zealand Jews and Muslims Unite Over Christchurch Massacre, Fight against White Supremacy

Jewish community members say they have been warmly welcomed by Muslim counterparts — making Auckland imam’s recent speech blaming Mossad for the mass shooting all the more shocking

ed note–again, not wanting to make this a ‘we told ya so’ morning but nevertheless, we told ya so.

Years ago when various individuals and groups within the ‘white nationalist’ neighborhood took up the ‘we hate Islam’ torch that had been HANDED to them by organized Jewish interests, it was warned in CLEAR AND UNEQUIVOCAL LANGUAGE that this was a trap which Jewish interests had laid in ensnaring the white nationalism ‘movement’ and in creating both a scapegoat and a backdoor so that later, once the more unhinged elements within that WN neighborhood had done the kind of dirty work as we saw taking place in New Zealand, the Jews would slip out the back door, begin cozying up to the Muslim community and utilize the new narrative for their own political purposes.

Predictably, given the lower than average IQ on the part of the average White Nationalist type, this warning was ignored and those giving this warning–including the late, great, and greatly-missed Mike Piper–were accused of being ‘anti-white’ and of being co-conspirators in ‘white genocide’.

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As Predicted Here First–Freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib introduces Congressional resolution urging Trump impeachment

ed note–jes’ in case the readers need reminding, the ‘plan’ in bringing Tlaib–a Palestinian–to Congress when any other candidate could have/would have done the Jews’ bidding, was so that the face of the ‘GET TRUMP’ movement in Congress would be represented by a Palestinian while those powerful Jews in control of the Committees–Nader, Schiff, Engel, Yarmuth, etc, are free to do their dirty work in undermining Trump’s WH while ‘the AY-rab’ gets the blame for it all, thus furthering the ‘they hate us for our freedom’ narrative that began immediately after 9/11 in a modern-day repeat of the statement which the ‘5 dancing Israelis’ arrested on the morning of 9/11 uttered to the arresting officers–

‘We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem….’

As we like to remind the readers here, no one ever accused the Jews of being stupid.

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Alex Jones claims ‘psychosis’ made him question Sandy Hook massacre

ed note–and there you go ladies and Gentile-men, the ‘checkmate’ to the game that began 6 years ago.

Not necessarily wanting to say ‘we told ya so,’ but the fact is, yeah, we told ya so.

The ENTIRE ‘hoax’ op was in and of itself a ‘false flag’ that was designed to bring about this–the death blow to any and all ‘alternative’ perspectives to the heady and important political events taking place today.

A handful of people, including the best mind that this ‘movement’ ever produced, Mike Piper, warned that this would be the inevitable end result of it all. These warnings were not just ignored but were ridiculed, and perhaps the greatest tragedy of it all was Mike losing his job of 34 years at American Free Press as a result of him refusing to go down the doomed road to ‘Jonestown’ and which led to his having died–as one of his most ardent followers refers to it–from a ‘broken heart’.

Doubtless that Jones acknowledging his ‘psychosis’ was an arrangement cooked up between the lawyers from both sides in return for which he may skate on a relatively lesser damage amount. The real prize, as far as Judea, Inc is concerned is his admission of being ‘psychotic’ that will then be applied and re-applied over and over across the board to all forms of alternative media and alternative perspectives pertaining to events such as Israel’s role in 9/11, JFK, USS LIBERTY, etc, etc, etc…

And remember, there are a thousand Alex Jones types out there. Whether it is unhinged White Nationalist/Neo-Nazi types, the ‘everything’s a hoax’ types, Christian Identity, the ‘Judaism isn’t Zionism’ types, the ‘Jesuits/Bilderbergers/Reptilian’ types and, yes, ladies and Gentile-men, the ‘Trump is owned by dJooz’ types, as well as creatures such as Jeff Rense, Gordon Duff, Jim Fetzer, Andrew Anglin, et al, each playing his own role in creating confusion and consternation and leading people astray while those such as the late, great, and greatly-missed Mike Piper are thrown under the bus for refusing to go along with all of this.

As we like to say, no one ever accused the Jews of being stupid.

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Connecting and equating the warlord Moses with Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace–Mankind’s Apocalyptic nightmare

‘No one in the Christian Gentile world runs from Moses, despite the fact that both he and his modern-day cult followers want to kill them.’

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New Zealand Mosque Chairman: Mossad Did Christchurch Killings


LIVELEAK – Ahmed Bhamji, the chairman of New Zealand’s biggest mosque, has come under fire for suggesting Israel’s Mossad spy agency and “Zionist business houses” were behind the Christchurch massacre that killed 50 worshipers.

The country’s Jewish community and national human rights institution both condemned the remarks, made on Saturday at a rally in Auckland organized by a group called Love Aotearoa Hate Racism and streamed live on local broadcaster Apna TV’s Facebook page. CONTINUE READING