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Why Jews Read Torah on a Yearly Cycle

ed note–again, in the interests of getting our notes straight and on cue, the popular, often-stated but completely erroneous notion espoused by a great number of ‘experts’ these days vis modern day Judaism and how the Torah plays no role whatsoever in the beliefs and behaviors of today’s Judah-oids simply has no basis in fact or reality. 

Please note the following–

‘It was not until the Talmudic era, around the 6th century C.E., that the Jews in the Land of Israel began reading the entire Torah in public and would do so until all the Five Books of Moses were completed.’

In other words, according to our unesteemed rebbe, Jews had/have no problem recognizing both the Talmud and the Torah, and why should they, since the one (former) is merely a ‘how-to’ guide for the latter.

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Three Reasons that Jews need to Study Torah

ed note–and, once again, ladies and Gentile-men, there’s that word…




No, not that film about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, but rather that ‘other’ Torah, which an entire gaggle of experts claim plays no part in modern day Judaism or in the belief/behavior system of today’s Jews, and yet, here we are (again) hearing it from no less than a Rabbi, how important Torah is to the Judaic experience.

One important takeaway to consider from our unesteemed Hebraic author which underscores something that appears here regularly, to wit–

‘The five-year old engages in Torah; at ten, the Mishnah; at 13, mitzvot; at 15, Talmud…’

In other words, Talmud is something that comes later after studying Torah, which would only make sense, given that it is a compendium of rabbinic commentary on how the 613 brain-busting rules of the Torah as handed down by Moses are to be implemented and followed.

Now, undoubtedly, some ask the question WHY we spend so much time repeating this lesson, when once should be enough…

Well, if once WERE enough, we certainly would end it there, but it obviously isn’t. Not a day goes by where we aren’t being ‘schooled’ to some degree by someone who has read a book or a pamphlet put out by one of those aforementioned ‘experts’ whose claim to fame and whose bread and butter are earned by proselytizing on the ‘Khazar/Talmud’ thing in getting down to the brass tacks of the ‘JQ’. Worse yet are those with an emotional attachment to the Torah, Christians of various stripe and specie who believe that a person simply CAN’T believe in JC without believing in the religion of His enemies as well, the worst of those being of the Christian Identity pedigree who believe that they–by virtue of their white DNA–are the literal descendants of the Hebrews and Shebrews featured in the Old Tester-ment.

Anyhoo, we offer the following as yet ‘another brick in the wall’ demonstrating yet again (till next time) that the popular assertion concerning modern day Judaism and its followers being divorced from their Torah is as factually bankrupt as saying that the word ‘syrup’ is a derivative of the word ‘Syria’ because both happen to begin with the same 3 letters.

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Why Jews Read Torah on a Yearly Cycle

ed note–as much as the reader may scratch his/her head over our publishing a piece such as this, there is actually a very good and relevant reason for doing so.

It is a popular–albeit completely unsupportable–slogan these days amongst a vast array of ‘experts’ (and their acolytes) hailing from an equally vast array of neighborhoods within the ‘Joo-wize’ movement that the Torah was/is something that no longer has any meaning in modern day Judaism, all of it having been replaced/supplanted by the Talmud.

This slogan is thrown around carelessly without any research backing it up, and for a myriad of reasons, none of them rooted in rationality, truth, or just plain old common sense. Many Christians like to adhere to this notion because they are as much in love with their Old Testament as they are with their New, despite the obvious polar disparity that exists between the religion of Jesus and the religion of Moses. Others who are not as much connected with their OTs nevertheless like the ‘intrigue’ aspect to it and who also are found constantly chirping over the (non) significance of the Khazar’ angle in understanding/explaining this thing known as ‘The Jooish Question’.

The fact is that the Torah is and always has been the beating heart of Judaism and those claiming otherwise do so simply for reasons rooted in their own emotional irrationality and not in serious objective research or fact. The Talmud is a mere exegetical extension of the Torah, or rather, the ‘how to’ guide in applying the 613 laws as handed down within the ‘5 books of Moses’ and we have it from the most authoritative source of them all, the Jews themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

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As Jews, nothing is more pertinent to our lives than the Torah

Nothing is more valuable to us Jews than the Torah. Why then have we forgotten that the Torah has nothing to do with meaningless words in printed books, and everything to do with unity?

ed note–Chock FULL of ‘goodies’, as the saying goes.

First, as we have discussed on this site many many times, the often repeated notion passed around like a bottle of beer within ‘duh muuvmint’ that Jews don’t follow the Torah but rather the Talmud is patently false. It may sound good, may tickle a person’s fancy, but is not rooted in reality or the truth. The Torah, with all its commands to exterminate and enslave Gentiles is indeed their ‘how to’ manual for ‘being Jewish’ and anyone who claims to know otherwise is selling you a lemon.

Next, examine carefully how this book is described by our esteemed Hebraic author–not as something that was given by the Almighty to make life on earth better for all people, but rather to make life better FOR JEWS. Furthermore, examine carefully how the Torah and its ‘unity’ is described, as ‘a weapon’ that makes the Jews ‘indestructible’.

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How They Do It– ‘It’s not politics, it’s Torah’


ed note–Several items to put under the microscope here–

1. Note that our ‘good Rabbi’ mentions the Torah and Talmud operating simultaneously alongside each other. So much for the over-used and factually-bankrupt assertion constantly thrown about these days that today’s Judaism has no connection with the Old Testament.

2. Note all the flowery praise of the ‘humanity’ and ‘high standards’ that the Torah teaches, and particularly as pertains addressing the needs of the poor. Of course, what our ‘good Rabbi’ fails to mention is that these commandments apply only to how Jews are to treat each other. Furthermore, when pontificating ad nauseum how ‘compassionate’ and ‘gentle’ are the commandments of the Torah, and particularly the book of Leviticus, he very assiduously avoids mentioning all those dozens of commandments instructing ‘GAAAAAWD’S chosen people’ how they are to exterminate and ‘utterly destroy’ the various peoples living in that region between the Nile and Euphrates rivers which the ‘GAAAAAWD’ of the Jews bequeathed to them as an ‘everlasting inheritance’.

And finally, 

3. Note the ‘good Rabbi’s statement to wit–

‘Jewish law operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and it covers every aspect of our lives, from when we wake up until we go to bed.’

To the untrained ear and to the slavish and Judaicly-colonized mind, this sounds good. It creates the appearance that Judaism as an operating system leads to the betterment of the person, to harmony between them and the higher power that created them and something which fosters peace, cooperation, and brotherhood between Jews and their fellow man.

Except, that just as history and current events show us on a regular basis, this is not the case. The people who are driven by this particular operating system have been rejected, spit, sneezed, and coughed out, vomited, and in every other rejective/reflexive fashion, expelled from every civilization with which they have come into contact throughout history. Beginning with the story in the TORAH of Abraham selling his wife Sarah into sexual servitude to the Pharaoh under the pretenses that Sarah was his ‘sister’ and therefore a virgin and then Pharaoh kicking Abraham and Sarah out of his country upon finding out that dishonest Abe pulled a fast one on him, all the way forward to the present day and all the conflict, consternation, and confusion that abounds throughout the world wherever they wield disproportionate influence, the people who find themselves enslaved to this backwards, barbaric, and benighted philosophy that was, is, and forever will be the concoction of those same Rabbis which Jesus referred to as ‘children of their father, the devil’ and ‘whitewashed tombs’ and not of any higher power, function not as individual cogs in a wheel that brings civilization and progress to the world, but rather as cutting, tearing teeth on a circular saw that rips everything that comes into contact with it to shreds. Read the rest of this entry »

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Which Comes First: Messiah or the Temple?


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Did the Age of Enlightenment never occur?


Sex and the Jews: How the Rabbis Made It Up as They Went Along

How often should a camel-driver have sex? What about a sailor? The Torah is rife with confusing references and the rabbis set out to regulate intercourse.

ed note–several important ‘protocols’ contained herein that need to be studied and understood–

First, there’s that word again–


–The compendium of Hebraic/Israelite/Jewish lore and law that we are all told these days by all sorts of experts plays NO PART whatsoever in the day to day beliefs and behaviors of a certain sub-stratum of humanity and the statistically-disproportionately heavy role that this sub-stratum of humanity plats in geo-political affairs.

Yes, it is true that the Talmud is also discussed, but only as an EXEGETICAL EXTENSION of the original teachings of the Torah.

Now, the reason we are forced to go to these exhausting and exhaustive lengths in pointing this out is due entirely to the fact that there is an entire horde of experts out there who–for reasons rooted in their own emotion-based and at times irrational sense of religious sentimentality, REFUSE to look rationally at the Torah-roots of modern day (as well as yester-year) aberrant Judaic behavior, for to do so would consign such an investigator and free thinker to the dark realms of obstinant heresy and God-denial, when obviously a person can be a believer in God and even in Jesus Christ and still at the same time reject the ‘fake news’ of the Torah and recognize the corrosive effects it has had on human history.


2. Please pay special attention to those passages within the Torah and the sexual licentiousness that it permits–engaging in sex with prostitutes, having concubines (remember that King Solomon had 700) and other items that serve in better understanding why Jews as a group have such a fixation on sex and in the promotion of vice, pornography, prostitution, etc.

Also, please note the very backwards theories held by some of the rabbis (considered the greatest thinkers in Judaism) concerning the manner by which women are compared to a piece of meat about to be eaten, as well as the various maladies and physiological deformities–being crippled, mute, deaf, and blind–with which a baby is born that is the result of certain sexual acts their fathers performed when they were conceived in the wombs of their mothers. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Jewish people have been shaped by Purim…We can’t give it up, and no one can take it away from us

ed note–lots of goodies contained in this for the survival-conscious Gentile…

1. The statement on the part of our deranged Hebraic author that she has always been a ‘religious Jew’ and who then qualifies her statement by saying that she has ‘studied and taught Torah for years’.

And, once again, there’s that word–


And–once again–we are forced to point this out due to what is the anchored-in-concrete willingness on the part of various personalities who claim to know a thing or two about how things work these days to continue on with the utterly false and factually bankrupt assertion that Torah plays no part whatsoever in the life of today’s Jews and in the Judaism that they practice. As we point out here on a regular basis, using news stories and OpEds that come from the most authoritative sources there are, this is simply NOT TRUE in even the slightest sense. The Jews are a product of their Torah, and for all those out there–and particularly those of the Christian pedigree of whatever specification–who are uncomfortable with this fact, then perhaps the proper response is not to continue entertaining, coddling, and enriching your delusion but rather to just come clean and accept the ugly truth of it all for what it is and make those adjustments necessary in arriving at some place of mental and spiritual peace.


Remember that Purim is the Judaic religious celebration commemorating what the Jews believe was the mass-massacre of 75,000 Persians by a gang of bloodthirsty Jews on one of their chronic Goy-hating, Gentile-cidal warpaths. If any other members of the ‘Abrahamic’ faiths, be they Christian or Muslim–had an exact carbon copy religious celebration that encompassed the very same parameters as Purim, but instead of those bloodthirsty Jews succeeding in their planned rampage and murdering 75,000 innocent Persians, instead, the soon-to-be massacred Persians rose up and defended themselves and forced the Jews to flee to another country (as they always do) such and such ‘faith’ would be accused, convicted, and sentenced to death by 666 cuts via denigration for its high crime of ‘anti-Shemitism’.

Remember as well, in better understanding and in coming to terms with the more problematic aspects of the Judaic mindset, that as part and parcel of this yearly ‘celebration,’ Jews prepare and eat pastries made to appear like the body parts–including the eyes, ears, and internal organs–of their Persian enemies of ‘yesteryear’. If any other group of people did this, it would be used as prima facie evidence of the inherent barbarism of said religious group and they would be branded as a threat to all civilized peoples worldwide.

But perhaps the most profound statement about the implications associated with this comes from the deranged Hebraic author herself who, in saying that ‘the Jewish people have been shaped by Purim and we can’t give it up, and no one can take it away from us’, is that the Jews are products of their addiction to Goyicide, and indeed, as it is with most addicts, will indeed go to their graves as addicts and more importantly, are destroyed by their addiction.

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How They Do It– ‘We, the Jewish people have always tempered our triumph in battle with distress at the violence and bloodshed’

ed note–The reader will recall an (almost) comical line from the Godfather when the aged Vito Corleone instructs his consigliere Tom Hagen to send Clemenza out on a mission with his thugs to beat 2 boys who assaulted the daughter of the undertaker Bonasera. Corleone says to Hagen, ‘I want reliable people, people who aren’t going to get carried away’ and then ends his instructions by saying ‘After all, we’re not murderers’…

…And this, despite the fact that both of them know they have murdered in numbers higher than God Himself can count.

It is like this as well with those making up La Kosher Nostra who entertain amongst themselves equally-delusional ideas and evidenced nowhere better than the words of this deranged rabbi who actually has the gall, the chutzpah, to state with a straight face that Jews as a people are ‘distressed’ over the violence they inflict upon others, when not only are all their religious feasts, including Passover, Purim, H’nooka, etc, celebrations of the violence that befell those Gentiles who got sideways with the god of the Jews, but as well, what takes place on a daily basis whenever the Jooish state engages in one of her religiously-mandated bloodbaths of Gentiles in Gaza, to wit–   

We could go on with thousands of other pieces of pictagraphical evidence disproving the central thesis put forth by this deranged and delusional rabbi, but you get the point, all of which can be summed up in a cheeky little 7 word rhyme which we like to utilize here from time to time, which is–

Fish swim, birds fly, and Jews lie

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The miracle of the ram

When God created the world, it included testing Abraham with the command to sacrifice his son and then give his body as a burnt offering

ed note–again, that the following discussion about to take place here is only doing so now in 2018, thousands of years after such a discussion should have begun, not only speaks volumes as to why mankind now finds itself in the EXTREMELY precarious situation that it does vis a vis a particular group of megalomaniacal characters bent on worldwide domination and threatening to incinerate the entire world if they do not get their way, but as well, the fact that there seems to be no rational approach to dealing with the troubles in the world–political, cultural, economic, etc–that are the direct result of the toxic influence which this statistically-insignificant substratum of humanity holds over human affairs.

Just putting things into perspective here, if someone today claimed he was hearing voices in his head instructing him to take his son, bind him hand and foot, place him on a stone altar, slit his throat and then burn his body, that person would (rightly) be adjudged mentally ill and dangerous to society. They would immediately be taken into custody, put into either a jail cell or a padded room, shackled like Hanibal Lector was in ‘Silence of the Lambs’ and pumped with enough anti-psychotic medication that the only physical functions remaining that their brains could still perform would be drooling and involuntary urination.

And if by some chance, our psychotic were ‘cured’ through the use of drugs, electric shock or whatever and then set free upon society again, the knowledge of his ‘previous’ condition would follow him around like a shadow. He would never be allowed any position where he could adversely affect or threaten others and would be monitored constantly by the authorities in making sure that he/she was taking the meds necessary to keep them from being a menace to society.

And yet, this very same story is exactly the basis upon which the entire paradigm of Judaism (and in certain respects, Christianity) is based. No one bothers to consider the rational ABC’s of any of it, the fact that the 2 ‘Abrahamic’ religions ascribe the planned murder and incineration of an innocent human child (late term abortion, anyone?) as being anything other than ‘holy’, despite the geo-political repercussions that this tale has had on that same aforementioned group of megalomaniacs who now are holding not just a knife to the throat of humanity, but indeed, hundreds of nuclear weapons and who are not likely to either hear nor heed any divine voices telling them not to go through with it all.

All of this was not just a clue, but indeed, a prophecy and a warning about what would undoubtedly befall humanity if those people who count themselves as the devoted acolytes of the would-be child murderer ever managed to climb the latter of humanity to a point where they held disproportionate sway over human affairs. And yet, to this day, not only is a discussion of this sort yet to take place, but what’s worse is that for anyone to even suggest such things results in a concerted screeching campaign, not only from the Jews themselves, but as well from those same Christians who fail to understand the madness inherent in it all, and not even when it is they themselves more than anyone else who stand the best chance of being sacrificed as a nuclear-induced burnt offering as a ‘gift’ to yahweh, the ‘god’ of the Jews.

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The Jewish Women Leading the Resistance in the U.S. in the Battle Over Abortion

As the focus on Roe v. Wade increases with the looming addition of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, many volunteers say they are motivated by Jewish values and attitudes toward abortion, which differ from those of conservative Christianity

ed note–keep in mind as you read this several important items–

1. This isn’t David Duke’s website reporting this, nor Kevin MacDonald nor any other websites that are deemed ‘cesspools of anti-Shemitism’ by the Judaic thought police, but rather one of the most ‘semitic’ websites in existence, Haaretz, obviously an important fact to keep in mind when considering that whenever Gentiles of any ‘anti-Shemitic’ pedigree make the same statements of fact as contained within this piece that OJI immediately begin a concerted and organized screeching storm that can be heard from as far away as Jewpiter.

2. Note that there is not an ounce of shame, embarrassment or reluctance on the part of this very ‘semitic’ outlet in making such statements of fact, i.e. that it is indeed Jews, the ‘chosen people’ and the ‘light amongst the nations’ who are there–front-n-center/large-and-in-charge making sure that the business of infanticide remains a permanent fixture in American society. This is a common feature in their MO, as they also boast of their role in promoting pornography, sodomy, gay rights, beastiality, and every other vice known to be such by every civilized standard that has ever existed throughout human history.

3. Note the Torah portions which the pro-infanticide Jewish activists utilize in justifying/sanctifying the grisly business which they promote, to wit–

‘In Jewish classical texts, abortion is neither murder nor manslaughter. Therefore, it is in a moral category that is completely different than the way the Catholic Church and some evangelicals view the question,” says Rabbi Jack Moline, president of the Interfaith Alliance, a Washington-based organization focused on protecting religious faith and freedom. Two almost identical biblical passages are the basis of Jewish law’s view, he says – one in Exodus and the other in Deuteronomy. In each passage, two men are in a physical altercation and accidentally shove a pregnant woman, who then loses the pregnancy. “The penalty for that is a fine,” says Moline, “putting it in a different moral category than murder or manslaughter.” In Jewish law, “the consequence for murder is execution. The punishment for manslaughter is exile to a city of refuge. But here the consequence is merely a fine.’

3. And finally, we post this as a lil’ reminder that the ‘Jewish problem’ is something much, much bigger than simply Palestine and the Middle East. We are forced to point this out due to the fact that virtually any and all ‘pro-Palestinian’ groups have been trained to ‘HEEL’ on command by those carefully-placed Judaic interlocuters within these various groups who make sure that the size, scope, and seriousness of the problem which all persons residing on God’s green earth face is whittled down to an insignificant microbe or else disappears from public view/discussion in its entirety.

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The ‘Evil Eye’ in Judaism

The idea that a person or supernatural being can cause harm with a mere look — and the practices believed to ward it off.

ed note–keep in mind, and particularly all of you out there who have foolishly bought into the nonsense that Judaism is like any other religion that the 2 faiths constantly under the microscope for all their ‘failings’–meaning Christianity and Islam–contain no provisions whatsoever for casting evil spells on people as exist within the religion of the Jews and are constitutionally and organically inimical to wishing evil on persons who run afoul of them or their teachings.

Also note, and particularly those out there who autonomically consign all of this ‘Jooish voodoo’ business to being merely a ‘Talmudic’ thing the references in this article relating to the Torah as the basis for this peculiar practice.

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Must Read– ‘9th of Av, The first Hasbara-fail’

ed note–as the late, great, and much-missed Mike Piper used to counsel, one MUST read the literature of the Jews in order to understand their mindset and what it is that drives the various political policies over which they hold influence and sway in these dark and dangerous days.

Having said that, the piece below is of primary importance for people to read and understand for themselves in divining exactly what the hell–literally–is going on these days and where the hell–literally–it is all headed.

Please note a few things of vital importance–

The preponderance of discussion involving the various protocols and paradigms found within the Torah and how these various protocols and paradigms relate to the present situation involving ‘Zionism’ and all the upheaval it has unleashed upon the world.

This is important for several reasons, to wit–

1. Showing that indeed the Torah does act as THE sparkplug for all of this murder and mayhem, something which religionists of various stripes (Christian, Muslim, et al) categorically discount through their false and inaccurate claim that it is the Talmud which is the guilty culprit, despite the fact that the Talmud is in essence a mere extension and exegetical extrapolation of the 613 laws as handed down within the pages of Torah known as the ‘5 books of Moses’.

Next, the positioning of these various religious texts and their juxstaposition to the various assertions put forth by ‘secular’ elements that ‘Zionism is political and has nothing to do with the religious aspects of Judaism’.


The reader will inescapably note the various points of terminology found within the various books making up Judaism, from Exodus, Deuteronomy, Numbers, Joshua, etc, and see plainly how the entire program for invading, conquering, and stealing the ‘promised land’ has as its basis the various religious elements as clearly discussed in those aforementioned books.


‘Good is the land which the LORD our God does give us.’

‘The people are greater and taller than we; the cities are great and walled up to heaven; and moreover we have seen the sons of the giants there.’

‘We came unto the land where you sent us, and surely it flows with milk and honey; and this is the fruit of it. Nevertheless the people are strong that dwell in the land, and the cities are walled, and very great: and moreover we saw the children of giants there.The Amalekites dwell in the land of the south: and the Hittites, and the Jebusites, and the Amorites, dwell in the mountains: and the Canaanites dwell by the sea, and along the Jordan.’

‘Let us go up at once and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.’

This is all military jargon related to conquering the land and it is not found in the Talmud, but in the Torah and is–in short–a military program of invasion and conquest utilizing religious texts/commandments as the pretext, or as simply stated with one word–‘Ju-had’.

Doubtless that despite what is for all intents and purposes a slam-dunk/no-brainer, some idiot from some corner of Moronsville will leave some notation in the comments section with either a pic or a video featuring the ‘good rabbis’ of Neturei Karta holding up a sign saying ‘Judaism forbids the creation of Israel’.

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The primary importance of slaughtered offerings in Judaism

In performing animal sacrifices the Jews learned the importance of doing religious actions with deliberate purpose

ed note–again, one simply cannot understand the underpinnings of the actions and far-reaching plans of the Jewish state and how it deals with the rest of the world, and especially its neighbors–without first understanding the deeply-embedded religious thoughts that drive the Judaic mind.

The method by which the Jews, Israelites, Hebrews, She-brews, etc–whatever word one chooses to use in describing them–interface and communicate with the violent, racist and vindictive god of Israel, yahweh is through the ‘slaughtered offering’, whereby the priest takes a goat, sheep, or bull, places his hand on the soon-to-be slaughtered animal, transfers whatever ‘sins’ are to be forgiven, then slits the animal’s throat, chops up its body and burns it on the altar of sacrifice.

No, this is not Mel Gibsons’s brilliant movie Apocalypto, it is Judaism as outlined in the Torah, specifically the book of Leviticus to wit–

‘The priest is to lay his hand on the head of the goat, ram or bull and slaughter it at the place of the burnt offering…The priest is then to take some of the victim’s blood and smear it on the horns of the altar of burnt offering and then pour out the rest of the blood at the base of the altar. He shall remove all the fat and then the priest shall burn the victim on the altar as an aroma pleasing to the LORD, and in this way the priest will make atonement for the people of Israel and they will be forgiven their sins…’

Now, for 2,000 years, ever since Titus (and his Syrian conscript troops) destroyed the Temple, there has been no daily sacrifice, which is absolutely intrinsic to Judaism. How then do the Jews satisfy the demands for blood on the part of their violent, vindictive god yahweh?


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The Fetus in Jewish Law Or Why The Jews Are Behind Child Sacrifice


MY JEWISH LEARNING – An unborn fetus in Jewish law is not considered a person (Heb. nefesh, lit. “soul”) until it has been born. The fetus is regarded as a part of the mother’s body and not a separate being until it begins to egress from the womb during parturition (childbirth). In fact, until forty days after conception, the fertilized egg is considered as “mere fluid.” These facts form the basis for the Jewish legal view on abortion. Biblical, talmudic, and rabbinic support for these statements will now be presented.

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Purim–The History behind the ‘Halloween’ for Jews

ed note–a few things worth nothing here–

As our esteemed Hebraic writer notes, it is indeed an ‘Hebraic’ holiday. As discussed here many times as of late, Purim’s bloodlust did not begin with the Talmud and predates the arrival of Jesus Christ by several hundred years. In fact, as the article makes clear, there was Talmudic resistance against Jews celebrating Purim (probably due to the fears that its bloodlust nature would make Jews suspect and thus awaken Gentile enmity towards Jews as a group) and it can be responsibly theorized that some ‘compromise’ was eventually devised whereby it would be celebrated but with costumes and fun as a means of hiding its truly violent underpinnings. 

Nor is it a ‘Khazar’ thing. It is a ‘Torah’ thing, which means that anyone running to the defense of the Old Testament as the ‘word of God’ has no business condemning Purim. Rather, such ‘experts’ should be defending the slaughter of 75,000 Persians as recounted in that story in the same manner as they also claim that the Canaanites and others whom the Hebrews were ordered to massacre, specifically leaving ‘nothing alive that breathes’, were doing ‘the Lord’s work’ and were therefore blameless. Read the rest of this entry »

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Must Read–Destroying Empires on Purim

ed note–yes, the typical blabber for which Jews have been historically famous, but some very important nuggets to consider for their geo-political importance.

Again, as we point out here ad nauseum, the Jews, being after all the ‘people of the book’ means that everything about them–past, present, and future–is directly linked to what is written in that book known as the Torah, as well as its ‘new and improved’ version, the Talmud. The repeating tale of empires being brought low by Jewish hands, whether it is Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Assyria or Persia, should never be considered some historical event that has no current relevance to them, as they consider it their yahweh-given duty to repeat the feats of their ancestors throughout the continuance of human events ad eternam.

Please note how our esteemed Hebraic author ends his piece–

‘Megilat Esther – the Scroll of Esther – hints that beyond the intrigue of royal courtyards, behind the politics of a White House or a Kremlin, and besides the movement of foreign and threatening military forces – lies a hidden hand operating on a transcendental plane…Beyond the grasp of man’s finite mind, there is order and purpose. There is a higher Divine order into which man has not been initiated. In short, what appears random, isn’t. Everything is really planned. And thus, over and above the genocidal and threatening actors around us, from the time of Haman in ancient Persia to the ayatollahs and Revolutionary Guards of Shi’ite Iran, there is an engaged and concerned God who acts to protect the Jewish people. In fact, the grand sweep of Jewish history is a sustained tutorial against the evils of brutal dictatorships, totalitarian regimes and arrogant empires. From the oppression implied in the Tower of Babel story to the slavery of pharaonic Egypt, and from Achashverosh to Nebuchadnezzar, the Bible critiques the politics of absolute power. None of these empires lasted too long. And none of these bad actors were able to destroy the physical core and indomitable spirit of the Jewish people.’ Read the rest of this entry »


How Jews Should Deal With Gentiles

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The Talmud’s Revenge Fantasies against the Gentiles

In this week’s ‘Daf Yomi,’ the oft-banned tractate that indulges a God ‘making sport’ with the enemies of a persecuted and oppressed people

ed note–again, as we have stressed here incessantly over the years, no one should underestimate the powerful effect it has on the collective mind of a group of people to be told and who believe that their special ‘god’ favors them above all others and who revels in the pain and suffering he brings upon those who got sideways with the apple of his eye. It breeds a hatred for ‘the other’ deep, deep down and guides their behavior towards outsiders ways in which they themselves are not even aware and is only best described as second nature to them.

Please note as well how our esteemed Hebraic author describes Yahweh’s disposition on Judgment day and how the world will be judged for having rejected or received the Torah.

‘When the Messiah comes, the rabbis tell us, God will sit before the assembled nations with a Torah scroll in His lap. The Roman and Persian Empires will come before him boasting of their achievements—building roads, winning wars, making money. But God will scorn these worldly feats: ‘Is there no one among you who can declare this?’ he will ask, indicating the Torah. Only the Jews, who have studied the Law, will be rewarded at the end of time; those who seem powerful today will ‘leave disappointed.’ The nations will beg to convert to Judaism and receive the Torah, but it will be too late; God will refuse, calling them ‘fools of the world.’

So much for all the ‘experts’ in ‘duh muuvmnt’ who make the baseless claim that the Torah (which these same ‘experts’, many of them professing Christians, characterize as ‘holy’ and as the ‘word of God’) has nothing whatsoever to do with Judaism today.

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